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Has this been a big gain month for you? - Page 3

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The past month = zero to jumbo bowling ball! Hips, bum, upper thigh spreadage...

The lbs. are stacking with or without my consent...I have no control...exercise & good food is no consolation...baby wants a bit of fat & fluid - baby can have what baby wants...at least I won't have a fat roll for the next 2.5 months...I love that part of pregnancy...a nice smooth, tight belly - where're my 90's belly shirts when I need them!
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I weighed myself last night and I'm up 9 lbs in the past month. So far I've gained: 2 lbs, 6 lbs, 5 lbs, then 9 lbs for a total of 22 lbs.
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At my appointment today I was up 10 pounds! Oh my gosh, I didn't even feel that was coming! My midwife only wanted me to gain 10 pounds all together. I have gained 22 pounds so far. Really hoping it slows down!
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at my last appt I had gained 25 lbs. 4 weeks ago I had gained 25lbs too. Im anticipating that I've probably gained at least a lb or two since my last visit. I'll see on the 1st. But my dr has been giving me a really hard tim about my weight. I was about 140 pre-preg t 5'8" (heaviest i've ever been in my life) and all the baby weight is literally in my breasts (went from a natural D to a VERY FULL DDD) and maybe a few in my thighs. I am skinny everywhere else.
Dr told me I should've gained 25 lbs TOTAL at 40 weeks. I literally laughed in his face. My mother who is 5ft nothing and 95 lbs gained 50 with both my sister and myself, and lost every single oz plus some after birth.
Im not worrying about it, period. Everyone keeps telling me how tiny I am, and I truly feel fantastic.
So in your face idiot dr. If I didn't have this hip issue, you'd have been LONG GONE.
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Last month I gained only 2 pounds. That's good because during the previous month I gained 8...or so.....
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23 pound gain here at almost 27 weeks. It's right on par with my other pregnancies. The silly "experts" have come out with new weight gain recommendations, so someone tell my little baby that he should only gain about two pounds in the next 11-12 weeks because Mommy started off with a BMI of 26.

Keep feeding those babies, Mamas! :
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AmberLynn, that is TOTALLY ridiculous! I am prepping myself for a 45 lb. weight gain and have always lost it plus some (with three babies so far).
You will be needing those pounds to breastfeed your sweet baby, I'm sure you look wonderful!
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So I had my 31 week appt last night and was up about a pound from my26 week appt. I was expecting much more. I know I'm eating plenty, so I'm not worried. Just grateful that it seems to be all going to the baby.
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30 weeks and up a total of 20 lbs so far.
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Here's me at 30 weeks. 31 now, since the doc pushed my EDD up! Ill add these to the belly thread too.


and my girlfriend at her wedding and I at 30 weeks too!

Wheres all the weight my doc is worried about people!!!!!
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You look great... disregard the dr. You look like you have barely gained anything except in the tummy, and even then it looks all baby. I wish I looked as good at 30 weeks as you do1
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AmberLynn you look fantastic!

I don't get strict weight gain guidelines. Different people need to gain different amounts.
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Does anyone else find it hilarious that this thread loads with ads for weight loss?

We might actually be the only group of chatting women talking about weight that will give that ad site like *no* business!
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lol @ the ad

I gained 1lb since my last appointment, for a net total of 9lbs by my count. I forgot to ask what they had as a net gain, I think it's the same.
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I have not posted here, as I was gaining 3-4lbs per month- which is normal for me!

BUT I went to the midwife yesterday and I had gained 11lbs in 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

There was something wrong. I swear. Really. I have never ever done that with either of my previous children. Good grief.

So I weighed myself today at my office- which I haven't done since I was 12 weeks preggo or so. I was down 5 lbs since yesterday. The difference from our scale is 1.5 lbs. So- ultimately down 3.5 lbs which puts me at 8.5ish gain in 5 weeks. So I can deal with that. I will be watching it still, but at least it is not double digits. I must of had some water weight or SOMETHING!
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My prepreg weight was 135, and I am at 172. I don't feel bad about it in the least. Dr didnt seem concerned this visit whatsoever.
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Up 4 more lbs. over the past 4 weeks. Looking like my total will be around 45 lbs.
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Went to my 33 week appt last week and hadn't gained any more. I was really surprised. Midwife was fine with it. So, I'm still up a total of 11 lbs so far.
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had my 30 week appointment today, I'm up a total of 10lbs I'm so happy to be meeting my weight gain goals. I started out very overweight and only wanted to gain 15-20 lbs and I'm right on track for that.

I guess that 8lb jump a couple of appointments back was just a weird fluke.
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I'm around 23/24 lbs now at 33 weeks. I'm 129/130 lbs (depending on if I weigh in the am or pm lol). I started at 106 so I am happy with this gain.
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