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Who else is exercising?

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hi there ladies,

What are you doing these days to enjoy the spring weather? How are you keeping active?

I'm keeping busy to keep my mind off of ultrasounds and other health issues, and I find that exercise really helps.

I love gardening and running, and hitch up the bike trailer a couple of times a week.

I haven't been terribly consistent, and need to get out there and do something at least 4 times a week.

What do you do for fun? Perhaps we could keep a bit of a journal? I know it would help me stay a little more accountable if I summarized my weekly activities.

hope you are all healthy and happy,
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I had been jogging pretty regular, but have now I have switched to walking and gardening. I do miss my run time. I just don't want to over do it. I have heard of some women who jog through their seventh month! Don't know if I'm that ambitious. I think I will start my light jogging in the morning, but my only set-back is my allergies are terrible after a run...like face swelling bad and I don't want to take anything over-the-counter. Does anyone know how safe Zyrtec is? It's the only thing that seems to work for me.
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I'm planning on lots of walking and biking. I'd like to try and get in at least 20-30 minutes a day but I'm so tired when I get home from work that I've been collapsing on the couch!
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I commute to work on my bicycle and I plan to keep doing it as long as possible. It's about 3 miles each way with 1 big hill on the way home. The only problem I foresee is my belly getting too big eventually. Maybe I'll have to get a bike where I'm sitting up more - a cruiser or something. It's really good for motivation because taking the bus/subway to work sucks and biking is much more pleasant and fast. It's also nice because afternoons/evenings are when I have been getting m/s so a nice 30min. outside in the fresh air really helps.
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Has anyone ever got any back-lash while exercising when you really start to show? I had some really negative comments when I was jogging in my fourth month. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this...hope not.
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I do a ton of walking, I run in agility with my pups and I am planning to use my elliptical, and do yoga again once my pulled muscle stops hurting. I definitely noticed it is taking longer to heal now that I am pg.
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I like to walk, but I have not really begun in earnest yet this year. It has been rainy or cold and I just have not felt up to it. But I do need to begin very soon. I keep thinking "it will be a good day tomorrow". I guess I should just use today.

No one ever says anything to me, but then again, that is likely because I just walk, not jog or run.
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I am jogging/running, and gardening with kids. Walking to stores too when I can. I mowed the lawn yesterday for the first time in my entire life with a vintage push-mower! Last night my arms felt like jello and my hamstrings were aching. That thing was here when we moved in(we are borrowing my dh's grandmas house) and it is hard to push.
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I am trying to do prenatal yoga every morning before everyone else wakes up.

We also go on a few walks durring the day and make a daily trip to the park. I bought a bike recently, but didn't work up my stamina enough to keep using it durring pregnancy, so I am going to sell it and buy baby stuff lol

In some ways its nice to be in early pregnancy in spring, I have actually found that activity keeps my mind off of the m/s
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I have been really busy at work so I haven't been up to much apart from Wednesday belly dancing and Friday yoga at my school...other than that I am have been a lump.

I was going to hype up the cardio come vacation in June, really get into bikini shape for our trip to the beach in July...ha ha ha ha ha...oh well.

I guess I will probably start hiking up in the mountains behind my town, and sign up for more regular yoga classes at the gym near my house...maybe I will buy a yoga DVD so I don't have to humiliate my not so stretchy self in the class.
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I'm doing yoga and walking for the moment...I'm too afraid to do much more in the 1st trimester.
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YOGA! It is the only way I can get up in the morning. My back literally feels strapped to a guerny until i have done some serious twisting.

I am also keeping up with some weights-work i had been doing (not the really hardcore stuff, just some tricep/bicep work). My legs are getting as ton of exercise thanks to slinging a now 3 mo. old while gardening...Lunges!! Yowza!
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I am. I love to exercise; I always feel so great afterwards. I do the elliptical for 30 minutes or so and then move on to the bike for 15-30 minutes more if I have time. I try and do this four - six days a week.
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The boys and I walk over 2 miles every day in the woods behind our house. Last week we ventured on the Finger Lakes trail for a few hours. And, I have been so busy in the garden digging I am surprised I still have any energy to walk with them!!! I will be so glad when we get this land dug up Other than that, my only exercising is housework. Trust me, with this many boys, housework is a workout
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Before the exhaustion kicked in I was walking an hour 5-7 days a week, taking one 2 hour dance class a week, and sometimes biking to school (about 5 mi). I've still be at dance class, but haven't been active other than that nearly as much. Now that I'm not quite as zombified I'm hoping to pick up again on the walking and biking.

It makes me feel so much better, and I'll be stronger for labor and birth. Oh, and I'm trying to remember 30 kegels a day!
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I'm pretty consistent with my exercise. I exercised up until the very last minute (literally) for my first pregnancy. It was a very uneventful 9 months and I had an uncomplicated fast birth experience. I'm convinced this is because I kept up my workout routine. Currently, I exercise about 5 times a week. I run about 3 miles during my lunch break twice a week. I'll probably switch to walking in the 3rd trimester. I take a weight training class on Wednesdays a Pilates class on Thursdays and Step Aerobics class on Saturdays. I'll probably drop the Step Class when I start to get bigger or do the class without the step, my balance tends to get thrown off and I don't want to risk falling. I LOVE group fitness classes because they're typically more fun than exercising on your own, and you eventually build relationships with other people in the class and they hold you accountable if you start to slack off.

Also, Owlpainter, I battle with Allergies also. I know Zyrtec isn't reccommended for nursing mothers so it probably isn't okay for pregnancy either; but this year I discovered Stinging Nettle supplements and they have totally changed my life. It took about two weeks of taking them daily for them to really start working, but now I can run and play in the park with my daughter and have nothing more than a very slight sore throat that usually goes away within 30 minutes of going back inside. Before, I use to be miserable for the rest of the day. HTH
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Well there will be hiking and bike riding this summer. I was thinking about starting palates again, I'm feeling really stiff.
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I got a treadmill for Christmas so I'm just keeping up with the same routine (5 days a week) but not trying to push the incline or speed. I normally go about 2.6 miles every time at about 4 mph but stop a little sooner if I know we're going to be walking the dog later so I don't get my muscles too sore.

ETA: I've lost over 20 pounds since the first of the year so I'm trying not to exercise quite as hard because I'm worried about continuing to lose weight.
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Sticking with my karate and yoga nights. I did karate up until week 37 with dd. Kicking was not easy. LOL!!!
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Lots of gardening here, as well as working out with my Praise Moves video. I was thinking about joining Stroller Strides anyway, so I'll probably be taking the plunge and just doing it.
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