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Happy Mother's Day!!

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I just wanted to wish all you moms a wonderful Mother's Day. Hope you
are doing exactly what you want to be doing.

I know I am....we're just hanging out, having a mellow family day. Hubby and son Elliot cooked a tasty breakfast this morning too, while Azalea and I hung out in bed!

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I just came here to post this same thing.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Thanks, and I hope everyone had a great day. I sure enjoyed my first Mothers' Day as a mom. My DD rolled over and off her changing mat (1 inch tall and on the ground) in the morning for the first time, surprising both her and me. I was excited. She was upset because she ended up face down on the cold floor. She then gave me her Mothers' Day gift: her breakfast back. At least it was before my shower. We went out for lunch since my DD sleeps through lunch. We took a nice family nap, short but nice, and then called our families. We took a nice walk in the park on the way to go pick up take-out for dinner and then came home and watched a movie. It worked pretty well. My DD was content for most of it. We had to pause it a few times to meet her needs, and then when she got too tired to handle it, we just had to stop, but it was getting to be time to get ready for the night anyway. Yay, DD is developing our circadian rhythms and knows when it's time to go to bed!
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Thanks! DH took me to Olive Garden :, and I bought some more nursing tops at Motherhood Maternity. Isobel's gift to me was sleeping the almost the entire time we were out & about for the day. She made up for it later by fussing/fighting sleep for 5 hours straight, though. Ah, well, such are the joys of motherhood, right?
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