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weird blotchy red spots on my arms!!!!

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I noticed this during my last pregnancy but it wasn't that bad - and throughout this pregnancy I've had a couple of blotchy spots that come and go but nothing that really concerned me. I've just chalked it up to increased blood flow. My mw for my last pregnancy didn't seem concerned either, but like I said it wasn't too noticeable. this morning I've noticed that the blotches are all over - only on the inside of my arms, mostly my right one, and a few of them form a circle. Most of them, though, are just big amorphous splotches (and one straight line). They aren't raised, they do not itch, they aren't filled with little bumps, and I don't have particularly dry skin in that area. The ones that are circular concern me though. I was thinking round worm but wouldn't it be a raised bumpy circle, and ONLY circles? And why would it only appear during pregnancy? Anyone have any input? I'm seeing my mw's later this week so I will be sure to ask them, but I would like to know if it's something I should get looked at ASAP!

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Do they look anything like this?

Both my mother and dh have tinea versicolor. It's a yeast/fungus skin infection. My dh used to get them on his arm, now it's mostly his trunk and back. It gets worse when he's been sweating a lot. Kombucha tea takes care of it, as well as antifungal topicals and medications.
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Nope. It doesn't look like it's comprised of lots of little dots like that. It's just blotchy. It's not raised or bumpy at all. If you weren't looking and just felt the skin you wouldn't be able to feel anything - it's completely smooth. And tonight it's all but disappeared. Weird, huh?

I've tried looking up all sorts of rashes online but everything I find that remotely looks like it says it's either itchy or raised. Which it isn't. Soooo... I think beyond checking with my mw on Wednesday I'm back to assuming it's due to increased blood flow (like red palms and soles of the feet) during pregnancy.
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I think I may also have what you are talking about. I am 5 months pregnant and just noticed these small red dots all over my arms and hands. It looks as if someone took a red faded sharpie and poked them on me. It looks like a bunch of beauty spots. They are not all clumped together, but spread out. No pain, itching, or raised bumps.I've looked this up online and can't even find pictures close to it. Please let me know what you find out. I would really appreciate it.



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You described exactly what I have!!  I have been searching the web trying to find what it is as I am only 7 1/2 weeks and won't be seen for a few more weeks yet.  Please let us know if you find out what it is.  Thanks so much!  Audrey

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I have the exact same thing! However, I'm concerned because it seems, just from what I've noticed, most prevalent in pregnant women and I most certainly am not pregnant. Lol. Has anyone gotten anymore ideas as to what this could be?
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