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Best slings and carriers?

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I wasn't sure if this is the right place to put this thread, as I'm interested in slings and carriers from newborns to toddlers...

What did you find to be the best sling/carrier for you? What are the pros and cons of that kind of sling/carrier?
What other slings/carriers did you try and their pros and cons?
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Hey, you might want to check over at "Life With A Babe". There have been many discussions over there about slings/carriers.

I love my New Native. When my dd was a newborn, she loved napping in it and now she is almost 9 mo. and 16 lbs. and still enjoys it. I couldn't live w/out it!

Good Luck~

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You're going to get a huge variety of opinions -- everyone is built differently and has different likes and dislikes.

I have an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder and a Hip Hammock. I have tried a Maya Wrap and a New Native. I REALLY want a Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch.

My fave so far is the OTSBH as it's easy to use and adjustable. The Maya drove me crazy with its incredibly long tail and the fabric that bunched too much to easily pull through the rings. Plus I have a weak upper back and needed the padding of the OTSBH.

I haven't been able to use the Hip Hammock much, as I'm pg again, but I will test it when the new baby arrives. You can't use it until the baby is able to support its head, which is one of its downsides, I guess.
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I loved my maya wrap best of all. The lack of padding made it easy to pull baby in super close, and the padded slings always made me feel like they were going to fall out (like top heavy). also, the extra fabric I used to hide nursing or to cover baby. And, I used it several times to sit on in the grass, and carried my 3 year old in it too! It comes in several lengths, medium was mine, and I'm a big gal and it fit with no problems. The other slings didn't always fit my "robust" physique. I also had a nojo padded sling that someone had handed down, and I did use that when my baby had head control, and when my back was bothering me, as the padding eased that pain a bit. When i was pregnant, I'd practice using my friends slings with my cat and thats how I picked my maya wrap....

Good luck finding the right sling for you!!
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I tried them all, and the one that worked best for me with all three kids is the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder. I used it with all kids through toddlerhood...found it convenient to nurse in and easy to use even when they were infants. Hope this helps you mama! Peace..magnoliablue
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I really like my Ergo carrier. The waistband bugs me sometimes (I am short and don't have a very long torso) so I'm hoping the Kozy Carrier will work even better for me (it is to be sewn next week).

When my ds was small, I adored my Maya Wrap but he's a big chunker and I just can't seem to carry him well in the Maya anymore.
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Another vote for the OTSBH (Over the Shoulder Baby Holder). I am short and the small size was great. I used them from the time they were tiny to preschool age. I have a Maya that just didn't wear as comfortable.
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The Maya wrap was fine until my baby started to grow beyond 10 pounds.
Now I'm at a loss what to do, he's so heavy the Maya gives me a tension headache, plus I can barely move from the weight of him.
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Actually sold the OTSBH for a while. Very comfortable, but not so great in cold climates ... ie., anywhere you have to wear a jacket.

Maya Wrap.

Have been seeing a carrier lately from Australia, it's got some kind of hyphenated name, and just read an article about them, too ... and can't remember the name for the life of me. Have spoken to two women who wear them with newborns and they are crazy about them like they weren't about slings ...

This is going to make me crazy. Will go meditate for a year till I remember the name of the thing ...

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I love my Maya. when DD got too heavy for tmt to be comfortable for long, I found that she was just ready for hip carry, which you can do quite early w/ the maya (as soon as baby has head control) as you can pull the fabric up to the armpits or even around the shoulders. We just got the hang of nursing in the hip carry, too! I've been able to nurse her in the maya since I brought her home from the hospital, a real lifesaver because I have probs w/ my wrists and can't just hold her in my arms for long periods w/out pain and it took a while to get the hang of nursing lying down.

I also have used it w/ my niece when she was 2 1/2 and 30 lbs. 30 lbs is heavy no matter what you carry it with, but it was reasonably comfortable.

I'm getting a TMT thermal mesh sling at the end of the week secondhand and a Kozy Carrier (an asian/mei tai style carrier) as soon as Kelley (the wahm who makes them) gets it to me.
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amy do you mean hug-a-bub? my neighbour has one and loves it
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Like sharonal said, everyone seems to have different opinions. Here are the carriers I've tried and my opinions on each. My DS is 6 months old, and he weighs 20 lbs.

Mom-and-me-creations hemp pouch
Pros: I love the color (mine is black w/silver trim). This is a
great everyday pouch since the fabric isn't too hot. It has
snaps, so it's adjustable. It's comfortable. The optional
2nd rail makes the hip carry more comfy on your baby's
legs. The shoulder is trimmer than some other pouches,
which is nice when you're running errands.

Cons: The only thing I don't love about this pouch is the
stretchy fabric makes it feel a little less secure than
some of my other carriers. I always keep one arm
around DS anyway, so it's not a huge deal.

