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Nutritional Response Testing - Your Experiences Please!

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I'd like to hear from other people who are familiar with this. My mom's chiropractor offers it and she is doing a nutritional healing program through their office. She is very happy with it and feels like it is really working for her. I have an initial appointment for myself and DS tomorrow, but DH is extremely skeptical and says I'm wasting our money. I don't necessarily want to do their whole program, but I keep feeling like I really want the testing done for some reason.

First, anyone who had the testing done, please share your experiences. If there are any chiropractors/nutritionists/others here who offer this testing, could you share some of your knowledge?

Second, if you have any advice on how to convince my husband that it isn't quackery or any articles or websites I could have him read, could you please share?

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Hi, I can understand the skepticism. I was there back before I saw the results. My husband is actually a practitioner and so I've seen things from both sides, my own personal experience and the experience many others have had. One of his treatments involves applying a special mud concoction to specific areas of the body. I was a HUGE skeptic of this in particular until I was the one who was the patient and had my pain go from an 8 or so to a 0 in one treatment! I became a believer pretty fast.

All this to say, anything we don't understand we tend to discount or be skeptical of... that is until either we understand it, or experience it. I think experience carries more weight. I don't have to understand the mud to really love it's effects.

Below is an article explaining NRT. I've only skimmed it, but it looks pretty good (I ran across it while looking for something else). I think NRT is like a remote control. A person who has never seen one might mistakenly think that a spirit or some other magical thing is making the little black box turn the TV on. However when you begin to understand the technology behind it, it becomes a simple tool that you use without another thought about it. There are so many things we take for granted and have not a clue as to how they work (I haven't the foggiest as to how my TV put's moving pictures on it's screen).


Also, I've had a lot of health concerns cleared simply and without invasive procedures. My kids as well. Also I've seen some dramatic results come out of my husband's practice. People that couldn't get the help they needed from the medical community.

Hope this helps! Feel free to pm me if you have any other questions.
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Thanks for your reply!

Originally Posted by fitwilsons View Post
All this to say, anything we don't understand we tend to discount or be skeptical of... that is until either we understand it, or experience it. I think experience carries more weight. I don't have to understand the mud to really love it's effects.
I think that for DH, understanding carries more weight. In order to trust something, especially enough to pay for it, he needs to know for certain that it works and how. If it can't be explained in a way he understands, then as far as he's concerned, it must be a scam.

Originally Posted by fitwilsons View Post
There are so many things we take for granted and have not a clue as to how they work (I haven't the foggiest as to how my TV put's moving pictures on it's screen).
This doesn't tend to be true for DH. If he doesn't know how something works he either doesn't use/have it or finds out.

Originally Posted by fitwilsons View Post
Also, I've had a lot of health concerns cleared simply and without invasive procedures. My kids as well. Also I've seen some dramatic results come out of my husband's practice. People that couldn't get the help they needed from the medical community.
DH's argument (for this and other things like homeopathy) is that it works only as a placebo. He also doesn't use allopathic, herbal, or any other kinds of medicine much. He just waits (and waits and waits) until it goes away on its own. Not surprisingly, he gets sick much more often than DS or me and takes much longer to recover. His wellness motto is something like "If it's not broke, don't fix it. If it is broke, don't fix it unless you're dying." I find his attitude toward treating and preventing illness very frustrating.

Thanks for posting the article. I'll try to get him to read it. Thanks again for your reply!
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I have a very personal experience and testimony with NRT. Like your dh, I was VERY skeptical. I have a friend who HAD leukemia who was seeing a chiro/naturopath who practiced NRT. She is fully recovered now, as is her skeptic husband who dealt with lifetime asthmatic conditions. She would tell me about the kinds of things this dr did to/for her and I thought he was a quack. However, when I went through 2 years of IF, 2 miscarriages, a major surgery, and discovery of endometriosis to the highest degree, along with ovarian cyst (that came back after surgery), and a diagnosis that I could never carry a child to term. I was left with no where to turn but drugs that would put me into menopause (at age 28) and multiple surgeries. So, I tried the NRT. I had to change my lifestyle and diet, which was not bad to begin with. Anyway, now I am healed and have a healthy baby that I carried to term and birthed at home! BTW, my dh was skeptical too, so the dr had dh come in and he explained and answered dh's ?'s. GL!
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Hi, I have been doing the NRT since the week before Christmas and I love the results....I had to try something different because of a severe medical condition that caused me to take disability retirement and I am only 48...The meds perscribed to me by my specialist had such harse side affects that I had to quit taking them or die from the meds and not the desease...


