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Nope. It's neither fresh nor local. We avoid HFCS and aspartame and my kids certainly don't need caffeine. I don't mind the occasional sweet treats that balance the sugar with the natural goodness of fruit, but soda doesn't have any redeeming qualities.
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None for DS, DSD will have the occasional sprite or root beer. I'm not sure what age I am okay with it for DS, though.

Last week, when Grandma babysat, DS got a hold of her can of coke zero and is now interested beyond belief. It was so much better when he didn't know that he liked it!
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for those of you who want a yummy cheap hfcs free, less carbonated, natrually flavored soda I recommend Jarritos. delish. make no mistake, it has a ton of sugar, just not hfcs
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I'll let DS1 get a Sprite when we go out to eat, and I'll let him have a sip of my Coke, but that's it. One time I let DH handle the drinks and he got him Mountain Dew (!) - I made him dump it out and get Sprite. And he seriously didn't know why I was ticked! My grandma thinks it's just peachy to let him have Diet Pepsi ('cause it's diet, you know). I just bite my tongue, we're not there that often and it's not going to kill him, but that's the only time he'll get more than a sip of any caffeinated beverage.
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My 5 and 6 years old are allowed to drink soda occasionally. They end up drinking it probably twice a month. DD's school actually gives cans of coke to the children as a reward for good grades. Thankfully, my DD chooses the toys over the soda. (i would prefer there were no rewards)

My children would definitely choose ice water over the soda any day.
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DD is only 3.5 so no, not at this point. We don't drink sodas either but as she gets older I wouldn't object to the occasional one as a treat (like if we are on holiday or something).
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Originally Posted by sunny*pa*mom View Post
soda doesn't have any redeeming qualities.

It keeps my kids from puking on road trips

When dd was younger, we were oh-so-careful about making a trip to the HFS for natural soda before a road trip (plain soda water also works, but she is less motivated to sip it). Now that she is 8, we've relaxed that standard enough to just grab a sprite at the gas station along the way. Ds generally gets what dd gets to eat and drink, so he has already had small amts at 2.
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Yes we do.

It makes my dh sneeze though as does anything else caramelised including stuff like homemade onion soup or toffee-ish things.
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Well my eldest is 17 so he can have soda anytime he wants though he doesn't drink much. As for the 3 yo, no...she has had a sip of my soda 1-2x but when we are out if a place does not have milk or even juice then she gets water. I doubt I would dever ban soda but at this age its simply not appropriate for her to have IMO.
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Yep. We don't keep it in the house and dp and I don't have it very often, but if we have it, dc can too. He usually doesn't want more than a sip or two. I somehow doubt that amount will dissolve his teeth. I always have to when I get the stinkeye for letting my kid have a sip of pop--it usually seems to come from a mama whose kid is sucking down a big cup of sugary, nutrtionally empty juice. (We rarely drink juice--if we want a treat, might as well go whole hog and have a sip of pop! Although both options pale next to chocolate.)

Personally, I think "forbidding" something "bad" is a fabulous way to make kids covet it and procure it on the sly when they're old enough to realize most other people in our culture partake. You can't keep them ignorant forever.
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Milk is just as bad as soda?? The nurturing liquid produced by another mammal to nourish their young is just as bad as the super sweetened, phosporic acid laden stuff that we are talking about here? I hardly think so. Cow's milk isn't ideal for us, but it can keep a person alive for a long while, which soda cannot.


I have actually been thinking about this topic lately, although my daughter is 3 months old and clearly has not had any soda! I like the stuff too much, as does my husband, and we are going to have to make a change before DD is old enough to voice opinions on what she eats/drinks.

I tend to think we'll seek out the handcrafted sodas, as treats, never for daily consumption.

Certainly not Coke.
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Yes and no. Would I let him try soda? You bet. Has he ever tried soda? Nope. At 5 1/2 he drinks water 99% of the time. Every once in awhile I can get a few sips of OJ in him. He drinks hot cocoa on occasion and drank chocolate milk once. He refuses to try soda, which is fine with me (he also refuses all cakes, cookies, brownies, etc).

If I had a typical kid who liked soda? I'd let them have a sip here and there. I would let them order it when eating out, but probably limit that to no refills (refilled with water only).
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My DD is not quite one...she is obviously not a soda drinker! But I truly hope she never will be.

