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Whew…so much happens in a few days around here!

Kittinanni, Welcome and hope you can cycle with us this summer if you have to wait at least you will learn a lot here!

Poet, looks like we are on a similar track as I am just starting the short suppression cycle too! I had 20 eggs (!) last time but very few mature. My RE is also giving me the HCG trigger one hour later this time..hopefully that will help. I love Alice Domars book…one of the few that actually gave real practical steps to employing mind body techniques. I am a huge fan of her “mini’s” and use them many times in any given day. I live hear her center and wish I could go but it is pretty pricey. I’m also fish oil and acupuncture but haven’t tried any herbs yet…a little skittish about it.

AFM, Thanks for all the ICSI advice from everyone…still on the fence but really appreciate the input! Only time will tell for me. Here’s a question, anyone jog or run? I started running this winter as a project during my IVF break and have my first 5k race on Saturday. My RE says its fine to continue with whatever exercise feels comfortable during stimming and then no heavy aerobic activity during the TWW so I’m just wondering if anyone else jogs while TTC or cycling? Let me add I run very slowly! Usually 2 miles in 27-30 minutes..some people walk that fast! I really think keeping up with it will benefit me by reducing stress and helping me stay positive but I also feel like I might regret it if this cycle is negative.
There are two sides to everything in this process I guess!

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Howdy. Well, it looks like I may be joining you here after all. I just got a BFN on my third FET in a row, and while we do have 2 embryos frozen still, I am leaning towards another fresh IVF cycle (many factors).

Anyway, regarding running - I was running and exercising regularly leading up to my first IVF cycle 3 years ago. I didn't really cut back on things early enough and too much activity can apparently increase your odds of ending up with OHSS, which I was told I was at risk for. If we cycle again, I will try to exercise regularly up until I start stims, then cut back to strolling types of walks.

And I have been hanging around this board for TOO LONG because I have given this advice sooooo many times (and every time at least one person says "I didnt' think it would happen to me, but it did".) So here goes:

Don't let yourself get constipated.

The meds, the lack of activity, the huge ovaries, etc. can all lead to nasty horrible constipation, which is a Very Bad Thing to be dealing with when you go for ER and ET. Even the bcp's start it for me, so be on top of it, eat piles of steamed veggies, prune juice, stool softeners if you have to. I never ever had issues with this until I started IF treatments, and then, wow, I cannot even tell you how bad it can get. Okay, end TMI.
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Crazyrm, I'm so sorry about the FET, my heart breaks every time one of us gets bad news. Hopefully the fresh cycle will be what you need. Can you start right away? More power to you and welcome on the Summer bus.

I love the fiber advice…soooo true. And me to on the fact that it started with the IF! All Bran makes a great fiber cracker that I am into…hoping it helps in that department. I am going to try to go the route you mentioned with exercise but I always get so stagnant toward the end of stims/ret/trans..I’m sure I will feel better if I keep moving so I will at least try to keep up with walking…I’m guess I wont want to run anyway.

Sorry again, hope you’re hanging in.
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I'm starting on Lupron on Sunday, expecting to do my first IVF cycle mid-June. It's been a hard road - miscarriage, failed adoption, three IUIs - so I figure my luck's due to change. :-) I'll be interested to hear how everyone does!
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I am doing my stims this week. Started accupuncture last week. I am really enjoying the sessions. She is so intuitive. And loaned me the book Infertility Cure. My diet and mental attitude has improved considerably. I also have pcos and will turn 40 this year.

This will be our 2nd ivf with the first resulting in my 2.5 miracle boy.
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DH and I have an appointment with our RE on Wed to discuss all of our test results. I hope we can get started very soon. I'll let you know how it goes.
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Hi Guys,

Hisaberg, best of luck to us both and I'm sorry for your losses it must've been really difficult. I am waiting for my nurse to call with my instructions. It is a new protocol so no lupron this time. Hopefully we can stim together...makes it easier.

Happily, nice to have you on board.

Remember, gl on wed. I hope you get good news.

Sorry no past for awhile but there was nada to tell until today when I finally got AF and can get this cycle started! More soon,

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Well DH and I met with the RE yesterday. The results for me were fine (as we expected) DH's SA showed no sperm which we also knew from another dr visit. Dh has a referral on June 4th with a urologist who specializes in male infertility and will discuss testicular biopsy to retrieve his sperm. The RE said we should have donor sperm for back up, but we don't want to do that. She said if we didn't want donor sperm them dh would have to have the biposy/sperm retrieval done twice, in advance to freeze sperm and the day of egg retrieval. They prefer to use fresh sperm and they don't want to chance there not being any sperm on the day of egg retrieval. I feel bad for dh having to go through the procedure twice. Anyone else had experience with this? We kinda want to just take our chances and only do the bx once on the day of egg retrieval.

We will be able to get into the July cycle. Which is great. We will start on June 30. We will be doing IVF with ICSI. We are very excited and pray that everything will go well.
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child ment.

