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Baby Photos!!

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Put them here so we can ooh and aah!

My babies are not so photogenic for the first several weeks. Cute of course, but very peely, and red, and pimply, and quite old mannish! But who cares! I'm posting!

little angel bottom!
he likes his tummy time!
sleepy bear
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He's beautiful, what are you talking about? Just wait until you see MY bright-red squished-face larvae-like neonatal offspring...
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OOOhh! so sweet!

You think THAT'S old maninsh?! I should send you some pictures of my dd when she was born! Dh and I joked that she looked like Emeril Lagasse. My mw didn't think it was so funny, but we did. She had so much dark hair on her shoulders she could have given any old Italian man a run for his money!

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bwahahahah! Emeril! larvae-like! Yikes!

Thanks guys. You never really know if your baby is cute or not because of course you think s/he's the most darling thing in the world!! Lochlan was very alienish for weeks and weeks. Then one day I looked down at him and he was so BEAUTIFUL!

But some babies look darling right out of the womb (ahem, Alicia's plump juicy baby Ezra!)
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With all the heartburn I've been having I fully expect my child to look like a gorrilla. (I was a hairy baby--I had hair on my back! OMG So if he takes after me, he's in trouble!)

Your baby is adorable! I love naked baby butt pictures...lol
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Awwww! It was totally worth the wait, right?! : I can't wait!
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Awww I love his little tushie!! My LO loves being on his tummy too.
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AWWW! He's an adorable snugglums! Nothing is cuter than baby bottom!!!

LOL about the hairy babies. My son had a full head of dark hair at birth and CRAZY hair all over his shoulders and back. He was not unlike a monkey. Plus, since he was persistent breech, his head was completely flat. COMPLETELY flat with this wacky cone shape in the back. It has since shaped up nicely!!
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Here is River, I'll update this album with new pictures all year.

If you want to see his siblings here are their albulms for this year...

, Kincaid, and Travis.
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Cinder, that is an awesome idea! (Flickr photostreams in one-year chunks.) I so need to do that!!! Like right now!!!

<--- procrastinating from cleaning the house

Oh, and your baby? Is gorgeous. :
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such cuties!

I have been MIA on mothering enjoying my kiddos. Here are some recent ones of Eliza who is 5 weeks old now! She was 7 lbs 2 oz last tues which means she gained 2 lbs in 2 weeks, wow!

chillin' on the boppy
sibling loves
"my brother is awesome"
in sync yawn
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OMG! These babies are gorgeous! :

Cinder ~ River is adorable! So sweet!

iluv ~ Eliza is just such a perfect looking little girl! Wow! Beautiful!
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I've been updating my blog daily (almost)
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Who wants to see pictures of my ds' first year?

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Cinder- your children are unREAL! So beautiful!!

Smithie- cute little baldie!!

Jaime- your son is delicious!! I can't believe you have the time for EC!

iluvbeinamomma- your kids have the most big beautiful eyes! Lovely!
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Here are some more of Ezra plus the "juicy lips" pic I posted earlier. I have a ton yet to edit that are awesome...they'll just have to wait.

Funny hair pattern
Juicy lips
Curled up
Sleeping on Daddy
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Originally Posted by lotus.blossom View Post

iluvbeinamomma- your kids have the most big beautiful eyes! Lovely!
Ahhh thanks! Its funny i thought it was impossible to have another baby with eyes like my sons, but i think my daughter has them and i am thrilled.

Lotus, do you think you could ask the mods to sticky this thread? I love seeing all the babies.
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Alicia- looks like he gets his juicey lips from his daddy!!

I can ask a mod to sticky this
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You guys are killing me!!!
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