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Thanks, I will!

I need to pull out my garb and see how it goes... I'm slimmer than I was 5 years ago, but my hips and breasts are much bigger. I attended a one day event before my most recent pregnancy and there was really only one outfit that didn't look "wrong".

Irish clothing (in the urban/viking centers) circa 900-1000 is fairly similar to the norse... a leine (loose gown with fitted sleeve and closed neck) and ionar (over tunic, elbow length sleeves and below knee length), but an apron dress would be fine too. Only, my apron dresses are all "single piece" fitted tube style so I'd have to unhook a strap and pull down the top to nurse, and with the relatively high neck of the leine I'd need to add either a central slit (period for norse) or... hmmmmm... I could go a bit older with more of a peplos top and have access under that? That way I wouldn't have to mess with the embroidery on my ionar.

I don't want to have brooches though... Tor would find a way to stick himself, I know he would!
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Not to mention you'll never get it to fasten properly again once it's popped off.

Remember that Pennsic is HOT. So peplos are a good idea. Save your prettiest embroidered stuff for in case you have a chance to trade child watching with someone and get to go out in the evening.
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Oh, I know! My first Pennsic was Pennsic 23 (but my dad was a member of the society in the very early years... his persona was a monk and I was his "penance". My mom never found it very funny and she was never involved in the sca). My Dh started with Pennsic 20 (he and his mom started attending sca events when he was around 12 or 13). We attended every War up until my pregnancy with dd1. So it's been 5 years since we went, but we have a looooooong history of Wars till then.

Our household (Hamilton, part of the Highland Alliance) camps the bog near Myrkfaelinn, Regnesfolk, etc but they've been pretty small the past few years as well and they don't have space for children. Actually, Myrkfaelinn was our household during college, and it's once again out local group (we moved back so DH could do grad school and then stayed in Ithaca), but the meetings don't work with our schedule and so we only attend the one "big" annual event... which means they don't know our kiddos well enough to be "ok" with us camping as a family. We've been invited to bring our kiddos by the camp a few times and if everyone meshes we could camp with them next year. It's just this year that's up in the air.

I'm not an "authenticity snark" in any sense... heck, my society name is "Airmid" so I lose any authenticity points I might have right there. But it does feel odd to be considering a War in the sort of loosy-goosy garb I wore as a college student. Especially after putting in so much time and effort to craft better outfits. Some of my ionar have hand embroidery from the hem to the waist! It's all very functional, and nothing that would get me in the door of court, but it's accurate and (in my eyes at least) fashionable. I'm almost wondering if I could cut out the sections that have embroidery and sew them onto another (better fitting) garment!

I have got to believe that this sort of thing came up in period... women's bodies change, and if I was making things from the fleece on up I'd be pretty loathe to just hand something over to another woman when my hips got bigger! Of course, in period, I probably wouldn't have cut corners on construction in the first place, Embroidery is all well and good, but I bet making sure it would fit through life changes would have been the first concern!
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It just occured to me that Pennsic was the first place I saw someone nurse a baby. Huh. That's kind of cool!
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Hey now, peplos ARE authentic.

But since it sounds like your heart is really set on staying in your own persona and not that of some stranger:

There are tons of period ways to resize clothes. OTOH, for nursing, you probably would've been embroidering your new smocks with the open neckline all during your pregnancy, y'know? Or would've done the embroidery on a separate piece of fabric so you could just cut it off and sew it to something new when your clothes got worn enough to cut down for toddler dresses.

What I'd do, is add slits right over your breasts down where they won't show with your over dress. Gusseting and piecing will open things up for your bust and hips.

When you're done with nursing, you can mend the slits with a bunch of teensy stitches and be good to go.

Also, from experience, the long center slit might be period, but is a PITA.
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Good to know! DH is going to keep the kiddos amused this afternoon so I can dig through the storage shed and see what is usable.

Have you seen (or did you create, since I stink at names and the thought of trying to connect a user names to a mundane name to a society name makes me start to bibble) this breastfeeding garb page? It's really well done!

And a big yeah that for peplos! My persona started out closer to 600 than to 900 and I swear the early Irish had the world's most comfy wardrobe. Quick, easy, durable, and comfy. What more could a civilization want? (well, other than jacuzzi tubs, dark chocolate, and mojitos ) My MIL is more concerned about authenticity/documentation than I am though so I gradually shifted "up" into a more SCA time frame the longer I was with DH (and by extension, my MIL)... we even had St Gabriel's do what they could to provide a more documentable version of Airmid!

So... I'm actually kind of ok with throwing on a bog dress and chasing the bairns in total comfort, but I know if I did I'd hear about it for a good long while. Hmmmm... I think I actually have a bog dress made out of a polyester blend shower curtain (pink and green plaid of course). I could whip that out, and she should give me a pass on just about anything else by comparison.
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If your MIL wants you to be authentic AND high class, she's going to have a hard time of it. Y'know what super high class women did for breastfeeding garb? They wore their regular clothes and had someone else nurse the baby.

