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Do you let your child drink coca cola?

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do you let your child to dring coca cola or any other
drink of that sort?

My firend asked me once at the restaurant ordering it for
her 5 year old and I was kind of taken by surpirse even of an issue.

I would never order any such a thing. I let occassionally have a sip
from my glass if I order one of those junk drinks for lack of other options
and when I have high sugar drive but that is it and we know that
it is once in a blue moon a sip and only cafeine free things anyways..
and clear for that matter..

I am talking about 3.5 year old here..

my quesition is are you concerned about the high fructose corn syrup?
and phosphoric acid that dissolves teeth?

how many of you do care and how many of you just let the little one have fun because everyone else is drinking it what is the case in my "hood".

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my kids are allowed to have a soda if we go out to eat occassionally its usually root beer or sprite and on holidays i let them. Do they get them daily, nope and will they ever? Nope. I drink soda quite a bit and they get sips of mine or steal sips LOL but its not that big of a deal to me really as long as they arent sucking it down daily. I'm pretty relaxed about things now that I have five kids, its not worth being crazy over to me anymore.
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Dd11 is allowed to order a soda if we go out to eat or have one at a party. This happens maybe once or twice a month. I started letting her do this around 7 or so. Dd8 would rather drink bleach. She's a milk or water kinda girl.

The only time we have soda in the house is if we are entertaining, which happens once in a blue moon, so it's not much of an issue on a daily basis.
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We don't have soda in the house, and we rarely order it when we eat out, so it has never come up (granted, my dd is only 2). But I wouldn't let her have soda this young. I don't know when I'll let her have some, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I would never let my child have anything with artificial sweeteners in it, though, like diet soda. *shudders*
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I don't let DS1 have Coke, though he has had a sip of mine in the past. He is allowed lemonade (like Sprite) because it doesn't have the caffiene in it. He only gets it occasionally though. Normally he will have a chocolate milk or juice if we buy a drink.

In NZ fizzy drinks are made with sugar and I don't have a problem with him having a little bit of sugar now and then.

We don't eat out often, so if we were at a restaurant then I would buy him a lemonade if he wanted one.
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Nop. I don't even like that my DH drink any soft drink in front the kids.
Lately, We been having lots of talk about food choices. We been talking about sugary stuff are not good for our bodies and other blah, blah.

Besides, I don't drink soda, period!!
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When dd was younger I wouldn't have gotten her pop to drink.
I don't really drink it so it wasn't something I thought much about.
She's 9 now and it has really only been in the last year or two that she gets a cup with a cola or root beer or something occasionally. I'm not too concerned about it every once in awhile.
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My kids have never had soda.. well, I take that back. My 7 yr old stole a sip a few months back and the carbonation freaked him right out. He opened his mouth and let it all fall back out. Thought it was disgusting (and I was thrilled!).
It's something that DH and I feel pretty strongly about. They have no business with that junk, anyway.
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Nope. Not intentionally! DD is 3.

I drink it occasionally, and once when she was about a year I was carrying her and a fountain soda in one arm, and a million things in the other arm. She bent down, took a drink of my soda, and gagged.

I think she sneaked a sip another day, and had a similiar reaction. But a few weeks ago, she and a 3.5 year old friend were playing on the playground, and friend gave her a sip of her Sprite. She didn't gag, or make any funny faces, which was surprising. She doesn't even like juice or chocolate milk, but she was okay with Sprite?

When she is older, and can brush her teeth without screaming her head off, I will consider giving her some on special occasions.
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No we don't serve dd soda. It would be one thing at a party or something if she *really* wanted to, but we really don't have it in the home at all, and she is rarely exposed to it.

When we want something fizzy, we mix an all natural juice with club soda - it is really good .

However, dd is only just under 4. When she ages, she will obviously have more of a choice when out and about, and out of our presence, we realize that. We try not to make it a forbidden, but we don't want to make it part of her life either, if that makes sense. It is a balancing act.
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We don't keep sodas in the house, but we do drink them when we're out.

I don't think that soda is any worse than milk. Milk is not a healthfood.
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at b-day parties, on their b-days and the once or month or so we eat out at a restaurant they can order soda if they want.
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I presently have and plan to maintain a rule that with regard to food if it's in the house it's not restricted from the kids, whatever it is. We don't buy soda a lot, but it's not banished from the premises either. Coke specifically though ... neither my husband or I particularly like it anyway.
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Neither DH or I ever drink pop, so it does not come up as an issue. Otherwise, I believe in nothing that *we* partake of being forbidden, as it then becomes a temptation when old enough to seek it out on their own. So, DS has tried coffee (hates it, thank goodness!), frequently has small sips of wine or beer, and otherwise drinks water and occasional juice...just like us (well, we have adult-sized portions of beer and wine and he has tiny amounts).
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The worst thing my kids get is Sprite and that is only at resturants. It is not a normal thing at all and I cringe at the thought of them drinking coke :
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She is only 20 months old...I don't beleive in giving such young children pop...I think when they start young they seem more "addicted"...When she is older and if she wants a pop I will encourage her to drink the better ones made with sugar and not HFCS..Whole Foods Brand 365 is super yummy...That said I don't keep it in the house...But I might occasionally buy one when we are out...She is happy with a cup of Ricemilk or a bottle of water..She doesn't care for juice or sweet stuff at all...
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I never kept soda in the house. i was a huge huge moutain dew addict before i got pregnant and i cut caffeine cold turkey when I got rpegnant with ds. Since then i went to unsweetened sparkling water or seltzer water, 100% juice, and milke or soymilk or rice milk.

if he or i wants something bubbly we mix juice with selzter water.

When we go out to eat i will usually order lemonade or occasionally sprite and let ds (16 months) have sips, but that's about it. I don't drink coke, dr pepper, pepsi, any of that stuff unless its rum and coke, which ds is obviously not drinking lol.

And I do not see myself giving my 5 year old coke, no. when he is old enough to buy his own body-rotting food (probably around his preteen years) then he can have it and i won't make a huge issue about it. But i refuse to keep that stuff around and he is not allowed to have it.
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Eewww no way. She's way too young. And I hate it.
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DS is almost 5 and doesn't even know what soda/ pop/ cola whatever is.
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Nope, I do not allow my children to drink sodas.
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