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Originally Posted by lilliput View Post
Yeah, he is the first in the family to become a peer. My sis was the first to do SCA, but she is in a mixed marriage and doesn't do much anymore. My mom even goes to an event every once in a while. Dad says it is not his thing (he did go to Estrella one year), but he did black powder rendevous when we were kids.
that's so cool!I con;t even get my husband to come with me, let alone anyone else in my family! They pretty much all think i'm the wierd one in the family....oh wait...that's because i am the wierd one in the family!
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Originally Posted by Shabbers View Post

Not SCA, but since the other thread was Faire people as well, I thought I'd poke my head in....

RPFS here, I've been working it since 1989 with only 2 years off - I got my entire family into it (parents, little brother, and now husband)

How ya doin'?
Hey small world I also work RPFS, and did a few years up North as well. I have been working since I think 1997.

I have visited a few SCA events since my belly dance teacher was Queen a few runs out here, but I think some of the set up is so confusing. I feel like I need a thick book to get it all (so much to learn and so many titles ). Though I love to watch the dancers and there is some cool art demos.
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I want to run away to Pennsic

my first event this weekend with the baby - we'll see how it goes
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Not a Momma yet, but DH and I met in the SCA, we're both heavy fighters(well, he is, I'm still working on my armor) from Aethelmarc.
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I'm missing SCA like mad spent my teen years in it. Now going to re-join with my 8 year old daughter.
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Originally Posted by Murph12334 View Post
Anyone else out there in the SCA??
Sure am, I've been in the sca for hmmm around 17 years now.
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I'm active in the SCA, DD too! I don't make it to as many events as I'd like, mostly just the 2 my college puts on, and Estrella War. DD has been to Estrella 5 times, we've only missed one since she was born. I'm actually Minister of Youth for the College of Brymstonne (yes, we're a wierd college, as much an assemblage of staff/faculty/alumni as students; also we're landed, if you consider 7-11 parking lots land). I also do chirurgeoning (CIT), mostly at Estrella--I do overnights while DD sleeps on a cot in the very warm Chirugeon's point tent. My persona is Norse, I dabble in various arts, and someday I'd like to do hardsuit, but it's going to have to wait until I have both the means and the time (fighter practices not something I can get to much because of transportation issues and work schedule, even though I'm no longer pg/nursing and DD is old enough that she could be on the sidelines watching/occupying herself while I played).

DD wants to do youth combat, and I plan on presenting her with armor and weapons for her birthday.

I was actually introduced to Mothering Magazine, natural parenting, etc. by a fellow SCA'er, back when I was young, single and partying down in Trimaris.
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I'm really missing fighting right now. I've had breaks of this length before but I guess being ordered to stand down by my doctor is different than deciding to skip a few practices. (I'm 27 weeks pregnant.)

The Lilies War was a bust. My DH got sick and we came home early. That's also when the weather went from pleasantly springl-ike to OMG it's hot.

For me as well the local SCA folks are some of the crunchiest people I know. I wouldn't know where else to look.
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kid-friendly SCA


I'm LadyTamsyn le Rous and currently Pied Piper of Lionsgate in AnTir. Pre-kid, I played in Atenveldt, primarily.

The SCA has been a lot more challenging since having my daughter (she's 5), but it's fun to introduce her to it as well. I went to my first camping event of the summer three weeks ago and she came along. She was scheduled to stay with Dad but when she saw me packing she got excited to join me. It turned out to be fine because we camped with some Lionsgater and Lionsdalers who had kids and babies and they all hung out and played. The event rented a group area of a campsite near Cultus Lake and the site was a big circle surrounded by bush with one exit. People camped on the perimeter and you could see and hear the kids from every point with lots of room to run. It actually felt really period.

I think the key(s) to enjoying the SCA post-kid is to 1) let go of your pre-kid expectations and 2) connect with other families. I became Pied Piper because I was basically doing it anyway and I had to concede the near impossibility of creating decent illumination near a 2-year-old.

Now that she's 5, I can give her a scroll of her own and she paints it up, then runs off to play, so things are easing. I don't make as many events but I still get to stay connected. I think having her along has helped me meet more people than I did when I first tried to play in Lionsgate.

Toni (Tamsyn)
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We're in AnTir though I don't even know if we are in a shire or barony. I figure once August rolls around I'll find out all the local info and go to a war or feasting event to meet some lovely new folks. have to join the society agian, make garb, get a name registered, etc. I think Ren Faire's would be fun too though have never been to one.
Thank you for the advice Tamsyn! Great ideas!
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I went to my first event with the baby and it was great! I don't know what i would have done without my sling though. it was a life saver.
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Originally Posted by TheLoud View Post
This will be my baby's first Pennsic. Last Pennsic, my hurdy gurdy barely fit on my lap.
Our babies must be close in age. I was enormously pregnant last Pennsic, too.

Pennsic get-together anyone? I will be there for the whole shebang.
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Originally Posted by WiccaWife View Post
Not a Momma yet, but DH and I met in the SCA, we're both heavy fighters(well, he is, I'm still working on my armor) from Aethelmarc.
I'm in Aethelmearc too! Well, just by a few miles but I'm still here! lol.
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bump bump. is everyone else too busy sewing?
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So how late in pregnancy would you go to an event? Some friends just won crown and coronation is about 10 days before my EDD. It's a 5 hour drive. DH just shook his head when I suggested it.
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I probably wouldn't do it. Unless you're planning an unassisted birth and wouldn't mind birthing in your hotel, or planning a hospital birth and there is a just as good hospital nearby. But I wouldn't want to be that far from my mw!
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i stop going about a month before i'm due - i have super quick births too though
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Deredere here... no title yet, but only because of timing. Received my Award of Arms just prior to moving from Caid (as a member of the Island of Rhodes) to the Kingdom of the Outlands. Now that our schedules have balanced out some and we only have DH's work schedule to work around, we're going to try to get back in. I have no idea if my AoA from Caid will carry over to Outlands, or if I have to figure out how to get it while visiting family in Caid.

My parents THL Fionna de Buchanan and Lord Bryce ap Morgan ap Martin will be at Pennsic this year, in the company of my aunt and uncle: TRM Mora II & Edward II. My parents missed Pennsic last year, because a certain little boy - who's EDD was 8/6/08 - decided to wait some 20 days after that to show up. So if you are going, and find yourself anywhere near the Caid encampment, swing by and tell the Royals that Deredere sends her love, and wishes she could be there. /jealous

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I've been talked out of the trip. LOL. This is my first pregnancy so I have no clue how long it will take.
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Originally Posted by Murph12334 View Post
I went to pennsic last year - with dd who was 2 at the time - then dh came and got her after only 2 days.
That good, huh? Thanks I've been needing something to help get over not going.
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