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What's a girl to do?

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What does a girl do when....

She moves to a tiny town, Chino Valley, in AZ (less than 7,000).
She is a single mom, of two young boys.
She has NO friends, let alone young, lesbian moms to rap with
The supreme love of her life lives 2 states away, with no possibility of moving until she at least finishes college (about 2 years)
She doesn't even have family to take the pressure off....
She can't find a job
and She has to move in a month...


I've tried to reach out to the gay community here. It's very different from what I've experienced in the past. I first came out in a very small (1500) town and had an ok experience, but I also had a lot of friends and a girlfriend to share the load with.

Then I lived in wonderful Long Beach, CA, which pretty much speaks for itself. No problem making friends there, although I did have a couple of crazy girlfriends. But then I met my husband, and we married. Now we're divorcing, and I have 2 small boys to care for, and I'm afraid that the lesbian community will shy away from me.

I don't exactly know what the point of this message is. I guess I'm just feeling isolated and alone. I mean, the Pride Center in LB has a Lesbian Parenting group, for crying out loud. The Pride Center here (well, at least we have one) pretty much specializes in AA.


Any thoughts?

and "the boys"
Nicolas 4 years
Noah 1 year (TODAY!!!)
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Hi Misti!

First off to the boards!

Second: : to your son!

I'm not sure I have any advice, but here's a to make you feel a little better. Have you already gone to the community center? I know you said it specializes in AA, but maybe there are other members they can put you in touch with. : Or maybe it dose not matter if you are moving soon. Where are you going?
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I am just moving elsewhere in the same town. I went to the New Year's event at the community center, and met a few people. It's just a very very closeted town. Pretty sizable gay population, they're just not very visible. Like, for instance, I mentioned to the gentleman in charge of the New Year's thing why didn't they have booths at street fairs, observe pride week, you know...all those things that folks in larger towns take for granted. He said that there was a gay owned coffeehouse in town. Once. When the city found out that the men who owned it were gay, the place ended up being shut down for one reason or another. Hearsay, I know. It's just that I was in a little town once, and I swore that I never would be again. And here I am.

Sigh. Oh well. Bloom where you're planted, right : )

and "the boys"
Nicolas and Noah (who says thank you very much for the happy birthday)
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I have a very good bi friend in Phoenix, PM me if you want her email address.
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