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just checking in - sticky vibes for all :

afm - i'm having rotten all day "morning sickness" - just general nausea and i feel like i could sleep all day. i didn't have this last time, so i'm hoping it's good news.

i have my next ultrasound this wednesday. hopefully we'll see a nice heartbeat.
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Originally Posted by RoseRed View Post
I am officially ten weeks today which means I have one week and six days until the day I miscarried last time. In some ways it is weird that everything builds up to the moment. Conciously or not we are waiting to pass that day as the first step to a healthy happy pregnancy. I just wish mine wasn't so far away. But now, it feels so werd having it be so close. It will be here before I know it.
I will hopefully be moving that weekend.
I will have to keep myself busy that weekend.
Because heaven knows I will be a mess.

i passed my baby at 11 weeks, 6 days, as well. i'm also 10 weeks and change and counting down the days until i will be past "that day." it feels like it's taking forever for the second trimester to get here, doesn't it?
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Originally Posted by welldone View Post

i passed my baby at 11 weeks, 6 days, as well. i'm also 10 weeks and change and counting down the days until i will be past "that day." it feels like it's taking forever for the second trimester to get here, doesn't it?
You are so right. This is taking a very long time. I've been reading everyone's posts and can really feel us all collectively holding our breaths! I, for one, have such meager motivation to do much of anything, which makes the these days and weeks go even more slowly! (Not to mention having to spend an extra week in week 7. ARgh!)

We spent Sat evening with some friends who have a 3-month old. I found myself being a little judgmental about how uptight and nervous they seemed with their newborn, but here I am completely NOT comfortable letting my own pregnancy progress and unfold in its own sweet time. Not so different from those new parents who see every new thing as something to worry about. Where's my trust? Gone the way of my skinny jeans, I guess!

Well, I'm thinking about all of you. Sticky vibes all around!
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I'll be away for the computer for a few days. All good stuff, don't worry I look forward to checking back in at week's end. Take care, mommas!

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How is everyone doing today? I'm doing ok. Feeling sick as usual...can't wait for this stage to be over!
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Originally Posted by nummies View Post
How is everyone doing today? I'm doing ok. Feeling sick as usual...can't wait for this stage to be over!
I've been grumpy and moody. I kind of want to just break down and cry while I'm home alone, but somehow I can't get myself up to it. Otherwise, I'm just feeling tired and a little sick... And I had been wanting the summer and fall to fly by, and then this morning I read a blog post from a friend of mine that she gave birth last night, and she's with, I think, the same group of midwives at the hospital where I'm tentatively planning on going, and the whole experience sounded way more intense and full of interventions than I'd like, and it just has me kind of freaking out a bit--I know, way too early to be freaking out yet! I'm kind of hoping money will be sorted out well enough that I don't have to worry about what insurance covers and can seriously think about a homebirth midwife...

Meanwhile, I was looking at some online calculator last night, for my edd, and apparently I have less than 10 days till the second trimester now!
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one hour to go till my next ultrasound. i'm at 7W5D so we should be able to see a heartbeat and may-be some wiggles. :

i'm glad i'm not the only one comparing and / or thinking about how far along we were last time vs now.
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Catubodua good luck on your ultrsound today. And Emily congrats on being 10 days away from the second trimester.

I had another ultrasound today and it went pretty good, the hb was still up at 163 and we could see him moving all over the place. My only worry was that I was expecting to measure at 9w5d and the biggest measurement she gave me was 9w2d. I am basing this on my last ultrasound measurement and not when I thought I ovulated. I do realize that one person could have been over or one under but I still worry myself. On another note, my sac still was small but it seemed like there was plenty of room in there for the baby. So I was hoping to have no worries after today but I still do. I am trying to look at all the positives of today, but I hate being vulnerable so its easier to be cautious at times. With all my 3 losses I never measured over 8.5 weeks so I hope this ultrasound was a good sign.
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Hi everyone. I haven't posted at all here....but I had my ultrasound today and finally have stopped holding my breath. I knew you would understand the feeling. I just feel like I want to cry and laugh at the same time. My baby was so beautiful there, heart beating away, arms and legs moving...I am letting myself hope and plan and everything now!!!

Here is my story-I have read this entire thread multiple times since I knew I was pregnant very early (4wks) this time. Sometimes I feel like mine doesn't compare with the losses of others, but I know that they are all unique and important stories that really help to share.

Mine was an early loss, in March 09 I had my first ultrasound for my 2nd pregnancy ever, the first being a 5 year old....I should have been 10-11 weeks but the size on the screen was 8 weeks and the doctor informed me I had a miscarriage and should have a dnc immediately. The image of the unmoving fetus on the screen has been seared in my brain. I was really scared and shocked, I had never even heard of a missed miscarriage and going in to that appointment had no worries at all. My husband is military and was away for another 3 weeks so I knew I was doing this alone. I decided to have a natural m/c at home instead of dnc and I'm glad I did. I felt connected to the process and to the part of me that created the baby that wasn't to be.

