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How are you finding time for yourself (or are you)?

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Wondering if anyone has time for exercise, yoga, etc.

I am back to work (although I am working from home several days a week)... so I find usually if I am not working I am mostly nursing and if not probably making dinner or something. I would love to go to yoga class but Siggi's not on any kind of schedule so I worry he'd need to nurse while I was gone.

Is anyone finding a way to balance things yet?
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DH is soo busy with work right now, so he just isn't around to watch Royce while I do something for myself. And we have no family in the area either. So it's just me and Royce pretty much all day every day.

I do go for a walk with him at least once a day, which is good exercise and I enjoy it. And we bath together and sometimes I'll just lie there with him on my stomach and just relax (while trying to ignore the constant kicking and splashing ). And when Royce is napping I spend time on mdc or getting cleaning done (usually it's mdc though!). So I am doing things I enjoy, just not by myself .

The odd time that dh is home isn't much better. Royce is very attached to me, and if I'm in the room he just stares at me and smiles at me (even with dh trying desperately to entertain him), and if I leave the room he get's upset pretty quickly. I'm hoping this will improve when Royce get's a bit older and enjoys playing more.
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I'd say "balancing" things is still a bit of a reach. I attend a postpartum exercise class 2 days a week that allows me to bring the baby, and incorporates her into some of the exercises. It's mainly strength exercises and a bit of yoga but it's better than nothing. We did, however, do a stroller walk today. I do stroller walks on my own as well. It's the only way to get in some cardio.

I definitely agree that it's hard to find time for myself. My husband works a lot too and I'm going to be studying for the bar exam in about a week and a half.

I left her with a sitter for the first time yesterday night. I had a speaking engagement and my husband had to leave town unexpectedly for a funeral. It went fairly well. The sitter is very experienced, which put me at ease but I was so nervous (surprised myself). The bad news is that my daughter wouldn't take a bottle the entire time I was gone (nearly 5 hours). I nursed her right up until I left but still. . . I don't know what happened. She has taken bottles since week 1 (low supply issue starting out) but after my supply regulated, I've rarely given them to her. Time to start working it back into the routine.

Oh, speaking of "me time"-- I could REALLY use a pedicure.

Happy Mother's Day, ladies!
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I've been beating myself over not having things "together" by now! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one!!! whew!

DH and I are both home right now. I'm still looking for work and DH is trying to pull a few things together to create income for us. DH keeps offering to help out with Sam but I am super reluctant because DH is on the phone constantly. It doesn't bother Sam but I know how difficult it is to carry on a conversation and soothe a cranky tired baby. I'm slowly able to help DH with some work but it's 30 minutes at a time and I still need to catch up with friends. I really a lot on my cell phone these days!

My "me" time right now is being able to shower. I'd love to walk more but that would mean I need to get up early. I'm torn between more sleep or get my butt moving! I've been trying to keep track of when Sam is hungry and tired but it's not consistent yet. Some days he is wide awake at 7am and some days he wants to sleep until 10am.
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I generally feel as if I have enough time to take care of myself as well as my daughter, but I don't have enough time to take care of myself, my daughter, and my house. So on any given day I need to sacrifice one of those things -- and it's always taking care of the house!

I don't have any great desire to get out of the house without my baby, but once a week or so I will head out on a quick shopping trip while she stays home with Daddy. Or, Daddy will take her out on a trip with him and I'll stay home. It's nice to know that they're having time together.

I could definitely use my 'spare' (haha!) time to exercise, but right now I spend it working on my blog, socializing on Twitter & forums, or talking with my mom on MSN. I feel like carrying my daughter around the house most of the time is exercise enough! :P
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Right now, I enjoy my daughter too much to really want 'me' time. I was in school 3 days a week and honestly kind of enjoyed the time commiserating with other adults and gaining more knowledge. Now, though, I'm just so happy to be at home with my daughter.

I started baby sitting this week (a 15 week old and a 9 month old), so the three babes keep me pretty busy. By the end of the day, I'm just happy to spend the evening with just my daughter. Although I'm home with her all day, I don't feel like I get to spend a lot of time with her because I have two other babies to care for. Those two seem to be getting in sync with their napping schedules... of course Owyn marches to the beat of her own drum. I think she just wants me all to herself, so she naps when they are awake and is awake when they nap, sometimes overlapping a little which gives me a break. I don't mind it though, I enjoy the one-on-one time with her while they're sleeping.

My 'me' time is a shower once a day and I usually leave her at home with daddy so I can go grocery shopping unless he's busy with something. I'm really trying to convince him to be more present with us in the evenings when he is off work. After spending all day with babies, I do need a little down time after they leave to re-coup for the next day. He has a habit of helping others out. We have a lot of elderly neighbors and he mows their lawns for them and helps them with household things that are too difficult for them to do. It's great of him to help them, but I need his help too right now.

Tomorrow I get to do something completely for myself (not by myself DD will be with me). I got some cash for graduation. Not enough to do anything significant with, but a good chunk of spending money. So, I'm going shopping! I'm going to buy clothes for myself and only myself! Couldn't tell ya the last time I did that!
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Originally Posted by motherbirth View Post
Is anyone finding a way to balance things yet?
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It's a constant struggle. I think that's how it is at this stage of life. But, since we plan on more babies...I don't see how it will ever change for me.

Some days, or even a week or so, I can get us into a pretty good routine (I have a 4yo, 2yo, and 11wk old), but then something happens and it all goes out the window. If I can't stay on top of everything and get behind, well...it takes me FOREVER to catch up. DH is working a lot, too. In fact, he keeps leaving on business trips, so I'm on my own with the kids a lot. I can hardly walk through my bedroom for all the stuff on the floor right now.

My down time is usually spent cleaning house, or trying to cook something. That's okay, though. Just silence for a few minutes makes me feel better.
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