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Indianapolis - Natural Birth

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Hello! My husband and I are moving to Indianapolis in July and I am currently 15 weeks pregnant. I am originally from Evansville so I know the area but do not know any doctors/midwives and do not have any friends with children in the area to suggest anyone to me.

My husband is going to IU's med school, which is why we are moving. Even though he is going to be a doctor, he is very much in favor of me having a water birth. We both would like to have it at Methodist Hospital since it is our first and we would be too afraid to do a homebirth or a birth at a birthing center. I have had a tough time finding any midwvies or doctors listed online who cater to this.

Thank you in advance for your help, we both really appreciate it!
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first, welcome to Indy! How awesome that you're exploring natural/water birth.

we would be too afraid to do a homebirth or a birth at a birthing center.
I used to feel that way (DH too), until we took our fears to homebirth midwives *just* to explore all our options. I didn't want to look back and wish 'I would have...', you know? We were pleasantly surprised and 2 homebirths later, haven't looked back. I don't know about Methodist, but you might want to check out home4birth.com.

Good Luck!
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moved to indiana tribe.
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i am not sure what hospitals in Indy have water birth facilities, but i would encourage you to check out Nurse Midwives of Indianapolis. http://www.indianabirthcenters.com/indy01.html

if you don't mind me asking, why are you uncomfortable with a home birth/birth center birth?

i gave birth at the Muncie birth center (run by the same midwives) and my husband and i were unsure about having a birth center birth until we had a tour of the facilities. i delivered there in january, and although i didn't actually give birth in the tub, i did spend a good portion of my labor in the tub...it was awesome. the midwives are amazing...highly recommended.

anyway, NMofI has an OB on staff (I think) and she might be the most agreeable to that sort of thing.

hope you find what you're looking for!
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