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Hemorroids help

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I am 5 days pp. I got some decent hemorroids from intense pushing in labor. I felt during that hour that I had poop hanging out of my butt :/. They're much better now but maybe the size of a small grape at times? I've been using witch hazel pads, putting one on the area after using the bathroom and it stays in well. I am taking a stool softener and had my first bm yesterday (transferred for a c-section) and they get a little bigger then of course. I wipe gently with a witch hazel pad. I feel their presence after standing for a few minutes as well.

How do they actually go away? I read about gently placing them back inside the anus and that pressure can make them go down. Yes?

What else can I do? I have an herbal bath mix that I could use to soak. I've been fairly good with water intake. I haven't had to strain at all since I have the stool softener.

I get uncomfortable sitting up in bed or a chair after a while from the pressure, but I nurse that way and am still recovering from surgery so I can't lay down all the time. However, I find relief when I lay do lay flat. I have nursed side-lying too and switch it up.

Thanks for any help.
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Sounds to me like you are doing the right things for yourself--and that it's just going to take more time. Avoiding sitting is probably important in this first week or 2; sit only for as long as you have to, then either lay down or at least recline, to take pressure and gravity off the area. As your incision heals, it will get easier to be in any position you need. Because of the csec, and the current difficulty with positions, you may take longer to resolve the 'roids than otherwise. Kegels can help, too. Intense pushing does not only push out hemmoroids, it also strains/stretches the whole pelvic floor more than usual. Kegels help you to regain good tone in your pelvic floor, and improved tone will also help resolve hemmoroids.
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only thing I could think of to add is the potato remedy. Cut a small piece of raw potato the size of a suppository and tuck it in with them before bed. in the morning poop it out.

Sounds strange, but works!
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Taking sitz baths really helped mine go away quicker. Just sit or recline in a couple of inches of the warmest water you can stand. I found that witch hazel just wasn't strong enough and I had better results with Tucks pads.

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i took homeopathic hammamelis (witch hazel) pellets, and i swear, they did wonders. i got them at the health food store. there's some other herbal supplements/remedies, if you google it, you'll find stuff. butcher's broom is supposed to be good for "shrinkage"

you could also get one of the donut things to sit on, they're available in most pharmacies.

mine resolved relatively quickly.... i'm sure yours will, too!
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My sympathies. I've dealt with hemmies both of my pregnancies - not fun! My naturopath recommended eating lots of blueberries every day. I buy a big tub of frozen blueberries since the fresh ones are rather pricey.

With my first pregnancy I got a prescription from my dr for stuff called proctofoam and it worked well too. I'm trying to deal with them a bit more naturally this time around. I'm loving my sitz bath.
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Thanks for the advice! They seem to be doing pretty well. DH reminded me that coconut oil helped his a while back, so I've been using tucks to wipe, trying to stick the 'roid back in, then applying coconut oil. Also, I don't think they were as large this week as I first thought they were when I came home. Sitting has been more comfortable lately but only if I'm well cushioned.
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Sadly, roids never completely go away - they might not bother you for a time but they are always there as they are basically vericose veins in your backside.

I have used witch hazel and warm water in a peri bottle to ease the pain while pooping but sometimes, when they are really inflammed and painful, I have resorted to using dermaplast, it is a spray pain reliever that I was given in the hospital with y 1st daughter. They sell it at most pharmacies in the first aid aisle and it has proven to be a godsend during my worst of moments. It numbs the skin upon contact and makes going to the bathroom tolerable.
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Dont use a donut pillow! It may make you feel better in the short term but it dries them out and makes healing a lot harder and longer. Other then that it sounds like you are doing the right thing they are horrible (actually i thought they were more painful then labour, i had them during prg and almost had to have surgery on the drat things) The best things is just to stick them back up there, there is some perscription cream that you can get, which really really helps if they are unbearable.
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I had them badly too. Along with the witch hazel pads for wiping, I found the frozen comfrey-soaked sanitary pads that I had for my vulva were also comforting for my 'roids. I also cleaned around them with some olive oil when in the shower.

Hope you feel better soon!
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i had the same issue 10 years ago and guess what~ they are still there. each time i give birth i need anal support during pushing because they come out~ gross, i know~ and i dont want them to get worse. if it isnt hurting you too much, you could try to push them back in. i would sit on the toilet, and bear down a little, to let the sphincters loosen up a little, and use a witch hazel pad and apply pressure to push them in. once in, stop bearing down, and they should stay put. that will only work if they are the internal type. if they are on the outside, as in, originating from the outer area, they probably will go away, and they will not go in when you try to push em in. good luck.
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Yes. I hate hemmorhoids. I am 7 months PP and still get flare ups. Most of the time I could forget they are there. Makes me worry about getting pregnant again though, sigh. Sounds like you are doing everything you can do. Just monitor your diet. I get a flare up when I veer off of my usual regular diet and or don't drink enough water. I like Tucks pads.
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I was hoping for ideas to help them go away too! I've read about the potato thing that a previous poster mentioned but haven't tried it yet. I've also read about a potato poultice - anyone have recipe? I recently found Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. I just needed SOMETHING and was sure I was getting ripped off and just paying $10 for the pretty label and cutesy name ... BUT it is worth every penny! It doesn't really do anything for shrinkage, but it feels SOOO good. It cools down there without feeling stingey or tingley, and it smells great. I HIGHLY recommend it! They also make a spray, but I haven't tried it. Someone else said it doesn't work nearly as well as the balm.
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I tried all the natural ideas (except the potato) and they would not go away. Finally got a RX for Proctofoam and I had relief. The Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm was great, but did not make mine go away.

I was in tears and finally had to make my midwife give me a prescription. I tried to do everything she asked and I was miserable. She wanted me to get in a tub and soak when I was in pain, after the baby was born. If it is 2am and the baby is sleeping, I am NOT going to sit in the tub. :
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Just to update, my 'roid is gone as far as not feeling it or having any discomfort. For a couple of days, I used tucks to wipe, kept taking stool softener, stuffed it back in and applied coconut oil. Gone!
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