A friend of mine told me about this NRT thing and since I had nothing to lose I went in and checked it out...I was skeptical at first because this new doctor doesn't use medication, he uses vitamines and nutrition to help people.


Well it has been 4 weeks now and I feel like a new person...I have even lost 12 pounds...That is something in itself as I have been at the same overweight size for 14 years.


Go ahead and give it a try...Your mother is not wrong...it really works..


God Bless you and good luck...

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NRT is the greatest thing since sliced bread if you ask me!  My introduction began with a very sick old dog I rescued a few years ago.  I am fortunate enough to have a vet in my area that does the NRT on pets (and people).  The traditional vet said I should consider putting the dog down because of all of her serious health issues.  I decided to try the NRT and she came back to life.  I have 5 dogs and 1 cat who have been through the NRT. Another one of my old dogs was at death's door, and I even had her grave dug the day I was taking her to be put down.  Well, my vet did the NRT on her and she came back to life, and is a very happy and energetic old dog.  My 17-year-old cat was in kidney failure and he cleaned up her kidneys and she is doing fine.  The animals can't lie.  Either it works or it doesn't, and it always works!  I also use it for myself, with great results.  So, I tell people not to hesitate to try it.  If you're fortunate enough to have a practitioner in your area, go for it!  You have nothing to lose, but maybe your poor health.  If you are in the Atlanta area, my vet is www.mainstvets.com   

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Almost exactly a year ago I had never tried things like chiro care, acupuncture, massage, much less nutritional response testing.  My daughter had gotten really sick, was hospitialized for 10 days due to not being able to keep down anything, not even water for almost 10 days before being hospitalized.  For about 3 months she was in pain curled up in the fetal position and the doctors had put her on oxycodone for the pain, as the problem was in her liver so nothing else could be given for the pain.  They finally diagnosed her with something so rare that she was only the 25th documented case of it and we had the Mayo clinic verify this diagnosis because they had diagnosed her with something else a month and a half earlier and they were wrong.  Their answer was prednisone, which if on it for very long will kill the kidneys.  Like most big pharma drugs, they fix one thing, maybe, but cause other problems, usually probably worse than the original one.  There is so much to this story but I'll try to keep it short.  Once she was on the lowest dose of prednisone the problems just came back.  She had 2 MRI's, 3 EGD's, 2 liver biopsies, among many many other tests done by main stream medicine.  This is the answer main stream medicine has for us, big machines to test you on and big pharma drugs to "cure" you with.  Midway through the doctors still not diagnosing her I took her to an NRT doctor, which ran a complete bloodwork on her and was way more detailed than any blood test the main stream doctors did on her.  They are restricted by what insurance allows.  I tried to work with both doctors, but the main stream doctors did not want her to take any pill until they figured out what she had, even though their blood tests showed she was deficient in a few vitamins.  I was stupid and listened to them at first, until they gave me a diagnosis, put her on prednisone and then the pain just came back the week of her lowest dose.  I've asked them and that was their only answer.  I finally wised up and started listening to the NRT doctor instead and a year later from the start of all of this and about 9 months later from my daughter starting to take the supplements the NRT doctor recommended, I have my little girl back...she's not so little, she's 20 now, but she'll always be my little girl.  The pain is gone along with many other bad symptoms and her energy level is back, she is feeling great now and still healing and still taking the supplements.  I seriously thought I was going to lose her at one point.  Who knows how she would be now if I had not found the NRT doctor.  She is not taking prednisone and even the Mayo clinic thought she would be on it the rest of her life.  To go from being in pain for 3 months in the fetal position to being so full of energy the way she is now, well you can't fake it or have it be a placebo affect when it's this big of an affect..allthough the mind does play a huge part in our health.


Also, I did this myself and have had amazing improvements in my own health and again, a placebo affect would only last a short while and eventually you wouldn't feel any better when it's something major going on with you.  I would suggest this even if you are feeling a little off.  Many feel like they have something wrong with them but aren't quite sure what and main stream medicine doesn't help with you just not feeling quite right, but NRT addresses it.  Most diseases start slowly and most people don't do anything about it until it's maybe too late or has come to a serious stage where you end up in the emergency room or the hospital.  If you don't feel quite right do something about it and see an NRT doctor.

