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I feel like crying- Peds in Orlando FL

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Im way new here- I dont know what Im doing yet!

Please help me- I need ANY information on a pediatrician in the Orlando area that wont tell me my child will DIE a horrible death if i choose to selectively vaccinate. I have already had one doctors assistant use the 'death' card- and it was over the phone!! He wont even meet with us one on one either- which is a big deal to me. Does anyone know of a pediatrician who at least will keep the negative comments to a minimum until I leave the office?? I have already had trouble with :
Sunshine Pediatrics- apparently im gonna kill my kid
Dr Franz refused to let me make an appointment- I even said id pay out of pocket.
Dr Ramey- im on the waiting list- and its too close to my due date

Im ready to cry...

EDD 7-6-09
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I'm surprised you had trouble with Dr. Rich. That's who we see and we've had no problems whatsoever with him and our selective/delayed vaccination. The entire discussion was something like "Well, we prefer that people vaccinate fully and on schedule except for Rotovirus, but we'll work with you."

Have you tried Dr. Cannizzaro in Longwood?
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I can't believe dr. Franz turned you down. They are well known to be very vax friendly! Maybe try them again and don't mention it until you get in. I also know dr. Carr at pediatrics plus will see non/selective vax kids although he makes you sign a waiver. Don't even waste your time calling all about kids pediatrics they state even on there web site not to bother if u don't follow the CDC guidelines. I don't know if your breastfeeding but dr carr is VERY breastfeeding friendly, I've heard he's even said a good age to wean is before kindergarten. I know I was a patient of his when I was little and I was breastfed until I was 3. I hope this helps you some!!
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I haven't tried Dr Canizzaro yet- I have heard mixed things, but at this point I'm just going to make appointments all over the place and hope I find someone who isn't crazy judgmental about a selective vaccinating vegetarian breastfeeding mother! Im sure I cant be the only one in Orlando! There has to be more!! Thanks for the replies
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We use Dr Rich also and have never had a problem. We do not vaccinate and haven't had any problem with him. I would make an appointment and don't mention your vax choice. When it comes up in the appointment just tell him that you are delaying. We have never even had to sign a waiver.
I totally feel for you mama. I stressed about finding a pediatrician that was ok with non vax. Right now we are traveling 1 1/2 hours to see Dr Rich because he is the only ped we could find that was ok with it. Good luck to you!
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Dr. Carr with Peds Plus. The nurses are (words I cant say on MDC) but he is fine with selective vaccination.
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We started out at the Franz Center then went to Dr Canizzaro, We LOVE Dr. C. but you CAN.NOT get a sick visit with him EVER So we end up at the Franz center normally since we don't really do well visits (other then once a year maybe)

I don't have insurance and my son is 100% un-vaxed, the franz center has never had any issues with this at all.. I'm confused why they wouldn't give you an apt? A few of the nurses who answer the phone are alittle less then pleasant but i've always had really good in-office visits and the new (male) dr there is really great with kids.

Dr. Franz also does talks on vaccines afew times a year.

I'd try calling them back maybe?

Good luck!
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I think you need to re-talk to Dr. Rich at Sunshine pediatrics. They are so good about not giving you a problem and even state that on their website. They were the first & only place I found on the phone that would even SEE us with the vax issue up for discussion and after two visits, he never mentioned it again. Also he takes medicaid which most of those other ones don't or they only accept a few patients.
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