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Fainting and Dizzy after Breastfeeding

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For about a week now I am experiencing light headed sensations after breastfeeding. Last night I finished a feed and got up a few minutes later feeling really dizzy, and then I actually fell over. I also had a headache yesterday. I had just eaten so I don't think that it is blood sugar. Has anyone else ever experienced this and might know what is going on? My baby is seven weeks and a voracious eater.
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Sometimes that happens to me, although I've never actually fallen over. I've lain in bed for a long time with the room just spinning, though. Yuck.

I think it was partially hormonal, but also I needed B vitamins and iron.

Maybe that will help you?
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I would suggest that you see your doctor. It is more likely that something is going on with your own health (such as low iron, or thyroid issues), that is causing the dizziness, rather than the breastfeeding. Did you lose a lot of blood at birth? Have you ever had issues with low iron or with your thyroid? Even if haven't had thyroid issues before, they are quite common in post partum women. Also make sure that you are getting enough calories. I used to keep granola bars in the bedroom while nursing because I was always starving! Low blood sugar will certainly cause dizziness.
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I felt the same way. I felt dizzy and really sleepy, and i wasn't sleep deprived. he was a really good sleeper. I went to the doctor and he could not give me a reason, he said i was just tired and to take iron because I lost quite a bit of blood after delivery. I took iron and vitamins but still felt like that. I was sick of feeling like that so i stopped breastfeeding. I had no energy and i had a constant fever of 100.0. I took antibodics but nothing worked. After I stopped breastfeeding like two weeks later I felt better. but now i had to bring my milk back up and it was so hard!!! i reget it so bad i wish i would've hanged in there and it would've been ok. so my advice is to Hang in there and it is probably hormonal changes and it will get better just give it sometime.
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These feelings can be related to milk ejection reflex. I can't find a great link to back this up but if you go here: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servl...eRequested=all

and look under Glenda Cameron from Dorval Canada writes:

Jack Newman: I don't think what you experience has any relation to postpartum depression. Women get many symptoms associated with the milk ejection reflex (milk ejection reflex), including profuse sweating, hunger, thirst, headache and these feelings of depression or dread. However, I cannot imagine how this has any relation to what we call postpartum depression. What is unusual in your case is how long it has lasted. Most mothers no longer have these symptoms by 6 weeks after birth.
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my very first thought would be to check if you're anemic. Low iron will give low blood sugar like symptoms. it can be very scary!
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In addition to the above, I would also suggest that you ensure you are drinking PLENTY of water. One possibility could be hypotension (low blood pressure) if your fluid levels are low. You definitely need more water now that you are nursing, and should make a habit of sipping water during feeding sessions as well as increasing intake in general.
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Thank you so much for all your advice. I did lose a lot of blood during the delivery, so it makes sense that I might have low Iron. My partner got me some Floradix yesterday and I just started taking it. I hope it helps. I also have a very intense Let Down that can be quite painful, maybe that is connected too.
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I have a pretty intense letdown too. I don't feel dizzy but I do get rather tingly. sometimes even itchy on my breasts. and its hurts! sometimes it hurts a lot... sometimes a little. it gets a little better the more i breastfeed but I always have it.

I hope the iron helps! let us know in a couple of days.
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You might want to look at this and see if it sounds like you:

Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex

Hope you find some answers!
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