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Indianapolis - Natural Birth

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Hello! My husband and I are moving to Indianapolis in July and I am currently 15 weeks pregnant. I am originally from Evansville so I know the area but do not know any doctors/midwives and do not have any friends with children in the area to suggest anyone to me.

My husband is going to IU's med school, which is why we are moving. Even though he is going to be a doctor, he is very much in favor of me having a water birth. We both would like to have it at Methodist Hospital since it is our first and we would be too afraid to do a homebirth or a birth at a birthing center. I have had a tough time finding any midwvies or doctors listed online who cater to this.

Thank you in advance for your help, we both really appreciate it!
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Congrats on your pregnancy!

I highly recommend Nurse Midwives of Indianapolis. Their website is easy to find if you google them. They have a freestanding birth center on 38th St, where they do all the prenatal care, and then you get to choose whether to deliver there or at Methodist, where they also have privileges. . Dr. Mary Soper is their backup OB if you have complications. I haven't met her since I was low-risk, but I have heard nothing but good things.

I had my daughter at the birth center in 2005, and had my son there Monday, a waterbirth. It was incredible. All of their midwives are *wonderful* (and nurses, and office staff... ), and it is totally up to you whether you deliver at the birth center or at Methodist.

For both births, they have been great about staying in the background and letting us do our thing until we indicated that we needed them. I had a hemorrhage after having my daughter, and they intervened swiftly to control the bleeding, but were very calm the entire time. I had no complications with my son's birth, so they pretty much let us hang out, nurse and bond for a couple hours, checked our vitals and did basic newborn exam, but didn't even weigh him until I got up to shower.

Sorry to write a novel- I am just always excited to recommend them to other families!

Good luck!
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Dr. Louis Star and his partners are good and practice at Methodist.
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I second NMI and Dr. Mary Soper! Good luck!
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