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Hi all!

Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy pregnancy... a quick ques. for those out there nursing (hoping this is the right board)! I ahve to go back to work after 6 weeks w/baby.. is there a bottle or system you recommend? I have heard good things from everyone about them all! Top were the Dr. Brown's, Avent, or BOrn Free and the drop-ins... I am borrowing the Medela breast pump from a friend and registered for those storage bags. Any suggestions for a good bottle??

TIA!! Hugs!
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We had an Adiri BreastBottle nurser that my son liked okay, I guess. He ended up mostly being a reverse cycler and holding out for milk straight from the booby. I liked that it is made of silicone, very inert, and there was no plastic throw-away liner - we just washed it out with soapy, hot water. I stored my pumped milk in glass jars. I am not sure they make that model of nurser anymore, but they make others.
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i used the drop ins and i loved them!
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Another vote for the drop-ins. I prefer the Premium Nurser to the Original Nurser.

As an EP, finding the the right bottle was essential. I first tried the Medela nipples and my DD was very gassy with those. Then we tried the Playtex Nursers and the Born Free bottles. The Born Free seemed ok, but the Playtex Nursers were a hit.

The Medela bottles were great for pumping and storage.

Happy Birth!
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remember that a bottle isn't the only way to feed a baby. it is the most convenient when mom isn't available but using a spoon, sm. cup (like a medicine cup), eye dropper, syringe feeding, etc. will help you/your child to avoid nipple preference issues that can creep up. some babies will hold out for mom too.

you can contact lll about these methods, check out their website and/or check out lactivism here at MDC for more info on this.

best wishes for a healthy birth & a wonderful maternity leave.

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I like using the Medela bottles for convenience, since they are the same bottle I pump in, much less washing to do. He takes them fine. He struggled with the Adari and the Born Frees were ok, but he couldn't get a great latch on them.
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honestly, I wouldn't get too many of any one kind of bottle/nipple. neither of my kids liked the same bottles. i think we went thru 4 or 5 before we found something that they liked.
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You absolutely need to make sure the baby takes a bottle. Going back to work is a lot less stressful when you know your childcare provider is able to feed the baby. I suggest getting a bottle or two of several different brands and seeing what works for the baby. With DS1, he would not take a bottle, until we realized he wanted the Latex nipples only, then he was happy with the playtex drop-ins bottles. DS2 took the playtex bottles for a while, then I got lazy and didn't give him a bottle for a month. He went on a bottle strike three weeks before I had to go back to work. Worried me to no end. Then, I tried a Silicone nipple and he was happy to use that. Go figure. So, we still use the same Playtex drop-ins bottles, but I had to return the several packages of latex nipples I bought and get the silicone ones.
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Ds never took a bottle from day one never I tried as I was supposed to go back to work but he refused little bugger. BUT my nephew did and they both needed the dropins as they would get soooo gassy and bloated with the other bottles and you can squeeze air out as they feed that was the key less air bubbles and I do not believe that any other system does as good as a job. But the down side you need to keep buying the dropins but if you are pumping you can get ones that fit whatever bottle you use so I guess it would all work out When I pumped I used the drop ins as I was going to use that bottle they have nipples tha are very simalair to the breast in shape well as simalair as you can get I would go with latex free they tend to be softer from what my sister says. when I pump this time around for the daddy to do some feedings (I don't like to share ) I will do dropins
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Thanks for the responses everyone! I have registered for the drop-ins and the Dr. Brown's also... hopefully one of these will work for our little boy!

Thanks again! Hugs!
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We use the Dr. Brown's, but they are sort of a pain with no so many peices.

My friend uses the drop ins, and wow, so much easier! But, there is all that plastic you're adding to landfills, which is a concern.
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We used born free and my son took to them right away and now doesn't really like anything else. But they are expensive!!! I'd try the drop-in's first and if he goes for them great. If not, I'd try other things. The Born Frees are definitely nice. We only have 5 b/c they're so expensive but can just keep rotating them. We only need the 5oz size - he only takes 3oz at a time - still at almost 5 months.
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We found that it wasn't the bottle per say but the nipple that made the difference. Because bf babies eat less than ff babies do because your milk will change with baby. Make sure your using the slowest flow nipples possible to extend the feeding so he feels more satisfied after eating.

after trying 4 or 5 different nipples and bottles we ended up using First Year Breastflow bottles.
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