When I was reunited with my husband the timing was perfect, because I was pregnant almost immediately! We are now past the point of that m/c and I'm so so hopeful. I am really working to stop hyper-analyzing every single thing, but it's really hard when going through all the same stuff as last time(even the same exam room ugh)...I'm thinking that now things will start changing, since I am past where the m/c happened, all these experiences from now on will be new and unique to this pregnancy.

Thank you for reading and love to all.
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welcome, Lorissa! I'm so glad to hear you had a good u/s. I had a missed m/c as well, and I couldn't help but see it in my mind's eye when we saw the u/s for this babe at 9 weeks as well (same time that I found out about my m/c in December). That is an image that will never leave your mind or heart. Happy healthy pregnancy to all of us!

Kerry, it IS a good sign! Will you keep doing ultrasounds? I'm secretly jealous every time I read about another one, it makes me want to go back but I'm just gonna wait til the 20 week one.

Catubodua, any update on your u/s? hope it went well!

Emily, wow, that sounds so official that we're almost in the 2nd tri! I looked at my calendar and realized that Saturday I am 12 weeks. It doesn't seem possible. I think I'll let my breath go a bit more when I hear the heartbeat again, I'm going in on the 25th and we'll try the doppler again. I just watched my u/s video and noted that he said my placenta is favoring the front. Doesn't that mean it will be harder to hear the heartbeat? That rings a bell from somewhere...
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good news - nice heartbeat (DR said 140 bpm, but i think it was faster than that based on my non-scientific quick counting), and we saw the start of legs and arms and a big head

the only thing that was sort of depressing was he let me know that sometimes morning sickness gets worse before it gets better... oy!

although i am mad at myself. i totally meant to ask him where the baby was - front, back, etc and forgot. :

welcome to the new folks and and : for all!
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Welcome to our group Lorissa. I am so glad your baby is thriving!

Catubodua- Any news??

Kerrybenny- I can't tell you not to worry, but it sounds like things are going just fine. Measurements can vary from week to week.

Becca- You will be greatly missed. Again, I'm so sorry.
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Welcome Lorissa!

Hi Mandie, it is good to hear from you, hope everything is settling down for you!

Glad everyone has been having good u/s and that the little heartbeats are racing! It is understandable to be nervous. I think we all are.

Kerry-three days is fine! measuring pregnancy is hard to begin with. they use some backwards math to calculate the dd. technically I was not pregnant until 2 weeks after my period but we count from the last day of missed cycle, I think that is b/c they have a hard time predicting it otherwise. Do you have a small frame, this could be why?

Cat-Congrats!so happy for you!!!

Emily-Yeay to the second trimester!!!

AFM: u/s on friday, tired, and moody! I am ready to be done will this night class which is 2 days a week for 3.5 hrs which is killing me!
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And it's happening again. I'm bleeding, and it seems heavier this time.

They were all closed up for the day at the doctor's office, so I called the office of the midwife group that I wasn't scheduled to visit until Monday. They told me one of them was in with a patient, and they'd relay the message to her. Hopefully she'll call back soon--it's been 20 minutes or so, but I know midwives generally spend a while with each person, so I'll wait a little longer, but I might go with my husband's suggestion of going to the hospital, except I really hate waiting in emergency rooms alone, so I hope the midwife calls back soon.
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Oh Emily I hope its nothing. Sending lots of positive energy your way.
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I do hope everything is OK. Please let us know.
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Well, I had a prenatal visit today, and although I am only 10-11 wks we heard a really strong heartbeat! I know, I have heard it before, but, I guess I am still a bit jumpy. And it was a beautiful sound.

Also, all my bloodwork came back normal, and I have no more signs of pre-E! THAT is something to celebrate!
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Thanks! So, I got a call back from the midwife, who was pretty sure it was nothing, but said I could go into the er if there was a lot of bleeding, which there was/is, and dh had already left work early to meet me there, so I went on ahead.

Anyhow, long story short, after waiting hours and hours, we finally got into the ultrasound, and once again, the blob is in there wriggling with a good heartbeat. :

And, omg, if there's no medical reason, I absolutely don't want an iv during labor! That was so not fun! Any time I moved my hand a bit, or hit something, it felt like I was being skewered again.

Oh, and even though I'm bleeding, I'm not anemic or anything, either.

So, yeah, I guess I'm just one of those bleeders.

But, yeah, I'm not even in the second trimester yet, and dh and I have already accumulated the beginnings of a photo album...
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I am aching to start my photo book. All I have is one tiny "blob" of a pic. Doesn't even look like a bean. Oh, well, I know I will get plenty when Baby arrives.
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can I just jump in, or is it really beneficial to read the whole thread? I started it, but it's long! you people are talky!

I'm approaching the time in this pregnancy when I lost the last one. I get nervous sometimes about that, but I think I'm ok.

does this ever go away? I keep wondering if I get past that 14 week mark, if I'll instantly feel better?

I want to believe everything will be ok, but as soon as I start thinking, "ok, yes, there is a baby at the end here", I think, "hey, idiot, remember, there are no guarantees." I feel naive when I catch myself feeling confident.

I've always been content to wait until 20ish weeks to hear the heartbeat with the fetoscope, but I asked my midwife to listen with the doppler on Tuesday. I heard it, and it was wonderful.
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