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Questions about yoga tapes

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Hey all- I'm a stay at home mum of a six month old looking for a good yoga tape. I want something good for a beginner, but not insulting lol as I have some experience I'm just out of practice. I have a Rodney Yee Power yoga set that is good because they're short, but I'd like something a bit less fast and a bit more intensive as far as the postures. Anyone else finding it hard to get any personal/exercise time? Anyone else finding it hard to get motivated? Anyone want to talk about yoga, meditation, buddhism... ?
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Hi Maddysmommy --

I always recommend the Yoga Zone videos. They have many to choose from and they're all good! The thing I like best about them (besides the excellent instructors and the beautiful locations) is the fact that they all feature two instructors, who show you two ways to do each asana (one more advanced than the other). When I use a video, I find I get a lot out of these.

I'd love to discuss yoga, Buddhism, meditation, etc. I don't know if you've read any of my threads in the Spirituality forum, but these are subjects that are important to me. I've been a yogi for four years now....and have really grown with it in the last year or so...it's become a way of life for me and I love to talk about it with others (I really like to hear other people's experiences with yoga and all things spiritual). I still have so much to learn!

I make time to get to one hatha class each week. The rest of the time I practice at home. My ds is almost 5 and sometimes he'll practice with me, other times he wants to play while I practice. He's started going with me to the ashram to make lunches for the homeless (we make bag lunches every Tuesday night and deliver them out on the streets Wednesday morning). I like that he's old enough to take part in something so important. And that he enjoys it. When he was younger, I did find it difficult to practice because he liked to climb on me while I was in asana. Back then, I just practiced in spurts....a little here and a little there!

Anyway, I'd like to hear your thoughts on yoga, buddhism, and more. Are you buddhist? Do you find time to meditate? What type of yoga do you prefer? (Power yoga, vinyasa, kundalini?).

Sorry for the long post! I'm bad about that!

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Hey thanks I'll check out the yoga zone series. I have (also in spurts) been practicing hatha for a few years. My girlie is 6 months now so I'm starting to feel less like someone hit me on the head with a hammer and more like I need to get in to a practice rhythm (I can never spell that word lol). I haven't been able to get to a class in over a year (no prego ones near me) and since Maddy doesn't take a bottle of any kind I haven't been able to really schedule one in which is why I'm looking for a tape I can really use. As far as Buddhism is concerned I am a reader, and always considered myself an atheist until I got pregnant and had my child. I have been looking for a spiritual path that doesn't ask me to "believe" which is a word that I tend to scof at. I first read a book called "Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart" by a man whose name I cannot remember (Goldberg, Goldstein...) It was about the conjunction of Buddhism and psychotherapy and it really made me think about why I'm defensive and cynical and sarcastic - so many of the habits that I have developed that I know are not healthy (for me and the people around me). Since then I've been reading other books - currently working on Start Where You Are by Chodron, and Dimond Mind by Nairn - trying to develop a quieter place in myself and not approach life with such anger. What draws me to this line of thinking is just that - it's thinking, which very much speaks to how I want to live - present, conscious, aware. I'd love to hear your thoughts on beginning...
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Hi Maddysmom --

Wow! The books you're reading sound really interesting and deep! I'm afraid I haven't even heard of them! (But I'll look into them now -- I'm curious.)

My spiritual path is a bit ecclectic....I've been a wiccan for about six years, but now use my yoga practice as a way to worship. I've reached a point where I feel that I'm "practicing" yoga (or at least trying to practice) every minute of every day. From my thoughts to my words to my actions, I try to be conscious of how I'm living and how I'm treating myself and others. Hatha practice, pranayama, and meditation have really helped me get to this place.

In the beginning it's tough. You mentioned anger in your post. That's the emotion I have the most trouble with. I grew up in a totally screwed up family -- a family that was angry, which made me angry. Even today, I find that I have to work really hard to let myself feel the anger, but not act in anger. It's not easy.

When you practice yoga, do you feel yourself releasing emotions that you've held in your body? That was one of the wierdest and most profound moments in the four years I've been practicing -- the day I realized that not only was I releasing tight muscles in hatha class, but I was releasing pain and anger and sadness as well. I find that I hold anger in my back, sadness in my hips, and pain in my chest. Typical, I think. Have you noticed this with yourself?

As for Buddhism -- I read much of what the Dalai Lama has written. I just love him. I think he's beautiful! Have you read any of his books? I think he's really good at showing us how to live buddhism in today's world. I've also found a great children's book, an introduction to buddhism that I've really found helpful. I can't think of the name of it right now, but if you're interested, I'll find it for you.

