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Jennifer can you pls email me about raw milk in la. Any info will be appreciated :-))) thanks in advance
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Originally Posted by JenniferLS View Post

Hi...I live in Lafayette, LA. I'm just beginning to learn all about raw milk, and I'm VERY ANXIOUS to get my hands on some! (just short of buying my own cow!)

I've read that it's illegal in LA...does anyone have any connections with any dairy farmers or know where I can go to find some raw milk?

Thanks so much!


Originally Posted by Jacksonmom View Post

Jennifer, have you found a source yet? I know of someone in the Lafayette area. PM me.

Hi Jacksonmom and JenniferLS,

I am new to Mothering and I am from Gonzales, LA right outside of Baton Rouge, LA and only about an hour from Lafayette and would love to get some fresh cow milk and fresh goat milk (for making pure soap for my family since my son has eczema.) I was hoping you would share your source or maybe patch me through to someone who might know of someone.



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I would love to find raw cows milk and raw goats milk.  I live in Gonzales, LA - right outside of Baton Rouge, LA.



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Ok guys! I used to live in Shreveport, and had a source for raw cows milk through a co op! Now in S. Louisiana and have NO bites on raw cows milk. It is so frustrating that we do not have the right to drink what we see fit for ourselves, or our children. I saw on Facebook some Alliance for Raw Milk in Louisiana, but I am not on FB.......I know I am the only person in the world right. Anyway, I don't have access to their FB stuff. But is there anyone out there willing to go to Baton Rouge and fight this? I would be, but I have no idea where to start. To me it's just crazy to see all these posts about people wanting the raw milk, and can't get it! Any input would be great! Anyone know of raw milk in the lafayette or lake charles area would be helpful!
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I live in caddo parish and found this thread while searching for raw milk source(animal consumption of course;-) can anyone please message me with good source I can get this from? Thanks so much!!! Meano1999@hotmail.com
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You can cross into Mississippi...it's legal there. Just have to be careful "smuggling" it back into Louisiana.

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Hi!  I stumbled onto this blog by searching Google for "raw milk Shreveport".  I saw your post about gathering raw milk producer info. privately and think it is great!  I had a milk cow about 15 years ago and drank her milk.  I also made butter and ice cream - incredibly good.

I have an 11 year old daughter now and she is having some eating/stomach issues.  I feel like raw milk and making our own yogurt could really benefit her.  I also have older puppies who would likely benefit from the same.

Do you know of anyone I can buy raw milk from in Shreveport?

My email is tammirider@yahoo.com if you would prefer to contact me directly.

Thanks!  Tammi Rider

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Hello my name is Mary McClelland and I would be interested in your contact in Lafayette for raw goat's milk. I live in Youngsville. Thanks so much!

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Cant pm yet so please pm me with a resource in Lafayette or the surrounding areas for raw goat's milk. Raw milk being illegal is absolutely absurd!

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Could someone please email a source for raw milk near Lafayette, LA.






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Hey my names Joey and I live in shreveport too. Im looking for a place to buy raw milk. How could I go about doing that?

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