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Aloha Hawaii Mamas!

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We just arrived in Oahu and we love it!
But now that we've enjoyed being 'touristy' I'd like to settle in a bit. So I'm looking for playgroups, birth support groups, etc. Really we're open to anything!
We're in Kaneohe and we're bus bound. DS is 3 and DD is 9 mos.
Anyone wanna play?
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I'm not on O'ahu, but congratulations! I can't believe they let you fly that pregnant! :
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Glad you made it here. So what are your impressions of the 50th state?

There is a local AP group that gets together. I don't have a link to their site. I'm sure someone will come along and provide contact information.
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Aloha and welcome. I'm not on your island either, but I hope you enjoy your stay.
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Hi Mamasun!
I noticed you posted your message a while ago - but we're in Kaneohe as well! So let us know if you get this - we'd love to get together
Best to you!
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I'm not in Kaneohe, I'm in Ewa (on the opposite side of the rock!) but the Windward side is beautiful! We love going over that way!
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Hi mamasun. I'm in town, but I'm bus bound too. I do live pretty close to the zoo and aquarium though so if you ever want to make a day trip to either one let me know. I have 2 boys- one is 3 and one is 13 months.
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New friends!

We're sitll here in Kaneohe right now. And would love to get together for a playdate.
Anyone up for meeting at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens?
Maluhia? Katsmamajama? Sanssouci? Lovemy2Joshs?
How about a post Mother's day picnic?
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Hey. I'm in Kailua with my 2 kiddos.
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I have a car now and I haven't been in the gardens yet so I'd love to meet up.
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Hi Mamas!

We'll be moving to Kailua, Oahu on July 8th!

I'm so excited, and anxious to start meeting like-minded Mamas right away. We'll be bus-bound as well, but let me know if anyone plans a playgroup and we'll be sure to come!

My little guy is 18 months today!

Did someone else post who lived in Kailua? What area...we'll be living practically next door to the rec center.
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