Would you like to PM or email? I've been hoping to get some Mothering moms, who are interested in these things, together for discussion. I think email would be good, because then we wouldn't have to worry about posting long responses (which I constantly do!), and we could just write back and forth with book suggestions, thoughts on yoga and spirituality, and our own stories of where we are on our own paths. Would you be interested? I find myself compelled (at times) to post what I'm going through in my practice, things that my teacher has said, etc... but I'm afraid no one will be interested! So, I usually don't post. I guess I don't want to hijack the boards with my own stuff -- especially if it doesn't particularly pertain to mothering. Do you know what i mean?

Anyway, let me know if you want to email. I'd like to hear more about your spiritual quest and the books you're reading.

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I like the Total Yoga tape (by Living Arts). And I also have a 2 CD set by Shiva Rea called Yoga Sanctuary. If you are familiar with the positions, it's pretty easy to follow. It comes with a poster of the poses. I like the CD set because you can program it to do whatever "sets" you like. The music is nice, too.

As far as books go, Jon Kabat Zinn wrote a book with his wife (can't remember her name) called Everyday Blessings that I really liked. It is about being mindful in your parenting. Starts out slow, but has some great insights.
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Hey Faeriemom- Thanks for the thoughtful reply, I know what you mean about long posts lol I do it too. I think that the anger management is a mothering issue - I find myself lashing out at my husband and then looking over and seeing maddy looking at me... I hate that feeling and it's those moments that I feel certain that I need to handle my life better. Drop me a line if you wanna discuss more... I'm leahrmccoy@aol.com

Dfoy- I have wondered about the CDs, mainly because since I am familiar with most poses I find the TV actually distracting rather than helpful sometimes... I think Shiva Rea was in my prenatal video, tho I could be having some kind of pregnancy induced amnesia lol. Thanks for the tips.
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Not to butt in, but...

If you're interested in dealing with anger via yoga you might check out Shakta Kaur Khalsa's book _Kundalini Yoga_ (avail. at amazon.com). It's kundalini yoga in the tradition of Yogi Bhajan. The book has a couple of kriyas designed specifically for dealing with inner anger (as well as lots of other kriyas dealing with lots of other stuff). Kundalini yoga uses chanting, breathing and the physical exercises to work on issues. My biggest gripe about the book is that a couple of pages got inserted in the wrong order.

I find the mix of video and small children to be a bad one for me. I'm too start-and-stop to do a video, unless I do it really early in the morning (in which case I'm worried about the noise waking everyone up).

I really enjoy kundalini yoga because I noticed results faster. It's definitely not going to appeal to everyone, though. For one thing, it hasn't been stripped of the spiritual element. I think alot of people would find all of the mantras and mudras weird. It looks like calesthenics interspersed with laying around chanting sat nam and focusing on your third eye point, or something of that sort.
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Queen Gwen -- I love that book! In fact, I'm rereading it again right now....(well, actually right now I'm using the computer, but you know what I mean! ). The one concern I have about someone practicing kundalini at home is that it is pretty powerful stuff....awakening your shakti can unleash pent up emotions and create "energy" that you're not prepared to deal with. The yoga I practice is kundalini-based, and I don't think I'd be able to deal with the changes it's brought on without the guidance of a teacher. Having said that, I do think the book's suggestions on dealing with anger can be helpful. At least in terms of helping someone "in the moment."

maddysmommy -- I will email you, probably tomorrow. In the meantime, I just read a rave review of a book called "Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby" by Jyothi Larson and Ken Howard. It sounds like something that may be useful to you. It "offers six chapters providing routines (for mom alone or mom and baby)," and shows a "collection of 'buddha babies' who join their mothers in many of the photos." Maybe there's a routine you could do with your dd.

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hi everyone,

i am also a practicer of yoga - mine is kundalini, and i have found it nothing short of wonderful.
there is actually a kundalini mommy and me tape, which is very nice, i think you'll find it at amazon. it's by gurmukh khalsa.

btw, even though i have found kundaini wonderful, i have not found its changes too powerful to be practiced without a teacher. just the opposite - i've found it peaceful, therapeutic etc, and easy to incorporate with a child.

nice to meet other mommies into the same thing
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everyday blessings

I just wanted to add that the book "EVERYDAY BLESSINGS" is a great book, though out of print right now. I a copy at a used store. But search this one out, its worth it.

Also, Im interested in Buddhism and would appreciate info on any books to start out. Ive got the latest by the Dahli Lama, but thats it.

I do yoga too!
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