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I was just thinking about you...thought you'd had the US for smoe reason. Keep thinking good thoughts, mama!
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thank you for the thoughts,
I'll definitely update when I get the u/s in another week.

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...two more days until the highly anticipated ultrasound.

I haven't had any hcg levels taken, but my midwife told me that all of my bloodwork (white cell count, iron, etc.) look great...

...still feeling tired and constipated

only two more days of waiting.

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Totally keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you. I really hope everything just goes SO well.

*HUGE hugs* XXX
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thank you,

it's been a long 2 week wait, but I'll be about 8 weeks (by my calculations) at the time of the U/s, so we should know conclusively whether or not there is a bean in there.

...it will be pretty clear-cut, and then we can get on with life either way.

it's the not know that is so hard.

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Yes, I know what you mean. I am having an US next Friday at 7.4 weeks and though I am waking up each and every day the last few days with the most unbelievable nausea, and have boobies that feel like squishy cement sacks, I still wonder if there's really anything down there...

I hope you see the most gorgeous little jumping bean, mama

*HUGE hugs* XXX
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Oh my goodness..you have amazing patience, mama! Can't wait to hear...
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I'm anxious to hear too. I hope things are fine.
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Best wishes tomorrow! I have my u/s tomorrow too! I can't wait!
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Oh honey that is so hard! I am so sorry you have to go through this!! I know it is so stressful when something like this happens early on. I remember going through it with DS.A little different, but I had a bunch of spotting (after 2 previous miscarriages) and we went in for an u/s just to see if it had all come out or if I needed a DNC. Sure enough, there was a little heartbeat... absolutely amazing! I will keep you in my prayers and hope that you will get good news soon!

Cant wait to hear what happens tomorrow!!
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Charlene, my thoughts will be with you tomorrow. Coem on little bean! Show Yourself!!
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I am thinking of you too...
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I hope the U/S goes well tomorrow.
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I am sending you lots of love and good vibes today! Can't wait to hear your update!

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Thinking of you.
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Today is a wonderful day for reassuring news... sending you all of my positive thoughts and love today.
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what a wonderful surprise to log on and see all of this support!

thank you all SO much.

...I'm on the verge of tears, and am so anxious that I feel nauseous.

The ultrasound is in 2 hours, and I'll let you all know the news as soon as I can.

Thank you all for you thoughts and prayers.
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You are in my thoughts today. Praying you have great news in a little while.
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Sending good thoughts....I'm thinking of a little beating heart and a beautiful little peanut!!
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Sending prayers for you.
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