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Hi. We're moving from Midrealm to Aethelmearc (western PA). My husband just visited a fighter practice out there, first time in 1.5 years, he is sore but did well! We should be able to participate far more now than we have been. We may need to get one or both of us qualified as youth marshals and start a youth combat practice for DS1 there if there is any interest. It is a small town area where everybody knows everybody, the baron it turns out installed the roof on the house we want to buy and the seneschal is a neighbor and friend of the seller. DH hasn't met any of the knights yet - which is why he did well against those at practice hehe. At least he wears stainless so though he is rusty his kit wasn't.


Hey anybody in Aethelmearc able to tell me which events are closer to the Somerset PA or Altoona area? Pennsic is just a 2 hours drive or so, that's nice because we've never been able to go before. The events page I saw only listed places by their SCA names and we barely know our mundane geography out there yet.

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Best to talk with your people of the local group to give you an idea of stuff in the area that is close by.  I was getting a bit more involved recently in the sca.  However, that is all a bit changed now with being due in June.  Should prove interesting in the sca

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