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Birth Story of Elizabeth Ree

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Because Henny Penny inspired me by getting hers up so quickly and all I had to do was edit a little here and there (all I did was add details for you gals!)

On March 30, I walked 10 miles. The riverwalk here is a 2 mile round trip, so late that morning Vershal and I walked it twice, then came home for lunch. Later that night, Calley (my best friend and aunt) and I walked it twice more, then went home and ate supper. After that we walked it once more. 10 miles was my goal because that's what I did with Micah. It was so hard and I was tired. I was having some contractions when I went to bed that night, but nothing I couldn't sleep through. I was having one every time I woke up to pee. The last time I woke up was at about 3:45. I laid in bed until about 4:30 and couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up. I got in the bath to have something to do, but Micah woke up about that time and wanted in. I made him go lay down in bed with Vershal and I got out and got in the bed with them. When Micah went to sleep, I got back up and started watching Iron Man, from the part where I fell asleep the night before. At some point I asked Vershal to get up with me to put pressure on my back when I was having a contraction. Micah got up pretty soon after the movie went off and just wanted to crawl all over me. I guess he could tell something was up. He just wanted to sit in my lap and cry... and he still really wanted to get in the bathtub with me. So we took a bath. And we called Mom and asked her to come get Micah. I was still in the tub when she came and got him. I stayed there for a while, and then got out for a while. Then got back in. The whole time I was thinking "Is this the intense pain that sends people to the hospital for an epidural?" I just kept thinking this is not bad enough to make me want to go to the hospital. It hurt, but I could handle it. I know I couldn’t have handled it if I hadn’t been allowed to move. I had to take them on my hands and knees with Vershal putting counter pressure on my back. My moaning through each one started out as an “Ah, ah ah!” and I would try to bring it down to more of an “Oh, oh, oh!” At one point, I thought if it got any much worse I wouldn't be able to handle it and I got back in the tub and the contractions slowed down to about 6 minutes apart. I was able to sleep between them and get some much needed rest. Jackie and Jenny (my doulas and good friends) showed up a few minutes later and I woke up good. I even felt really good between contractions for a few minutes and wanted to talk. Calley came a few minutes after that. Then they started coming really fast, but they were also really short and I was confused. I didn't know what was going on. I was thinking "Well, this is starting to get hard again." Then I had my first pushing contraction and my water broke with it. .” Then I understood why everyone wanted epidurals. I said I wanted one at that point and was told they wouldn't give me one at that point. Well, I knew that and I really didn't want one. I just wanted more time. I also pooped in the tub then, but I didn’t realize it and I started freaking out wondering if it was meconium. It was like everything I had read and knew completely left my mind. This was my total freak out point when I was certain that we were making a mistake and I was crazy for attempting this. Everyone just kept saying “It doesn’t matter if it’s meconium. Everything is alright.” Finally, Jenny said “No, it isn’t meconium” and I snapped back into reality and said (in what seemed to me at the time like a calm, assured voice) “Oh, you’re right – that doesn’t even look like meconium.” The pushing really took me by surprise. There was no moving me at that point. If someone had suggested getting out of the tub at that point, I would have punched them as soon as I was able. I kept saying all these negative things, like “I can’t do this” or “I don’t’ want to do this anymore.” But inside, I was feeling completely different. I kept thinking “I’m really doing this! I can’t believe this is happening! Wow! This is exciting!” It was like by voicing the negativity I was keeping it from settling down inside of me. I'm not sure how long I pushed for, but I think I only had about 6 or 7 pushing contractions before she was born. She came out in one push. We had planned on Vershal catching her, but I couldn’t keep my hands away from my vagina. I just wanted to feel every second of her coming out. So it was just reflex to catch her and bring her up out of the water when she came out. She was NOT one of those peaceful babies that doesn’t cry. She screamed for a while and didn’t want to nurse for quite a few minutes. But when she did, she really seemed to enjoy it. Her cord was fairly short, so I had a little trouble moving. I had wanted to wait until the placenta was born to cut it, but I felt like I needed to walk around some and I couldn’t do that with the cord connected. We cut the cord after about an hour of waiting and nursing (it was just long enough to nurse). Oh man, that was probably the worst part, though. The pain in my back while I waiting for the placenta was almost unbearable. I just wanted to cuddle my baby but I could barely move b/c of that short cord. I think that had a lot to do with the pain in my back – not being able to get into a better position than slightly hunched over. The cord was limp and white, so we cut it without a clamp. There was some slight bleeding, but nothing scary. We tied it off with some twill anyway. (Or rather, Vershal and Jenny did). I got up and walked around some and the placenta came on out. Then I wanted people to come over. I just wanted that last part out of the way before people came over to see her.

The hospital called a few hours later to check if I was coming in for my non stress test. I told them that I would, but I had just had the baby, so I thought I'd stay home. They didn't believe me at first, but then they said "Well, congratulations... you are not a girl... you are a woman." They called my doctor for me and he said I could go in for a check-up if I wanted to, but if I felt okay then I probably was okay. I felt great so decided to stay home. We talked to the pediatrician and they said we needed to go to the hospital for the newborn screenings, that they couldn't do them at their office, so we went the next day.
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That is a lovely story. And again a reminder that we might not be totally calm and "one with the universe" when giving birth but yet it is a beautiful, powerful experience nonetheless! Thanks for sharing
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Oh my gosh...the reaction of the hospital made me !!!!

"Wow...well, you are not a girl....you are a woman"

I wish you would have said "Yes, yes I am".

How FUNNY! Woooohoooo mama!! I totally know what you mean about saying "I can't do this" when inside you toally knew you could and WERE doing it...I had a point during my birth where I looked at my DH and totally communicated that with my face...I just needed to see in his eyes, what I knew in my heart....and like a prince, he said it, through his "heart waves" right to me "You ARE doing this, you are ROCKING this!" - and inside I felt like "Yeah, I am totally rocking this!"

Good for you mama...I'm so happy to hear about your awesome birth! :
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Great story Susannah! I'm glad you found the time to share it with everyone.
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Beautiful story.
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enjoy your babymoon!
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Welcome Earthside Elizabeth!

Great story and happy babymoon!:
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yeah! so glad you posted! i've been waiting

your nice long birth story made mine seem stumpy and pathetic! lol I so thought I might end up birthing in the water but it just didn't work that way. I had NO idea the baby was going to fly outa me when I was trying to go pee! so on the bathmat it was born heh funny how things change. I'm so glad i"m not the only one who thought "why ddi I do this?". I remember at one point thinking I would take ANY drug they offered me right now. anything at all. I even started thinking about the drugs i had in the house to try and figure out something that would work.

welcome Elizabeth!!!
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I forgot to add... we cut and didn't clamp either. I was very pleased with the result! I wouldn't clamp again in the future. and wow it was so nice not to have to diaper around thats tupid cord clamp thingy for a few days! he also seemed more comfortable b/c there wasn't something constanly pulling on his little cord while it was healing.

did you notice any difference like that?
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