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Summer IVF

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i am going to be cycling sometime this summer... june, july... but i am starting to get the pre-cycle excitement (and dread), so i thought i'd start a thread a see who else shows up.

this will be my 3rd fresh cycle, and i've got a complicated history. i am changing clinics and adding some new tricks to the goodie bag, so we'll see where that gets me! we are also considering going the FET route, but leaning toward fresh. we'll see. waiting on testing and passing all the hurdles to find out when i can start bcp's.

anyone else planning to cycle this summer? come join me!
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Let me be the first to wish you all kinds of luck and : I am in the 2ww with a FET. I hope you get awesome cycle buddies!
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thanks crm...
right back atcha i've been quietly following the spring threads. *fingers crossed*

i am sure there will be more women cycling this summer... i am just chomping at the bit! we were on the fence about an FET, but i think now we've decided to do another fresh cycle while my body is cooperating, because my clock is ticking ever so loudly. i actually don't mind all the meds!
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I'd like to join in. I also just started a monitoring cycle and all the prep to do an IVF sometime this summer probably in July or August.
I finally conceived my dd after years of treatments by doing IVF with ICSI and assisted hatching. We are going straight to the same thing this time around.
It's amazing how much I've forgotten. I think I deliberately purged everything about ttc from my brain.
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Hi Girls, glad to have the company …

Soulshine…I hear you, waiting to start my third round as well and this time after a nice long break I am more excited than anything but of course there is dread as well! First dread is I can’t stand the BCP’s…eck…will start in a week or two when AF decides to make an appearance.
I have a few new tricks up my sleeve this time as well…switching to an antagonist protocol with shorter and milder suppression with hopes of making stronger embies. Am sticking with the same clinic because I love them but if this one doesn’t take I’ll have to go shopping at least for some piece of mind.

ILovemg…don’t worry we’ll get you back up to speed…I feel like an old pro these days!

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hurray! company

i've done the antagonist 2 times now with very good results. i started with a long lupron in the beginning, but ovulated thru the lupron! so i was more than happy to try something new, and it seems to do the trick. i understand the logic behind the antagonist... high quality over quantity... i'll be a couple weeks behind you... cheering you on do you have a bad reaction to the bcp's?

that is too funny about purging the ttc stuff from your brain! that's my plan... the other day my acupuncturist asked me to start charting my temps again. i charted for 2 years- perfect beautiful charts, just no bfp's ever. i had to stop charting because i was so *done* with it. when she asked me to drag out my bbt thermometer, i remembered i (happily) used it to take my dog's temp (not in her ear, if you know what i mean!). just the thought of charting again made me want to break into a sweat! but i think the ivf meds etc, i am still cool with doing them, and it seems like such a breeze by now- used to be so revved up about getting a shot, etc, but now its no big deal! anyway, i hope you have the same success you did to get your dd
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crazyrunningmama .. I hope it's a quick 2ww with a happy ending!

jasminewb .. GL with the new protocol. I'm not a fan of bcp's either. Sorry you have to take them.

soulshine .. I do remember that about the meds. I was so worried about the shots but by the second or third cycle I was so used to them I wouldn't even flinch.

I've been considering doing acupuncture. How do you like that? Is anyone doing anything else like vitamins, herbs, etc?
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Hello everyone,

My DH and I are planning on starting IVF this summer. We have 3 bio children and are unable to have any more without help. This has been a tough decision for us, but I really feel like we need to go forward with IVF. This is the month that I had all the blood testing done...FSH, LH, E2 on Day3 and Day 10, HSG(which was normal) and day 21 progesterone. We found out that DH has no sperm. So most likely we will do IVF with ICSI. I thought I'd join this group for support and because I really don't know what to expect.

Good luck to everyone.
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i agree, its good to have some online support when doing this stuff! i hope you have a really good experience with your cycle- you have proven fertility, and icsi is perfect for your situation. we used icsi on both of our cycles with good response. we don't have mf issues per se, but our dx is unexplained so we added it to be on the safe side. alot of the worst part doing ivf is fear of the unknown (in my opinion), so its great to have other people to sweat it out with!
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Thanks Soulshine.