I happened to come across the site you linked above while doing other browsing and was reminded of this discussion. I think the last examples of nursing openings would work really well with a loosely cut bog dress.
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What do you do at events with kids in the SCA?

What do you do at events with small, don't want to/can't listen toddlers who hate hanging around sitting and chatting?

What do you do at events with sdwtcltwhhasac when 90% of your friends are childless and in armor and on the field and you are horrible at meeting new people?
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What do you do at events with kids in the SCA?
We're lucky since our local group (though small) has a few families with littles. So while weekly things are not really child-appropriate the seasonal events have a children's minister and children's play space.

As a group the Dominion is very focused on Iceland so children's crafts as often along the lines of "make a treasure necklace" or "learn to play knucklebones". Also coloring (pictures are thematic), cooking (simple "no bake" stuff), and castle building (legos and little people). Oh, and dancing.

But those are weekend or even one day events. I don't know what we'll do at a longer event where there is a lot more going on.

What do you do at events with small, don't want to/can't listen toddlers who hate hanging around sitting and chatting?
So far, either DH or (usually) I go elsewhere with the kiddo. It's one reason we've been less involved. It just isn't worth the time/money/effort to go to an event and then spend most of the time alone with a cranky child in a tent or on the edge of a field.

At events before our own kiddos arrived I sometimes volunteered as an "Auntie"... staying in camp with a variety of small kiddos while their parents went to classes, parties, or bardic event that the littles didn't find interesting. So maybe a parent co-op so everyone would have the option to go out without a kiddo? I've also visited camps where a screen tent has been set up as a child space... it's shady, the littles are contained, and parents can chat and hang out without boring their toddler. My dd1 would love it, my dd2 would hate it so I guess personality would play a big part in either the "camp auntie" or "child pavilion' technique.

Maybe a small bag of toys? Special tiny toys/dolls/books that only come out during "mama is talking/taking notes/in court" moments?

What do you do at events with sdwtcltwhhasac when 90% of your friends are childless and in armor and on the field and you are horrible at meeting new people?
No clue! I'm horrible at meeting new people too.
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I'm bad at meeting people too but the kids seem to be a natural opening for conversations with new people. Sometimes it is with other parents or occasionally with dogowners since we have to ask if the cute puppy is kids friendly. They are also good for ending awkward conversations too.

I also recommend a basket or bag of toys that only come out at SCA events. I've made a number of items but a lot of regular stuff works too. My DD (4 years old) has a bunch of scarves and she'll play dress up (on top of her garb, go figure). A wooden bowl and large wooden beads or anything that will fit in the bowl was good in the toddler stage. I made a wooden shoe shaped lace up toy that was good when DD was working on fine manipulatives. Music toys are good fun but not in court.

At one point at Lilies a couple of weeks ago both girls were asleep in the tent and my DH was off fighting. I started to get annoyed but then I pulled out a book and put my feet up. I hear that's what some people do on vacation.
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Just peeking in here in case I forget. We leave on Friday. Come visit on E06 in the little Tudor house at the top of the slope.
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Have fun! We will certainly come a calling (we'll be located at "luck of the draw singles camping" so no idea of an addy yet).

We don't head out till the 8th or 9th though... one of DH's family passed away this week and with the funeral (this weekend) and then the whole "estate" process the next week we just can't leave till then. But it'll work out I know.
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Originally Posted by Masel View Post
I'm in Calontir and there are a couple of folks from my barony on the board.
Waves hello. I just found this now 2-year old thread.
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Having found the thread... are you heading to War this year?

I'm sewing madly (madly sewing?) and have learned that ds's short list of "things to be feared" is topped by the sewing machine. He keeps trying to save me from it!

I've managed to get most of the garb for the kiddos done though. A dozen "pillow case tunics" for ds, a dozen pillowcase tunics for each of the girls, two peplos/two skirts/two classic t tunics/one chemise/one cloak for each girl. Add random belts, sandals, swim suits, and jammies and they're set!

Garb for dh and I is more challenging. We'll see what happens!

Oh... I was given a few ideas for child safety and while you may all do this already I thought I'd share. We do similar things just in normal life, but I hadn't really thought about how to work them into Pennsic.

---a friend uses henna to "write" her child's name and camp info onto their belly. It's not casually visible, but it's there in case the child gets seperated from the group. She also writes "I'm underage" on her older dd's chest... it's part of an elaborate and lovely henna design, that portion of the design is not visible when her dd is wearing a sports bra worth of fabric, and it may not be something that "works" for your family philosophy. But it's a good reminder to discuss these things with older children/younger teens.

