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I have a source that is full right now, but I am probably moving in a few months and I will no longer use him. That would leave one opening. I will talk to him and see if he already has someone to take my spot, as it is in high demand. I am in New Orleans, and he is on the Northshore.
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I live in Broussard and have been using goat milk for a few months but my source is drying up. Would you share with me your source?
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i am in caddo parish.i would like to find someone that carries raw milk.i usually have to drive 95 miles to get it.

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Hello! I'm SO anxious to find raw milk in Louisiana, and it's looking almost impossible. Pretty please help me out! Where can I buy a cow share or find some raw milk? Please e-mail me at dreamscometrue1984@hotmail.com if you'd like to keep the information private.

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I too am new to Raw Milk and would like to know of anyone in Lafayette that participates in a "Milk Club."   Have you been successful in your search for other people in this area wanting to participate in this type of club?

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I live in Shreveport currently.  I am about to be in NO from October through March.  I am in a co-op here where I obtain raw milk and grass-fed meat.  Fresh eggs are also available and there is also a co-op for organic produce and specialty items like cod-liver oil.  Of course, the raw milk is on the down-low so I won't post it here.  Shady Grove Ranch is in Jefferson Tx (about an hour away) --they have a share program and are also at the Shreveport Farmers Market.  So, I can provide anyone with that info if they need it.  NOW, I need to know how I can get raw cows milk in New Orleans!  I see from one post that someone gets it on the Northshore that is about to move--could I have that info?  I need to know how I can get this in New Orleans from anyone that knows.  I also am interested in grass-fed beef, eggs, etc.  Thanks!

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Also, I am assuming at least some of you know about www.realmilk.com?  They have sources for all states (or bordering states lol).  The sources I use are posted on this site.  You could probably get information from the closest farmer about co-ops that buy from them.  Good luck!

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Hi there! I'm a kind of nola mama.. I live in slidell, but would love to get together with a group sometime.  I go to the zoo all the time if anyone's interested in meeting there when the weather is nice...

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I live in New Orleans and would love to find a raw milk source. Can anyone direct me?

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I would love to be able to get raw milk. I have asthma and raw milk is good for that.

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ooops...i live in New Orleans


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I am just outside of Lafayette and am looking for a source for raw cows milk.  Any help would be appreciated.


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I am in Laplace, La and very interested in finding some raw cow or goats milk. If anyone knows of a source, in or around the greater New Orleans area, please send me a private message.


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Hi all. I am new here, just joined.  I have been reading this thread and am very interested in the sale of raw milk.  I did not know that it is legal to sell it for pet consumption or that one could sell shares of a cow.  If someone could point me in the direction to find out more information on this, then I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.



Ok, every thing that I am finding is saying that it is illegal to purchase raw milk in any form (animal consumption, cow shares)  I guess that I will keep looking and see if I can find someone.

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Hi! I'm in Shreveport and I was just reading about some of the important things pasteurization takes out of most of our store bought milk and would love to know your source for raw milk. Really anxious to try some, but I want to be sure I have a good source! I looked on Sunshine Health Foods site, but I didn't find Raw Milk. Thanks so much for your help!

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Love to get nola mammas together to have a raw milk etc. group....

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Interested in info for raw cow milk around Lafayette LA area.  Any info appreciated! 

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I too am in Lafayette, LA and would love to find raw milk!!! For those in Lafayette still searching for raw milk, the next best thing is Smith Creamery milk sold at Fresh Pickins. It is low temp vat pasteurized and non-homogenized. It's even listed as "good" on the Weston A Price food list. We currently use this for making yogurt, and cream cheese. If anyone has info on where I can get raw milk please pass it on! my email is hgiles1@gmail.com

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I am new to Shreveport LA. I need Raw Milk desperately. Please reply to ctvill@yahoo.com

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I tried to PM you for more info, but the site would not let me.

Can you e-mail me at jmberman@gmail.com?

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