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Does anybody else still have them? I wonder if mine are so bad in part because she was posterior for most of my labor, putting more pressure. Also, I pushed for an hour and a half. I hear that they can bother you for months after giving birth. Some days, after a BM, it just hurts for the rest of the day.
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yeah...i totally have them. I got them with DD and they never really went away - but got WAY worse with this pregnancy. My husband said he think he noticed one popping while I was pushing DS out (does that happen!?!?). Yikes! i have no idea what to do about them...if any of you know of a fix, i'd love to hear it
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I have horrible ones. I got them with DS and then never went away. With DD1 they hurt more then actually giving birth same with DD2. This is the longest they have bugged me and then most they have. I have tried everything. Some days having a BM hurts more then pushing DD2 out. I am almost in tears. Then they hurt all morning until I get to lie down for a little bit during nap time for the kids. After that the pain goes away. I am so uncomfortable and I can't sit for a long time then standing hurts after a while. It is quite annoying. Right now I am taking raranthia homeopathic med for them it seems to help with the pain. They aren't going away though. I have an appt with my homeopathic Dr next Saturday. I am hoping he will either look at them or give me something stronger to get rid of them. I am also putting HM natural hemorrhoid cream on them.
Basically I dread going to the bathroom every day.
If anyone else any other treatments,I would love to know them.
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So far, I've been eating granola with lots of flax seed in it for breakfast every day, trying to drink lots of water, continuing to squirt with my peri bottle, wipe with witch hazel pads every BM and apply pressure whenever it hurts, minimize my time on the toilet (Yeah, right! Tell a woman with hemorrhoids to get off the pot quickly.), go for a walk every day and do kegels as often as I remember. I also try to actually go whenever I feel the urge. It only makes it worse if I wait.
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Unfortunately the 'roids will never go away on their own. Surgery will work for some but they often return. They will definitely get better with time but they will never fully disappear.
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I have had one for I don't know how long. Sometimes it bothers me but mostly it doesn't. It got sooo bad after I had Melora. It was actually a week after when I was on my feet for a long time that it started hurting and I was in bad pain for days after. I read somewhere that black tea helped so it was a good excuse to have some iced tea! I took some hot sitz baths and sat on ice as well. It is back to normal now with no pain. I hope everyone's pain subsides as well. It was horribly uncomfortable!
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