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An Unhappy Mother's Day

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I tried not to get my hopes up. Really, I did. I didn't expect anything special for the day.

But it didn't help that even complete strangers were saying, "Oh, you're pregnant? Happy Mother's Day!" So, I got my hopes up, anyway.

I was already feeling unhappy, which is how I've spent 90% of this pregnancy. I sent a text message to the one who helped me become a mother in the first place, asking what he was doing today.

Long story short... I got to spend the day alone, despite the fact that he had the day off.

It's just a stupid day, anyway.

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There's something about Mother's day that makes it easy for other's (particularly the men in our life) to mess up. When I was pregnant, dd's dad and I got into a HUGE fight. Huge. It was a horrible day. My first MD as a mommy, dd's dad had me a sobbing mess....again.

This year, my second MD, was great. I spent the day at the park with my baby. I honored the reason I am a mother. That's what it's all about.

Mother's Day 2009 is NOT over yet either! Go to the store and buy a cute outfit for your new bundle that's on the way. Buy yourself a "happy-mother-to-be card". (There is nothing wrong with that!) Or treat yourself to a pedicure and get your toes painted. Don't sulk around worrying about what the other half is doing. I've learned my lesson the hard way...don't depend on him and do NOT let him ruin it for you!

Get out there and have a nice day, mama
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Hopefully next year, you will feel so much love on Mother's Day that today will be completely forgotten.
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I agree-mother's day's there are some good memorable ones and some tough ones that I'd rather forget. Here's hoping you and the little one you are carrying will have many happy mother's days in your future.
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hope you're fine now
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Thanks for the hugs and kind words. I'm doing a little bit better, today.

I still don't know why it was so important to me. It doesn't help that we live apart and our current routine is to see each other every other week.
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