I am excited to get started and be a part of this group.
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WOW, we are getting a summer crew going on now. GL all of you.

Soulshine I saw your post that you ovulated on lupron. You know I am on lupron and it looks like I am having alot issues going on with lupron. I've developed a functional cyst while on lupron and bcp. I think lupron is not strong enough for me. I am old cook in which its hard to turn off my LH.
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it may not be that the lupron is not strong enough for you, it may just be that its the wrong suppression for your individual body chemistry, you know? there are other suppressions, like antagon, that can do the trick without lupron. my r.e. told me that very few women don't respond to lupron, but there are that few, and i guess i was one of them! and it may have just been on that one cycle, but i don't really want to take the chance of getting cancelled again!
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Hey ladies,
Soulshine… my RE said the same thing about quality over quantity. I like that because at least it takes away some of the pressure to produce! I can’t stand the BCP’s…they make me nauseous at night. I am going to try taking them in the am this time…maybe with food?

Ilovemg..I am debating acupuncture this time. I didn’t do it on #1 and got the BFP but chemical. The 2nd time I did and BFN but I really liked it. This time I am concerned about the added expense but more importantly the acupuncturist my clinic recommends (and I love her…she has IVF twins and gets it) is an hour and half round trip commute for me, so with the appointment it’s a 3 hour project which sometimes means more stress, not less. I’m looking for someone good closer but no luck yet. I have also changed my eating habits pretty drastically over the past few months in a nutshell: adding fish and switching to almost all veg and beans instead of meat. I’m feeling pretty good! I also switched to a pre natal that comes with a mercury free fish oil pill. At this point I try not to get to caught up in diet because it tends to stress me out more..just trying to use common sense!

Rememberjoy…welcome and don’t worry, it’s not so bad and having people to cycle with always helps! A friend of mine had similar sperm situ and just got a strong HB on her IVF w/ICSI twins! I’ll be interested to see how you handle IVF with 3 kids. My sister is a mother of three so I know it is a lot of work!

I am considering ICSI this round and looks like some of you have and have not tried it. My RE seems to think it might better our chances and I have to decide by day 1 so SH and I are hashing it out now. RE says 75% of our issues last cycle were likely due to egg maturity and it can’t help that but if it is a sperm issue it may help the other 25%. I’m still on the fence because of the extra expense but am considering trying it on half the eggs to see which embryos look stronger…a bit ICSI and bit natural selection? I’m not even sure it’s an option but it sounds good! I’ll let you know what my doc thinks of my crazy plan!

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Quality over quantity is definitely important in my opinion. I'm definitely concerned about it again this time around.
I had 16 eggs retrieved and 13 made it to embryos with ICSI. Only 3 made it to day 3 for transfer, we lost all the rest. We implanted all 3 but it was really only one of them that looked well enough to make it and I got pregnant with one baby.
Three hours is a long time. I hope you find someone closer although it's always a shame to give up someone you really like. I have the same situtation but it's with my RE, he is about an hour away. I'm not looking forward to when I have to start going everyday for the IVF. Especially since I'm going to have to bring dd with me. She is not going to appreciate 2 hours in the car and sitting in the doctors office watching me get poked with needles and sonograms. I'm actually lucky that I can bring her though. I've heard that there are some offices that don't allow it.

Remember .. It seems like there is a great group of women here already. : I'm sure you'll learn a lot.

