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Sewing "pull-up" style diapers for older child

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My 6-year-old daughter has severe developmental delays and we're not sure if/when she will ever be potty trained. Currently we're using Good Nites, but I really don't want to use disposables indefinitely, and besides - they're expensive!! A week's worth costs at least $20-$30.

I would really like to put her in cloth diapers but I'm having trouble finding any her size that don't come with an astronomical price tag. So naturally I'm thinking maybe I should make my own. Ideally I'd like something in a style that can be used like a pull-up, but that also can be unfastened at the sides for easier poo changes. They would need to be VERY absorbent, so I guess maybe microfiber inserts would be in order.

SO... does anyone know of a pattern like this? My daughter wears a size 6 or 6X in clothes, is about 43" tall and weighs close to 50 lb.

Any ideas?
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One of these might work for you:



Good luck!
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You'll have an easier time washing and get more absorbency more cheaply if you use inserts.

BTW, I have to ask since I'm coming from an elimination communication perspective, is your dd at all willing to have you take her to the toilet? I'm sorry to mention this if you've already considered it, but I thought you might not have thought about it since EC is generally thought of as being just for babies when it's really about giving children who aren't potty independent as much help with toileting as they're willing to accept. Just an option for using a few less diapers.
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Thanks to both of you!

That's an intriguing suggestion about EC - I will have to check it out and see if it's something that we could try.
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http://www.mothering.com/discussions...play.php?f=227 is the forum here. www.tribalbaby.org has lots of information on the sorts of signs that show a little one has to go even if they can't tell themselves.

Good luck sewing the diapers! I bet your dd will love her pretty new undies!

Oh, and welcome to MDC! :
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I don't have a pattern but I like these

I think if you took a pocket nappy pattern but made the wings from lycra you could get something similar.
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i also have a developmentally delayed child and she had severe toileting issues. I did it alone as daddy was gone, and i made it :-) I used commercial pull ups because i did not know how to sew. I do know how now tho'. My challanged daughter is now 15 and only occassionally wets the bed.

You know what i would do? I would take one of the commercial ones, open it up, lay it down and trace a pattern with seam allowance. I would duplicate what works in desposable into cloth. You could use shirring along the sides to make it stretchy, and snaps to allow for changing number two's. the actual soaker pads could be along the middle. I have had this idea brewing in my head for awhile, but have not done it yet. I have a 6 yr old daughter who bedwets, so i want to make one for her.

Perhaps you could use PUL on the outside and cotton or hemp on the inside.
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