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how many clothes do I need for a baby girl?

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I am expecting a girl at the end of August and have been "collecting" free baby clothes for her in hopes of spending very little money on new for me stuff. I know I had way too many clothes around for my first (a boy) but can't remember how much I actually needed. I feel like I'm being taken over by her clothes & she's not even here yet, but don't want to get rid of anything that I will need. What do you consider a good amount of clothes for a girl for the 1st year? (sleepers, onesies, tights, dresses, pants, shirts, sweaters, outfits to go out in, etc.) We live in a 4 season climate with cold/ snowy winters & she'll be born at the beginning of fall. Thanks all!
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One thing I've run into with girls clothes is "outfit" mania. With boys, it seems like you can mix and match separates. With girls, it's all about the "outfit" so matching shirt and pants or jumper. I'm trying to move away from this, but it's hard when we get so many outfits like this as hand-me-downs. It really adds to laundry and limits her wardrobe flexibility.

Anyway, dd was born in late september, and I dressed her mostly in 1-piece suits until about March. We keep our house pretty cold in the winter, so it was easiest and warmest to just keep her in pjs/blanket sleepers all day. So, I had about 5 pjs and 4 blanket sleepers, in 3-6 month size. I usually put an undershirt onesie on her as well. Then I had maybe 2 dress up outfits, for special occasions. And then maybe 2-3 daytime outfits, for playdates or classes out of the house (where she'd look silly in pjs). I also had a fleece bunting for her, for outdoors.

Seems like I never had enough warm sweaters or light cotton hats for my winter baby. Keep these!

Now, for spring/summer, she's wearing mostly pants/leggings and short sleeve or long sleeve shirts. I also bought her a few sundresses, because they're cute, and the diaper covers that come with dresses can double as shorts. So, she has about 4 pairs of pants/leggings in 12-month size, plus about 6 short-sleeve shirts, 3 long-sleeve shirts, 3 light sweaters, 3 pairs of shorts, 3 swimsuits, 3 sun hats, 3 sundresses with diaper covers. I'm trying to stick with a light pink/white-based palate, so all the tops and bottoms are interchangeable. For pjs, she's now wearing her big brother's hand-me-downs, in 12-month size. I'm hoping this will get us through to fall!

Sorry this is so diffuse--hope it helps somewhat!
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Well, I have an 8 month DD right now so we've just been through this. One thing to consider is what kind of diaper you're going to use because I find that a cloth diaper generally will bump the size up a bit since they're bulkier. I like the mix'n'match like the PP. I avoid outfits like the plague and try to have onsies (either short or long sleeve depending on season) and pants to match. I love, love, love one piece rompers so I use those too. I can't say what sizes you'll want to have around, that depends on her growth pattern but I like to have one outfit per day (baby sleeps in what she wears during the day unless it gets messy) plus 2 spares, so 9 outfits? Either 9 rompers or 9 onsies plus 2 pairs of pants. I always keep bibs on the kid so that the clothes stay cleaner. Hope that helps!
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6 long sleeve onesies
6 short sleeve onesies
4 sleepers
3 wearable blankets/swaddle blankets
3-6 t-shirts to layer over onesies
3-6 pants
3 pair babylegs
1 pair Robeez boots
1 pair Robeez shoes
2 "nice" outfits
4 knit hats
2 warm hats

6 long sleeve onesies
6 sleepers
2-3 wearable blankets
3 t-shirts
3 pair pants
(same) Babylegs
(same) Robeez boots
(same) Robeez shoes
2 "nice" outfits
5-6 hats (1 super warm hat)
BundleMe or snowsuit

6 long sleeve onesies
6 short sleeve onesies
2 wearable blankets
3 one piece sleepers (footless)
3 Popover onesies (Carters)
6 t-shirts
4 pair pants
1 pair jeans
2 hoodie outfits (Carters mix/match)
3 "nice" outfits/dresses
1 sweater for "nice" outfits
2 lightweight hats (knit cotton)
1 sun hat
1 pair Robeez
lots of bibs

6 short sleeve onesies
3 t-shirts
2 pairs cotton pants
1 pair jeans
5-6 Popovers (Carters)
2 pair pajamas (lightweight sleepers)
4-6 "nice" outfits/dresses
1 sweater for "nice" outfits
1-2 sunhats
1 bathing suit/SPF shirt
2 swim diapers (re-usable)
1 pair Robeez (same)
lots of bibs

It seems like a lot, but a lot of the stuff will carry over for two seasons or more depending on how you LO grows.
Plus you're only having to do about a load of laundry every other day.
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