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Suggestions for Perineum Healing After Birth?

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My midwife recommends putting a frozen gel pack in a disposable diaper and placing on the perineum after the birth to promote healing and provide relief. This does not appeal to me at all. Any other suggestions or methods that others found effective?
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Im not sure wether its the ice or the disposable diaper or the gel pack you have an issue with...

You can soak and freeze a disposable diaper itself - then you dont need the gel pack

You can use plastic bags full of ice (They melt fast)

You can use the gel ice pack wrapped in paper towels, keep several on hand so have one when you want it.

Ya want ice - trust me - ya WANT ice! Nothing takes the swelling down during the first 24 hours like ice does.

You only need keep it on about 20 minutes every hour to two hours - and after just a couple of minutes, everything is pretty much numb anyways. It sounds crazy that sitting on ice could feel goooooood but oh does it ever!!!!!
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I guess something about having a diaper down there is bothering me. I know it sounds weird. Maybe I'll try the gel ice pack wrapped in some kind of cloth. I heard there were some kind of maxi-pads you could get with gel in them to freeze but haven't been able to find them anywhere.
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I didn't try any type of ice pack but no that it's been mentioned, it probably would have helped the swelling a lot!

I recommend keeping a water bottle or such next to the toilet. Wiping with TP was too uncomfortable. I also had a few small tears and after urinating, it was a little painful, the water really helps.
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The thing about freezing a disposable diaper is that the diapers have some sort of gel in them that holds lots of water and stays frozen for awhile instead of thawing very quickly like regular ice packs would. At least thats the only reason I could think of why the use of a disposable diaper for this purpose would be recommended above anything else...
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I did a sitz bath with epsom salts and a variety of herbs that i got from the co-op but the best thing is a poulstice of comfrey leaves.I have a bunch growing in my garden and that's what i plan to use!
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The sitz baths are WONDERFUL after 24 to 48 hours but ya dont want to do that until then unless you can do a cold one...

Heat increases circulation to an area which in the first 24 hours or so will increase swelling
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I remember a nurse at the birth center gave me the ice in a diaper thing and it felt sooo good, and just seemed to work better than anything else that was tried...
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I used disposable maxi pads with gel packs inside....my midwife gave me a bunch to take home. You just twist the pack, and shake it. They were great!!!! I also got some from mt SIL who works in a hospital. Perhaps you can get them from a hospital supply place. I also used a cold gel pack (not quite frozen) wrapped in one of those other wise useless thin store diapers.
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You can get the ice pack pads from birthsupplies.com! They're aweome. You're only supposed to use them for the first 24 hours though.
Lately, i've been seeing some articles about teh benefits of heat after childbirth. Some folks are advocating warm compresses and soaks after, and I think i'll try that this time and see how it works...
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My midwife recommends soaking maxi pads in comfrey tea and freezing. I've got them ready and waiting in the freezer but haven't tried them yet 'cause this baby is still inside!

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cold wich hazel pads or tucks felt so good! i didnt try ice but i did have water bottle by the toilie that i sprayed the perinium with. i used wipes instead if toillie paper for the first day or two.
i would like to try the comfrey leaves next time though.
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Thanks all! I think i found what I want on birthsupplies.com.
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