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My son had complained of upper stomach pains for two years, pinpoint pimple rashes that moved over his knees, elbows, stomach, back and had many bouts of loose stools, craved sweets around the clock, anxiety, stress and bad dreams.  His stomach was distended as well.  We went to his pediatrician and ended up with an xray of his stomach (exposing him to radiation) and a comment that "oh, he just needs to exercise more and do sit ups."  My son is thin and well proportioned for his weight and height and more on the thin side.  Anyhow, a year went by and still on and off symptoms then his eye sight worsened.  Still no good reason why.  I finally  decreased his gluten and dairy intake and within 3 months his gas and bloating was reduced and the pimply rash disappeared.  He also had tics.  His pediatrician just said "well watch it and if it is a problem (socially) then we can put him on medication for it."  In my mind I said "yeah, there's no way I would put him on medication".  So I finally took him to my chiropractor in southern CA while on vacation and for sure his cervical was off and he got adjusted.  We returned from vacation and back home I found a chiropractor for him and within 3 non-invasive treatments my son said "I feel much better mom, I can hyper-extend my neck without feeling uncomfortable and I am not chomping on my teeth as much or feel need to crack my neck like I did."  This chiropractors wife is also a chiropractor and on the recommendation of a close friend I had her test my son doing NRT to figure out what's been bothering him for the past couple of years.  Her exam found things that made sense and I had sensed was the problems with certain organs in his body. She sent him home with 2 supplements to take daily and one oil to rub on his scars.  Within 1 week he went from all those symptoms I listed in the first sentence to being able to fall asleep without worries, not remembering good or bad dreams, decreased craving for sweets, drinking more water and eating healthier and feeling less anxious at school and less bloating.  I did not ask how he felt all week until the day of the first visit and was surprised to hear about how well he was feeling overall.  A mother's wish for her family, especially when the mother is a healthcare professional( Registered Nurse) and couldn't help her child feel as well a kid his age should be. 


The close friend that recommended me to this type of therapy for my son had a son who was suffering from severe rash (food allergy related) and went to the doctors who prescribed a steroid and other topical treatments with no results.  This chiropractor who specializes in NRT discovered he had a corn allergy and within weeks of the right treatment of avoidance of foods and supplements his rash went away.  I practice in a biomedical field who for certain conditions and ailments drugs do help many but I am also a strong believer in prevention: avoidance, nutrition, exercise and sleep and which many traditional ancient alternative therapies provide and have been proven for centuries (Chinese and Indian) herbs.  Many medications today are derived from these very plants that were used centuries ago.  Chiropractors were around just as long as Physicians were but Physicians just had more power and control in the beginnings of organized healthcare in the US and shouldn't be regarded as "quakery medicine". 


It is good for you to ask for testimonials before trying something new as should many people just as you should for any health practicioner (MD's) on the why and what for's. Ask questions, do your research and see how others feel after they have gone through it.  I am a believer of "don't know it until you try it".  I got tested just this week with very interesting results which made sense.  I will get back to you in a month to let you know my progress if you wish.  I am tired of feeling tired and not a 100% well for turning 42.  I am even thinking of going into this field of practice (NRT) to follow my own beliefs of alternative holistic healing.  

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I would really like to know  is a scam or not.  I am just so tired of wasting my money on doctors and not getting answers.  I had this test done and now have to go back in two days.  I am losing time at work and wondered what eople usually charge for "their program".  Can someone offer any advice.  She told me my thyroid, liver, heart and stomach was bad as well as mercury poisoning which is funny because all the videos I watched everyone is told mercury poisoning.  I had all my tests done which said I am in great shape other than I cant lose the weight which could be from undereating....  Please pos your comments asap.  Thanks

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I worked for a Chiropractor who also did Nutrition Response.  I worked with the patients and was also a patient myself.  I found none of what they did to make any sense.  I personally do not believe in it and truly believe that it is a waste of money and time.  I have heard patients say they feel better after a few weeks, or a few months of "treatment".  But it all seems to be a plusebo affect.  There is nothing scientific, logical, or even plausible about any of it. 


An example of what is done: according to Nutrition Response, your scars can lead you to have problems and need to be remidied.  One way to "rectify" that is to take a little red laser light and shine it on your scar for a set period of time.


I'm sure some will disagree and say that it has changed their life.  For them, I'm glad it has.  I'm glad that you truly believe that it has helped you.  But the truth is, it is a scam.

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Is this the one where they "test" you by pushing down on your arm and then the supplements that will "fix" you make your arm stronger? If so, then it's total quackery.


I had a chiro do this to me once, and I'd heard about it before so I was curious, but yeah, it was STUPID.

