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HELP!!!!!!! Bird mite infestation!!!

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to put this, but I need help ASAP! I live in an old apartment building that's infested with pigeons on many of the outside windows. The building itself is about 100 years old, and has 60-70 apartments. our apartment has two bathrooms, which we've fallen into calling "The Girl's Bathroom" and "The Boy's Bathroom", on opposite sides of our apartment. "The Girl's Bathroom", is the one I prefer, even though it's smaller. One of the reasons is, the window is smaller, it's quieter and on the more private side of the apartment.

Anyways, because the window's so small (about the length of a regular window, but maybe a quarter the width), I never really open it more than an inch or so on the top. On the outside ledge, on the bottom, has been a pidgeon nest. I like the sounds of the baby birds, and I really don't mind the adult birds too much. Hey, they're outside, they can't mess up my bathroom, right? Wrong. The baby birds grew up and flew away and the adult birds still use the nest. But when I came home from work on break this afternoon, I found that I have many, many tiny little bugs actually in my bathroom, mostly on the ceilling and upper walls. They're almost too small to see, but they're there. And they itch- and I only walked into the bathroom, did my thing, and then noticed them, it's not like I was in there for more than two or three minutes!

What do I do? How do I get rid of them? I have to go back to work in 5 minutes, and hopefully I can go shopping after work to get some kind of stuff to get rid of them, but what works? The websites I just read say that they can completely infest a house and be nearly impossible to get rid of.

How can I get rid of them? I'm willing to use organic and non-organic products, though I have to admit, the more popular the product, and the cheaper the product, the sooner chance of me getting ahold of it. Also, I read they're itchy, but mostly harmless to humans (I don't want them anyways!), but are they dangerous to pets? We've got two dogs and a lizard, who might come in contact with the bird mites if I don't get rid of the mites. HELP!
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Hello Fellow Sufferer!


I am 68 years old and have had a serious mite problem since 2005 and as yet I`ve tackled only about half of the problem.  I`ve tried bombs, hot steamers, strong soaps, lice remedies, Ketaconazole Shampoo, Selenium Shampoo, alcohol sprays, white vinegar sprays, ant spray, tree trim back, bed steaming, couch and easy chair steaming (again hot) and others that don`t come to mind anymore.  Sometimes briefly, I wake at one in the morning with a river of mites crawling over me, and I head for the shower and scrub my feet, back, and mostly my scalp which I`ve learned is the cradle of all the continuances.   I went on a sea cruise to Alaska and they hitched a ride for the duration.  All my Dermatologists think that I`m possessed because they can`t find a trace of anything.  No red skin marks, no seeable mites with examinations.  My kind of mites are very, very small and invisible.


My very best remedies are alcohol spritzers and white vinegar spritzers to fend off what I can, till I stand down and retreat to the shower with plenty of scrubbing soap and hot water.  My laundering of clothes is hand over hand and more than one full load a day, underwear sheets, blankets and pillow cases, bathrobes etc.  I scrub my scalp up to three times a day.  The attack hours are 1 to 7 A.M.  & 7 to 11 P.M. mostly.  The favorite spots for blood searching, skin chewing are under the waist belt, wrists, scalp & back of neck.  Eyelashes and nostrils.  Palms and soles of the feet.  They further choose their victims by pheromone preference. and visitors and some family members go completely unbothered.  I believe they travel by jumping surprising distances, move very quickly, & bite usually in two`s and in tandem on one side of you and then another side.  The most itchy bites are on the soles of feet and the palms of hands.  I stop the itching on my hands by holding them over the toaster.  The vinegar remedy on my feet....x two.


Laundry remedies are moderate fills in wash machine with hot soapy cycles.  Moderate fills in an hour dryer, is essential in the two part laundering cure process each dryer fill. Hot, and repeat if you are bitten while handling the loads in the drying phase.  I never sleep in the same room with dirty clothes, and they are stored in airtight bins till the next washing run.  Sometimes I spray my bins with alcohol inside and out.  


Unlike you, those bird mites come in thru the bedroom and the living room slide glass door., with me.  There are no repellants, so try to treat yourself as they come with hand spritzers.  Vinegar is way cheaper and just as effective as rubbing alcohol 50%.


Please do confer with me if you will. because I need support too.  I hope I`ve been of some help.  If your bad boys can`t be seen, tell whoever that viruses can`t be seen either.  Mites vary in the hundreds of species.  Some look and behave  differently.


Good technique to you and fight the good fight.   doc Ambra out

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