For both DH and I, soda was a REAL treat growing up. It was not consumed at all regularly and that continues to be the relationship we have with soda. Actually, just yesterday, DH said "You know what sounds gooood?" and I said "ooooh, what" ('cause usually when he says that, he's had a flash of genuis, which leads to s'mores, or something equally as tasty) and he said "Mmm, some nice cold COKE!" - well, it'd had probably been a year at least since we'd had some in the house...and it did sound good, so, we got some. Let me tell you...when you reserve things like that for VERY rare occasions, when you DO have it, it is sublime! It was the tastiest, most delicious little treat for us!

We don't have fizzy pops in this house, minus the once a year "mmm, coke!" type of craving. We don't really do juice or anything like that either...we are hardcore water drinkers. At both sets of parents houses, it's the same thing. So, DD and new baby to come, will not be exposed to it that much. Almost all of our friends have the same lifestyle we do, their kids drink water, etc. So...I don't forsee my chillin's being surrounded by coke drinkers.

When she is older, if I'm making her an awesome Chicago Dog, or a delicious chicken sandwhich for lunch on a hot summers day...she may get a little glas of coke to savor. I think that it is important to fill your body with foods that nourish and to hydrate with liquid which ACTUALLY hydrates. But...I also believe that chocolate is good, that bacon is precious....and that every once in a while, a little glass of soda, can make a great sandwhich into a feast fit for a king. We eat local, natural foods...we eat meats from a farm in our area which does not pump our food full of crap....every meal is balanced, we eat in season...we try really hard to make sure we feed our bodies how we should...for this reason, we don't feel bad about a special treat every once i na while. I mean, what is life, without a little nutella mixed with some bananas on chocolate brownies with homemade whipped cream, every once on a blue moon? :

It's about balance. I just want her to grow up with a good diet...with a balanced food intake, with clean water to drink and a little treat for herself every once i na while.
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My daughter is 21 months old, and I have, on occasion, given her watered down Sprite in situations where she needed to drink something but there wasn't anything else around.

In general we avoid giving her drinks with HFCS, and always water down her juice.

It's much easier now that she'll drink water (which only started a couple of months ago).
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Awesome post, Natalie--and thanks for the Codex link. We eat our (occasional) Nutella spread on slices of local, organic baguette, lol.
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Because I have a major Coke addiction, I have actively worked at keeping sodas out of DS's life. For reference, he is 3.5 years old.

We do not, except around the holidays for parties, keep soda in the house. We don't let him order soda when we eat out because we eat out too often, he would be getting those giant restaurant sodas 2x or times per week.

He has, however, had a small glass on occasion as a treat when we were drinking wine with dinner. The pleasure on his face after each sip was both endearing and disturbing.
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Yes my kids sometimes drink pop. We do movie nights and they're usually allowed one then. And when we eat out, they usually have one.

how many of you do care and how many of you just let the little one have fun because everyone else is drinking it what is the case in my "hood".
Yeah, that's totally why I make all my parenting decisions. "because everybody else is doing it" my kids never have to use that line on me.

That's a little condescending. Not everyone makes the same choices for their family. Insinuating that a parent doesn't care because they allow their children to drink a pop ocassionally is pretty far off.
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My 7 year old is allowed to order root beer when we go out, but he is just as likely to order chocolate milk.

If I am drinking soda at home, he is allowed to. But we mostly drink water and iced tea at home.
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Originally Posted by momof2kiddos View Post
Ok I have read all the post I feel like a such a bad mom. My kids 3 and 7 get soda when we go out eat and we keep it in the house and allow only 1/2 can a day. Both of my kids also take sips of our coffee as well. I am a huge pepsi and coffee drinker so they are used to seeing me with soda and coffee. so I think i have gone wrong. However my kids are not overweight and are very activie and now I am going to work on reducing the amount they get.
you arent a bad mom!
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Originally Posted by sunnmama View Post
It keeps my kids from puking on road trips

When dd was younger, we were oh-so-careful about making a trip to the HFS for natural soda before a road trip (plain soda water also works, but she is less motivated to sip it). Now that she is 8, we've relaxed that standard enough to just grab a sprite at the gas station along the way. Ds generally gets what dd gets to eat and drink, so he has already had small amts at 2.
it keeps me from puking when I have morning sickness, when all else fails I grab a coke when I am pregnant and cant do anything else to stop from feeling sick :-)
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