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Have been on a NRT program for over 3 years. I'm a total believer with the blood work to prove it. I no longer need cholesterol meds. Completely off of cane sugar. iBS has been totally treated. Prior to NRT. Doc were telling me I just had to live in the pain and discomfort. So pleased a friend told me about NRT. It's amazing that my insurance will not. Cover treatments or the food supplements. We are what we eat. I have gone totally whole foods. No drive throu fast foods no processed foods. Our Heath care in the US is run by groups that want money not to see us heathy. pharmacies and drug manufactures and lobbiest set the direction; just fallow the money. If you want to get well try something different. Be willing to follow the directions of NRT. You will not regret it.
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No it's not a scam. It will take a commitment to stay to the new routine. You will better !
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I totally agree with you. I've been committed to NRT for over three years. My new life has made a big believer in me. My husband who is in the Heath care field is amazed of my progress.
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The NRT program is NOT a scam. You will become a believer when you hit rock bottom and do not get the answers you need from your medical doctor. It is not until you hit that point that you try something new. We have been brainwashed to think that these natural methods do not work, but they do. Why would the pharmaceutical industry want you to get well? That would put their billionaire dollar industry out of commission. The NRT program treats the cause of your problem in a healthy, natural way. Eventually your symptoms disappear. The body wants to heal, but it needs to be given the right supplementation. There is so much junk in food these days. My symptoms have completely gone away- no more chronic fatigue, anxiety, and digestive issues. My mother is no longer borderline diabetic and never has to get her cholesterol checked again. The success stories are amazing. This is the best money I have ever spent! You will have no regrets if you do this program.

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Can anyone tell me what the program costs?

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The cost varies. When I first started the program it was $25/visit. Very affordable for what you are getting! Since I moved (out of state and in a more expensive city) it is $35 per visit but they give a good discount if you pay in full (brings the cost per visit down to less than $30). You start getting seen every week, then it goes to every other. I have been doing the program for 2 years now and only have to be seen once every 6 weeks. Don't forget you will be paying for the supplements as well, but they actually are not that expensive. I don't think I have ever paid over $35 a bottle and that was for a large bottle that lasted months. Hope this is helpful!!! Best money I've ever spent and I think it has probably helped me save money from doctor's visits and prescription medications. Good luck!

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I'm a bit skeptical here of the rave reviews.  The majority of them are from posters who've only posted once or twice.  


If anyone has an links to articles that were written & proofread before being posted, I'm all ears.  The only article that is in this thread is full of mistakes.



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I just want to say, after all my scepticism at the start, NRT is legit. You have to make sure you get a Dr that wants you to work on your diet too though. I would run from one that says you can eat anything you normally do. In that case you will be taking tons of different supplements trying to get your body the real nutrients it needs in place of the "food" you're eating. It's like warring against yourself - giving it the real food (in supplement form) it needs to heal, but then eating the "food" that weakens it.


I have been on a NRT program with a great chiropractor for about 4 months now. All of the symptoms I went in with have subsided, if not totally disappeared but I am not done yet. I was first diagnosed with a build-up of pesticides in my body, which was the immediate priority. I did not have a mercury problem. I have a friend though, that does. My doctor explained it like this - our bodies are built to protect us and keep us functioning. When mercury enters the body, the body responds by encapsulating the toxin in fat cells. In those cases the patient tries and tries to lost weight, yet no matter what they do, it is impossible. Before the mercury is addressed your body is NOT going to let go of the fat cells. If it does it would release the heavy metal into your bloodstream causing mercury poisoning. With NRT and that diagnosis you would take supplements that pull it out of your body safely.


I also wanted to note that though I wasn't severely overweight, I had tried for 7 years to lose 20 pounds and get to the middle of a healthy BMI for me. I couldn't do it, so I pretty much gave up. After starting my program for a list of physical symptoms/problems (that not even being one of them), I started losing weight. At this point I am 15 pounds lighter and have maintained it for almost 2 months. I will be starting soon, but that was also without any added exercise.


I just hope if you haven't that you will give it a try. You do have to give it your all though and if you do, I know you won't be disappointed.

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Tired, depressed, ALWAYS hungry, sweet and salty cravings, can't wake up in the morning, digestion problems and weight gain. All of this was happening and I just knew something was t right. I'm 29 years old and as I got older, the symptoms got worse. My older friend was scheduled to get a hip replacement. Before he went in he did NRT. We is now walking long distances without a cane or any pain. The transformation was so extreme that I wondered if NRT would help my depression, which had gotten much more severe. I took the test and ended up having Thyroid, adrenal and gallbladder issues. Adrenals being the highest priority. Did research on what exactly the adrenals do and the symptoms I had were directly related to the function of the organ. Long story short, I'm taking the necessary supplements NOT CHEMICALS, which is all the doctors want to give for depression, and I've noticed a huge difference in my appetite and mood. Doctors never think ok she has depression what might be causing it? They just want to treat the depression. So I am relieved and thankful for getting back to the basics. If you are thinking about doing it...make your appointment NOW!!
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