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garlic suppository question

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I have had a terrible yeast infection for a couple of weeks. Or, I assumed it was a yeast infection but I was reading that sometimes it is a bacterial infection. I don't know which. Haven't noticed any funny smell or discharge, just drive-me-crazy itching. And now that I've good and itched it, redness and soreness.

Yogurt has no affect on it. I tried a bath with baking soda, and a bath with apple cider vinegar. Nothing helped. Now I've tried a garlic suppository--clove cut in half and nicked up good. While it's in, I have complete relief, but when I take it out, the itching is back. Tempted to live with garlic stuffed up there forever . . .

Anyway, It's been 36 hours or so that I've been replacing the cloves, and I'm not sure if there's some point when it's too much and dangerous for my baby--I'm about 8 weeks. Also, how do I know if it is working or if I need to try something else?

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I don't think the garlic is dangerous, though a yeast infection is not good. I would call your care provider and get their opinion.

My understanding of the whole planting thing is to weed out the bad bugs and replace them with the beneficials. When my midwife explained it to me (this is in prep for passing my strep b test) the idea was to get rid of the bad bacteria with vinegar rinses and garlic and then plant some good guys with yogurt and by orally taking probiotics.

Definitely call your care provider since what you've been trying isn't working. Best of luck and I hope you feel better soon!
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I also recommend that you call your OB/MW before it gets out of control and need strong meds. I am also dealing with a yeast infection and am so worried/tired and sick of it. I hope you find some relief soon. I ended up using prescription meds and I feel like it's coming back again... uuuggghhh
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Guess I'd better get a midwife or obgyn, then--I haven't started any prenatal care yet . . .

Thanks for the advice. I didn't actually know that it could get out of control. Just thought I ought to be able to fix it naturally. Seeing as that's not working . . .
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