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Has this been a big gain month for you?

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I read in the weekly thread that a few gals have had big gains this month.
I definitely think that is normal in the 2nd trimester.... especially if you hadn't gained much until this point.

I am a steady gainer, and put on 4 pounds last month and am up 3 more for the past two weeks... hoping to keep it to five for the month.

I am right on track with my other pregnancies, so my body knows what to do.
What about you?
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I hadn't gained anything until this month. According to my home scale I gained 4lbs. So comparatively it is a big gain month for me
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Ummm... April was a HUGE gain for me.... I gained 9 lbs in the first 21 weeks total, and 7 lbs in April.... ummm..... not good. :-)
I'm thinking of throwing away all of the rest of the Easter candy........
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I gained as much this month as I did last month: 9lbs!

It's a lot, but I do not seem to care. I'm ONLY gaining weight in my belly and breasts, I eat super healthy food, and I walk every day. Granted, I could use a bit more exercise, but I usually only ate about 1200 cal per day before I got pregnant. By the team I eat all the fruits, veggies, and protein that I need to, I'm getting a LOT more calories. What did they think was going to happen with my weight? I just have an incredibly slow metabolism (or something).

As long as I'm not eating too much junk and I feel good, I refuse to worry. As a matter of fact, I may start on my carrots early today!
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Surprisingly enough I am still not really gaining weight.
This continues to floor me as I packed on the pounds with DS. With him this was my biggest gain month and I think I added 8-10 pounds or something. We looked last appointment because I was curious and wanted to do a total weight comparison.

So far with this little one I am up 2 maybe 3 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.
I lost about 10 early on so I guess in total I have gained 12 so far which less than half of what I added last time at this point.
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I don't know how much I've gained, but I've gotten much LARGER suddenly. Just in the past 3 weeks I've gone from not showing at all to having a pretty large belly. That makes me happy.
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I've gained about the same amount of weight this month as other months. However, I'm up 33lbs at this point, so hopefully I SLOW DOWN!
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At my OB appointment two weeks ago, I had only gained 13 pounds. It looked and felt like more! Over the last two weeks my belly has expanded even more, and now I'm looking really big and pregnant. It will be interesting to find out the number at my next appointment!
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My midwife "warned" me at my appointment last week that it was likely around this time to have a big jump in weight gain. I was still surprised this morning when I decided to weigh myself and was up 4 pounds since Sunday! That makes a total of 20 pounds gained since the beginning. I might check again tomorrow just to see if it was a fluke and I'm back down a bit...
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Let's see.... I gained a total of 8 LBS at 21 weeks. In the last 6 weeks, I have gone up 8 more. Your largest weight gain in pregnancy is from weeks 20-30. I read this in a book that outlined total percentages gained for different week spans. The book is by Sheila Kitzinger (great read, especially for first time moms).
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Shoot, I am up 30lbs from my prepreg weight. Just this week (24) I am feeling much fatter. So, I am guessing I am starting to get bloated now. I am starting an aquatics class tonight!
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With my last two babes I gained very little in the first trimester, then blew up like a balloon in the second trimester with weeks where my weight would jump 4-5 lbs, and then gain sort of steadily in the third.

This looks like a repeat of that pattern. According to my home scale I'm up something like 18-20 lbs right now and much of that has been added in the last month? However, my home scale doesn't seem to match the one my midwife had and neither scale matched the one in the OBs office (so the midwife thinks I've gained 24ish and the OB has me at 26ish). Since I'm moving to yet another care provider I'm kind of curious to see what their scale says.
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I've gained 10 1/2 total. At my 26 week appointment I had gained 4 1/2 lbs in 5 weeks (the time since my last appointment.) That's my largest gain so far. At this point in my other three pregnancies I had already gained 20 lbs. I'm eating better this time. I also started much heavier than I was then. (50 lbs more than with my first and about 30 lbs more than with my 2nd and 3rd) It was very important to me to do my best to keep the weight gain down some. DH convinced me that as long as I'm eating good food, I'm not allowed to worry about the weight. (he's so sweet!) Thankfully, it's also resulted in this much lower gain for me.
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I feel a bit of a freak, partially due to getting sick I actually ended up with a loss in April As of this morning I am now down roughly 2lbs from pre-pregnancy weight. I was up 1lb by my 20 week appt. Weight gain just does not seem to be happening for me. But since I started off overweight I hope things are still going good.
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I was gaining weight so rapidly, but I am happy to say that this past month I have only gained 5 lbs instead of the month before of 10 lbs. I was so worried that I would be huge, but the weight gain is slowing down. I am still fine with gaining more weight. I am eating healthy, and I know the weight gained is from good foods.
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I gained 5lbs all in this month This hopefully is my only big gain month. Other months had only been a pound or so.
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I'd lost a pound at my appointment three weeks ago- putting my total for the pregnancy at 4 lbs. Then at my appointment last week I'd gained another 2- so I am up 6 now. So far that was my biggest gain between appointments
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I *tend* to put on 3 lbs per month - and this was about that! I'm 25 weeks and have put on about 15 lbs total.
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I'll let you know when I get to the midwife later today. Last month I think I gained about four pounds? I was up about 7 lbs total (well, maybe 13ish. Not sure of my exact weight when I got pregnant but I know what it was at like 8 weeks along so I am basing things off that mostly). We'll see what it is now. I suspect I'm going to crack 200 today...*gulp*
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Just weighed again at the doctor's office and I'm still 2 pounds beneath my pre-pregnancy weight. The baby, however, has doubled in size. At 22 weeks, she measured about 1 pound 5 ounces. At 26 weeks, she measured 2 pounds 10 ounces (or two weeks ahead of where she should be). As a result, I now have to follow the GD diet, though I haven't taken the test and though I haven't gained any weight. I had to follow the diet during my last pregnancy and lost 14 pounds in the first couple of weeks. Who knows what will happen this go-round.
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