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News story on FGM

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Thought this article was interesting. Too bad our laws don't recognize that circumcision of males is just as bad! :
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Someday there will be articles written like this one but about male circumcision.

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How about a little background on one of the men arrested?

Todd Cameron Bertrang was arrested about two years ago for performing male circumcisions and was charged with being a non-licensed person performing medical procedures. I never heard the verdict of that case but I did notice that he is being held without bail. Apparently, he did not learn his lesson and the court felt that he could not be trusted if he were released. I have to agree with them.

Bertrang also passes out "Truthful and non-biased information about circumcision to expectant parents." He is also a member of circumcision fetish groups.

This should be a clear message to parents to be very careful of the sources of circumcision information. You can say anything on the internet and there is no requirement that it be truthful or that the source is not a sexual deviant.

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Interesting article, Jennifer - thanks for posting it.

I really, really don't get people who get offended at comparisons between FGM and RIC. I mean, I guess I do understand, but the logic escapes me. Surgical alteration of normal genitals has got to be wrong, no matter what sex the child, as far as I can see.

Jennifer - where in Alaska are you from? I went to high school in Eagle River (right outside Anchorage) and my parents still live there... (sorry - T )
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