Hi - lurking on here as I'm on active on the Spring thread.

My DH had a TESA procedure done in 2004 after a diagnosis of Congential Bilateral Absence of Vas Deferens. His sperm were frozen at that time - we got 8 vials I believe. We used frozen sperm for our first cycle in 2004, and had our perfect DD in 2005. We've had 3 cycles since (just had ER today!) all with the same sperm - I think we just used the last of it today. Neither of the two middle cycles were successful - but nothing to do with sperm - the eggs fertilized with a great success rate for ICSI. Let's hope that the third try is the charm...

Personally, I think frozen sperm is the way to go, but I'm not an RE! DH suffered quite a bit during his TESA and I wouldn't want us both to be down for the count on retrieval day (and selfishly - it took him several days to get back on his feet and I wouldn't want to be looking after HIM around ER/ET time!). But fresh sperm was never really presented as an option to us for any of our rounds. Funny how clinics differ!
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Perdita - thanks for sharing. Good luck with this round. I hope everything works out perfectly for you.

I guess the urologist will be better able to advise us about fresh vs. frozen sperm. Dh had a vasectomy about 3 years ago and then a reversal about 2 years ago. Initially he had sperm on SA, but poor quality and low numbers. Now with nothing on SA we know that both vas deferens have closed off. He had difficulties with the vasectomy and the reversal...excessive bleeding, swelling, etc. that required several trips back to the urologist for draining, etc. Needless to say he is hesitant for any more procedures "down there". What a trooper. I am so lucky he has done all of that for our family. So hopefully he will only have to do the procedure once. It would be nice to have plenty of sperm to use in the future if needed.
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Thought I'd get out thread back on the first page.

I went to out IVF orientation yesterday, filled out all the paperwork, paid the deposit and now we are waiting to get medically cleared. I have to have a saline sonogram next Wed and that will be all the testing. So we will be in the July cycle. I also started BCPs yesterday. We will be doing IVF with ICSI with a Mesa for retrieval of sperm. I guess there will be alot going on in July.

How is everyone else doing?
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Well, looks like things are rolling for me, too. AF just arrived this morning (finally, it was taking so long I actually POAS last night to see if a miracle had occurred). So I will be starting bcps today, then suppression on CD14 most likely and here we go. This will be my third IVF w/ICSI cycle.
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Hi Ladies!! May I join you?? I have been through IUI with clomid, but due to severe male factor infertility, we're moving on to IVF.

I will be starting BCP's on day 3 of my cycle - which should arrive soon!!! I will also be donating half my eggs from our cycle to another couple.

Wishing you all the very best with your cycles!
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I just did my transfer on Sunday, waiting now for next week's test.:

By the way - the progesterone made me severely depressed. It was absolutely awful - I've had bad things happen to me before and gotten depressed as a result, but not like that. Thank heavens I thought to call up the clinic and ask if the progesterone could be at fault. They switched me to new meds yesterday, and today I'm a new woman. I can't believe how much better this feels! So please, talk to your clinic if things start getting bad.
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Crossing my fingers for all you lovely ladies!
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Thanks Perdita!!!

Good luck with your beta isaberg, let us know! and thanks for the info on progesterone, I think sometimes the mood stuff sneaks up on you and you don't realize how bad it is. Good for you for getting it sorted out.

How is everyone else doing? I am on bcp's and already bitchy. Sigh. I am taking a LOT of time off in July, so looking forward to that!
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Originally Posted by isaberg View Post
I just did my transfer on Sunday, waiting now for next week's test.:
Me too! Transfer last Sunday and my beta is next Thursday. Fingers crossed for two bfps from those Sunday transfers!!
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Hi ladies,

I'll be doing my 3rd fresh IVF this Aug/Sept. I did my second fresh cycle in April and that was a BFN. My first cycle was in Dec of '07 and I had an FET in Feb or '08. We are tubal due to my appendix bursting years ago. I am 33. I am traveling for this cycle to a clinic about 7 hours from us, in Atlanta. We'll be getting some additional testing done in July in preparation for the cycle. This could be our last try.
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Hey Jamie! I am sad that we are both still here, but happy to see a familiar "face" as it were. This will be my last IVF as well. And the bcp's are already making me cranKY!!! Well, them and work....

: and : for you DaisyMae, isaberg and everyone else in the 2ww!!!
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Hi ladies,
A couple of questions for you. Firstly, did your clinics ask you to abstain from sex after the transfer? Ours did not, and in fact on the day of the transfer told us that we could resume normal sexual activity the next day. But I've been doing some research online and I've seen that a lot of folks are being told to abstain AT LEAST for the two week wait (which we obviously haven't done because we weren't told to...).

Secondly, when would a hpt be accurate after a 3 day transfer? My transfer was last Sunday and for some reason (maybe I like to torture myself?) I decided to test today....in the middle of the day....with a digital test. BFN. Should I assume that's it then? Or might there still be a chance?
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