--take a picture of your child in garb standing next to a ruler or holding a card with their height/name/camp info. Then make a dozen copies or have a shop do this. If the child gets lost you can hand out current photos to the Watch.

--similar to the Unicorn Hunt, but personalized. Ask several trusted friends, merchants, etc to wear or display a specific belt favor. Introduce your child to these people and explain that if they need help they should look for camps/merchants/people wearing these favors. Also explain that if someone shows up with a message from mom/dad/responsible adult that person will also have this favor. If they DON'T have the favor the child should not go with them even if the person uses the "your mom/dad/guardian said you need to come quickly yada yada yada" line.

--do a treasure hunt or treasure map "game" to help your child locate the Chiurgeons, the Watch, your camp, and whatever other areas you think are important. Just like a home emergency route, make sure they know what to do/where to go in an emergency.

Ok... back to wrestling with a baby and a sewing machine...I'll be the vikingin the lopsided dress camped near Campbell in N22. We should be there by the evening of the 9th. Look for three mad munchkins or just shout Eryny (AIR-nu) a few times!
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Stories! Pictures! You've had over a week to recover, so c'mon!
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I'm trying to teach myself tablet weaving. Going to have to get a MUCH better loom set up than two clamps stuck to a board. Also, in retrospect, craptastic yarn that clings to itself was not a good learning material.

But at least it gave me a feel for warping.
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Pictures here.

We got food poisoning on the way home, and between the 24 hours of ick once home and the laundry from 7 days of War I did FOURTEEN loads of laundry!

After all my garb angst (I made 5 viking apron dresses and 5 viking tunics with a center slit down to my belly button for ease of nursing... we left MY garb tub at home! Ack! I had a few of my older peplos gowns and I modified two of DH's big/baggy tunics to be breastfeeding friendly but it was a bit stressful. The kiddos rocked thair pillowcase tunics though!

I used a beige new native sling and nursed A LOT (while walking, while sitting, etc) and I was pleassantly surprised at how many nice comments I got. Nearly everyone was supportive, some asked if they could take pictures (not in a "creepy" way), and several talked about their own nursing adventures. I did get one really negative comment (series of comments) about my dd2 (who has special needs) which basically boiled down to "people like that shouldn't be at Pennsic". It was really hurtful since I'd been working really hard to minimize dd2's impact on anyone else...but dd1 was having such a good time and I couldn't just pull dd1 away from the one thing she had asked to do. So yes, dd2 was fussing, but she was on my lap at children's point while dd1 did a craft there (point was nearly empty and we sat in the corner away from the craft table). It's not like I was letting her throw a fit during court, or in artisan'ss row, or ignoring her while she cried, or anything like that. So the comments really hurt. I'd even write a letter about it but don't know where to send it!

Ah well, overall it was fun! The girls loved the children's water battle. We met a fantastic group that is not only child friendly, gluten free, irish/norse persona focused, but also made up of people who live/lived in our old Boston neighborhood! It was wild. We had hot showers (at our associate household's camp) and some wonderful campfire sitting, our tent survived the rainstorms, we made it through the 104 degree heat index days, and the girls can't wait till next year.
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Hmm, well, one thing for sure, if dd and I make it next year, you'll all have no problem finding us since we'll be camped across the way from the Rom. It'll be like "go to the Romany wagons, face the horses, do a 180, there we are."

Cute tunics on everyone!

The peplos isn't as fashionable as your new garb would've been, but it does look nice and cool.
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DD1 was obsessed with the "small pony". We could not walk past it without stopping and since we were camping just past North Gate we couldn't not walk past it.

I think that we'll camp the same basic place next year... Campbell (our associated household) has a lovely camp with propane toys (hot showers, cold drinks, full kitchen), the traditional neighbors are all friendly, the parking was easy, and it was a super short walk to everywhere we needed to go with kiddos. Until now we'd always camped in the Bog (Regnesfolke, Myrkfaellinn, Hamilton, and Campbell's traditional lands) and while it was cool/shady/party-tastic the walk was a killer.

My one big disappointment was not finding mdc and fb mamas who were also at war. I had a list of mamas/camps but didn't actually use it! Next year...

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How amazing this thread is up! I was thinking today of taking my kids to some SCA events. DD1 is starting home-school this year and our history theme is the middle ages. And when I looked up the local group, they have a big event at the end of September with kid's activities, and also regular youth fighting on Saturdays for ages 6 and up. DD will be six at Christmas and would adore it I'm sure.

What I haven't been sure of is what to do for garb. I don't want to spend much because we might not carry on after this, and I can't sew, really at all. Buttons fall off when I replace them. And I am still nursing too. I need something simple for a toddler, a small child, a baby, and a somewhat unsure husband.
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