Crazyrunning ... when is your beta?
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i had dthe same situation with the acupuncture, the one i wanted to use was 1.5hr one way, which was not all so bad, but in the end its a half-day of travel/appt, so what i did was find a good local acupuncturist, told her the deal, asked her to give me general treatments focused on supporting my reproductive system/stagnant qi whatever, and i see her once a week. when it comes time to cycling, i have to travel/stay at a hotel anyway so i switch to the clinic's recommended acupuncturist for the retrieval/transfer appts, and then go back to my local one for weekly follow-ups. the one that was 1.5 hr away, i still see her once a month, and she prescribes herbs for me. i have found that if you just tell everyone what's going on, they will work together and try to support what you're doing the best they can- my local one was even open to a call from the clinic'c one to get specific treatment points. so it may be worth going that route, it has worked well for me.

i went to a clinic that didn't have specific rules about children in the waiting room etc, but i hardly ever saw them there. i think they may have scheduled appt.s when they knew babies/children would be coming either really early in the am or later in the afternoon to try to avoid the overlap- it may not seem like a big deal, but to some women at the clinic who have not had any success, seeing children is difficult, even at an ivf clinic.

sometimes these days seem so long before i can get started... just days to tick off the calender until my next chance. its getting close now though! i fly out this weekend to sign consents.
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meant to say that doing the 1/2 icsi 1/2 natural is definitely something people choose to do, and you can talk about doing it with your r.e. before retrieval. that way, if you have enough eggs to see so, you can tell the fertilization rate of the non-icsi'd ones v. the icsi's ones. icsi does not come without reservation... i found out after a previous pregnancy that icsi carries with it a slightly higher rate of genetic issues than non-icsi, i don't know if your r.e. has discussed that with you or not... usually the necessity and benefit outweighs the slightly higher risk, and most of the time everything is fine with it, but its something to know about anyway...
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Hi ladies, I hope it's okay that I chime in here. I am a grad from the February IVF forum.

Jaswb - My RE had DH do a hamster egg test (there is some complicated medical term). They basically see if his sperm can penetrate the egg shell. We still love joking about his "other children". Anyway, it cost about $400, but it saved us $2000 since we didn't need ICSI. But, even if we would have had to do the ICSI, it would have been nice knowing we really NEEDED to pay for it. There are definitely cases where they recommend ICSI, but it sounds like you might be borderline too.
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Hello hello. I'm hoping to get everything organized for this summer, but if not, it will be nice to hang out and learn some stuff in readiness for the fall. But hopefully I won't have to wait that long and I'll be on the IVF train before the summer's through!

We're trying for our first. DP is biologically female (a transgender guy) and I'll be carrying his eggs. He's donating half to an unknown recipient and the other half to me. We're planning to do a fresh blastocyst transfer. The clinic replaces 2 embryos as standard practice.

Right now we've done all the blood tests and filled out about a mountain and a half of paperwork. We're waiting to get the blood results transferred over to the clinic and for them to start matching us up with a sperm donor and egg recipient. It could take 1-4 months for the matching to happen.

I know my situation's probably a bit different than other people's here, but I hope it's ok to join in anyways!
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: I will be cycling again in Aug/Sept depending on when AF comes. I will be out of the country July 1-Aug 6, so if it comes Aug 1, I am out of luck until the next mth. Anyhow, reading along with y'all for now.

We are trying a new protocol after last IVF only gave us 2 mature eggs of 9 retrieved. (We did a long prot. Lupron/Follistim cycle) We will be using Ganirelix and Gonal-F with a short prot. and I am really hoping for QUALITY!
To prepare, I am taking 75 mg of DHEA from now til then and Chinese herbs as well. I just started reading "Conquering Infertility" by Alice Domar and am really enjoying it so far.
I also use: royal jelly, CoQ10, L-arginine, Chlorella, fish oil. But I have done those things for a long time.

To the health and success of all!
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good to know you'll be lurking around my transfer will probably be in september... if everything goes alright... its so hard to plan! i like that there is some time inbetween then and now that you can play with to have all the supplements do their magic, and the away time sounds so good!

so, 'eggs' meaning eggs, or embryos? is dp donating his eggs to another woman/couple, or the embryos once they are made, into a surrogate type situation for the two of you? i think it is exciting to have both of you so involved in the process! i really hope the matching goes fast and you can get things rolling soon... i am such an impatient person, the waiting around kills me! with ivf, there are so many options and combinations possible, i look forward to hearing how your particular journey unfolds
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