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Another vote for Arden. Avelon is beautiful, too. Before I had kids, I always wanted to name my DD Ariel. But once Little Mermaid came out, I said no way. I did not want my kid to grow up having a Disney name.
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I vote for Ariel!
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Originally Posted by PlayaMama View Post
avalon first, arden second, ariel over my dead body

Well, this is very encouraging... thank you all!! I think Avalon is our top choice right now, though I really love Ardren (we are actors and love the idea of an uncommon Shakespeare name... there's a limited scope, obviously).

I curse the Disney franchise for ruining Ariel!! Bah.

Next question: nicknames for Avalon and Arden?


Don't like: Ava (too common), Val, Loni

No idea for Arden. Don't like Denny. Maybe Ari?

Nicknames aren't *necessary,* but I like the idea of options.
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Another lit major and Shakespeare fan weighing in to vote for Arden. A good friend is due in June with a girl and she has been pushing her DH for that name, but he doesn't care for it. Bummer!
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Avalon is one of my two picks for my own if we have a girl, and the other top pick is Lola--I never thought about using Avalon as the full name and Lola for a nickname! That gets my vote!

(Extra credit if you're using Avalon because of The Mists of Avalon!)
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I adore the name Arden. SOOOO much. Arden Arden Arden, just so pretty!
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Originally Posted by mama_y_sol View Post
I like the sound of Avalon. The very first thing I think of when I hear Ariel is the Little Mermaid.
The first thing I think of when I hear the name Ariel is, 'what a pretty name.'
Ariel was the name of the spirit in Shakespeare's Tempest; the lead female in many films including Footloose, Grumpy Old Men and In America. It's also the name of the pretty teenage daughter in the tv series, Medium. Ariel Winter, Ariel Waller and Ariel Gade are up-and-coming young actresses.There are lots of names that have associations in popular culture...who knows, maybe Avalon will be the name of a cartoon character or a famous porn star down the road. Choose a name that you love. People will comment on any name.
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Most of the time I just discount when people talk about the association between classic names and current TV shows or movies. Maybe because I don't have a TV and rarely watch "popular" movies. But even in my anti-Disney, media-free little bubble, the Ariel-Little Mermaid connection has been well established. Maybe adults won't think of it, but her peers will. I would pass on that.

Arden is very nice and Shakespearian.
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Gosh, they're all so nice!

I really like Ariel! Have you considered eliminating a bit of the "Disney Stigma" by spelling it a bit different; Arielle? Or pronouncing it with a long "ahh" sound in the beginning?

Between Arden and Avalon(this is on our list, we like A names a lot), I like Avalon better. I think its just a titch more feminine sounding. That's my personality though. I like slightly girly names.

Also, I'm not big on nicknames, so cannot help you there.
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FWIW...I do not associate Ariel with Disney at all. In fact, I associate it with one of my favorite movies of all time, who has a kick butt strong female character in it: Footloose! Remember? She was someone who stood up for what she believed in. Off course I guess the trade-off is that my association swaps the "princess" identity to "one who defies her parents", but either way I really like Ariel a lot. And who knows, your daughter could be the one to re-define the name's association one day....president, cure for cancer....you name it. If you like it, that's all that matters.
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i think arden is a neat name.... i've never heard it as a first name.... but i don't know that i like the flow of "ivan and arden"..... so i'd probably cross it off because of that.... ariel does make me think of the little mermaid, but who cares?! that movie came out when i was little... by the time your baby girl gets to the age of kids making fun of names, i'm sure they'll have forgotten that movie... and remember, kids will make fun of ANY name....... avalon isn't my favourite name, but i love the name ava...... so ha! my two cents probably didn't help... i would pick ariel out of those three names...
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i like arden best
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I think of the 3 Avalon is the nicest and goes best with your DS's name, Ivan.

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I love Avalon...it is unique and very pretty!
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arden is my favorite, and then ariel. avalon makes me think of my grandmother's car.
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I like Arden a LOT. Beautiful.
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Originally Posted by Snuzzmom View Post
No idea for Arden. Don't like Denny. Maybe Ari?

Nicknames aren't *necessary,* but I like the idea of options.
Sometimes nicknames just sort of appear, yk? My daughter's name is Corbin and, when she was still very, very young I just let Corbs roll off my tongue. 9 out of 10 times that's what I call her. I must say that it never occurred to me that it would be a nickname before I had her.

FWIW, the other 1 out of 10 times I call her "Buttercup." You can turn anything into a nickname.

I'm still rooting for Arden!
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I love Avalon (since Glastonbury is my favorite place!)
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and have you considered Alden
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We haven't considered Alden, but Arwen was on the list for a while.

Yep, I hear you about the nicknames just happening. A friend who knows us well said we should just figure out what animal name we're going to call her and just go ahead and name her that.

Thank you all for all the suggestions! The tally:

Arden: 11
Ariel: 7
Avalon: 14

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