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What ?'s to ask OB

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I am having my 32wk appointment tomorrow. I would like to discuss my options for birth (home birth is out of the question this time, so a hospital birth it will be). Can you experienced mama's clue me in on what sort of questions to ask, so I go into the hospital knowing what to expect and what sort of things to have in my birth plan? Thx!
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What are standard procedures at the hospital where I will labor? (Hep lock. mandatory, how long is strip run, how often is BP/temp taken, intermittent vs. continuous EFM and toco. monitoring, policy on eat/drink, ambulation, support for unmedicated birth if that's what you want, epidural info. if that's what you want, do they have squat bars, birth balls, shower or tubs, protocol for GBS+ moms, length of time they let first time moms push before getting worried, how do they manage slow labors) Ask about standard newborn procedures (erythromycin ointment for eyes, vit. K shot, Hep. B vaccination at birth, taking baby away to warmer for newborn check, and state-mandated blood tests for certain metabolic disorders like PKU are all standard where I gave birth, but only the blood screen is mandatory) Ask about how doc. feels about women going past their EDD, how they like to monitor/manage. Some docs. automatically induce at 41 weeks, and I would run like h#!! from one, personally. Ask how often they induce for "big baby" too, because that's pretty much a BS reason to induce and often doesn't end well for mom and her average-sized baby.

Ask your doc for info. on the hospital's overall rates and his/her individual rates of: epidurals, pitocin augmentation, episiotomy, operative delivery (forceps/vacuum), c-section, breastfeeding.

Remember, YOU are the consumer, this is your body, and your baby, so don't automatically agree to everything they say is "standard" if something doesn't jive with you. It is okay and good to ask questions, make your wishes known, make sure the hospital where you labor will support you instead of fighting with you.
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I'd also recommend asking for a copy of the hospital consent form and making changes to it. We got to take it home, review it, and bring it back with changes. I think was one of the things that helped lead to us have a great birth experience.
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