Zolo Silk sling
Pros: The fabrics are gorgeous. She also makes cotton
slings, if the silk ones are too expensive for your tastes.
This sling is really well made, and it supports my
chubby baby really well. I carried him all over SF today
in the hip carry, and my back didn't hurt at all. It has a
pocket in the tail where you can put your wallet when
running errands and a little ring where you can hang a
toy for your baby.

Cons: It takes longer to learn to use this than it does an
adjustable pouch, but once you figure it out, it's easy
to use. I tend not to use this as much at home since
it's so fancy, but I LOVE it for going out.

Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch
Pros: This pouch is adjustable, and really easy to use. DS
always feels secure in it because of the way the top is
made. IT's a great everyday pouch. Very cozy for a little

Cons: The fabric can make you and your baby hot if it's over 70
degrees out. I've read that the bottom can dig into your
baby's legs in the hip carry, but I've never tried the hip
carry in it, so I'm not sure if that's true.

Pros: The fabric is really thin, so it's GREAT for hot weather.
You tie it on yourself, so it's very adjustable. I got the all
cotton one, and the fabric is beautiful. I loved this when
DS was a newborn because he seemed to get lost in the
fabric of some of the other carries. I liked that I could
make a small pouch for him.

Cons: It can get to be a pain to re-tie it.

Pros: I've read this is good for BFing.

Cons: I bought one and returned it. I HATED the padding in it.
It felt like I had a king-sized pillow on my shoulder, and
it was really hot (I tend to run cold, so I know it wasn't
just me).

I would recommend going to a local La LEche meeting to see if anyone will let you try on her sling/pouch. That will give you a sense of what type of carrier you like (padded/non-padded, sling vs. pouch, etc.) The OTSBH was the first carrier I bought, and even though a lot of moms love theirs, I hated mine so much I returned it right away. I love all the other carriers I've tried, so it's hard to pick a favorite. I use my Mom and Me pouch the most, followed by my Zolo slings, so maybe those are my favorites.
I guess it depends on how you'll be using your carrier, how big your baby is, etc. HTH!
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... by emmaline
... amy do you mean hug-a-bub? my neighbour has one and loves it


Whew. Now I can get to sleep. Thank you so so so much, emmaline ...
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Didn't really like my OTSBH. The padding made it too bulky and I couldn't get it as tight as I wanted.

Now I have a Maya wrap. Absolutely love it! I've used it on babies all the way up to 3 year olds. It is extremely versatile- my favorite way to carry the kids once they start to get heavy is on my back. Couldn't do that with my other sling!

It also helps that the friend who gave me my Maya wrap also sells them. She came to my house in person to show me exactly how to use it in a variety of different ways. If I'd had to figure it out myself, there's a good chance that I would've found it too frustrating at first...
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Moving to Life With A Babe
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I have used OTSBH, Maya Wrap, New Native, Bjorn, and Didymos. My favorite from birth to 1.5 years was the OTSBH and then the Maya from 1.5-2+. I’m looking for another sling with more support now but I only need a new one because I still carry my daughter for hours at a time when we’re out. I'm on the waiting list for a Kozy .
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I love my Trekker but I did not get it until October (I think....) so Samantha was already 8 months old. I think it might be a bit ackward with a younger baby so when we TTC in a year and a half I think I am going with hear 2 heart sling.

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Thanks for all the great responses so far (esp. Dr J for being so thorough)!

I've actually had quite a bit of experience with baby-wearing, although the slings in Australia are very different and it's hard to get pouches here.

The reason I asked is because I'm researching for an article I'm writing for a local natural parenting magazine.
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Do you know about thebabywearer.com? It's a new website started by an Australian mom but it covers all types of available carriers with reviews.

I have a toddler and have used slings since he was born. If I could only pick one, I'd pick a Zolowear ring sling.
Pros: lack of padding makes it cooler, wide fabric to pull up around the baby, no ring slippage like some other unpadded slings, beautiful fabrics in cotton or silk, most comfortable shoulder design, IMO. It is the only ring sling that I can do a very comfortable back carry in. Unpadded slings in general are easiest and most discreet for bf.
Cons: more expensive than some others, and one-shouldered carriers have their limits with heavier kids ( although I carru an almost 30 pound kid regularly with no discomfort in the Zolo).

My second choice would be an Ellaroo wrap carrier.
Pros: versatile and comfortable in many positions on front, back, and hip; beautiful fabrics, light and cool due to breathable fabric. It is more comfortable for back carrying than anything else I've tried (Ergo, frame pack, meitai style, Babytrekker). A Girasol is also very comfortable but the fabric is too heavy for my taste and comfort.
Cons: lot of fabric to deal with when out and about.

Other carriers I've really liked : Ergo, Kangaroo korner adjustable fleece pouch, homemade cotton pouches of various materials.

I used the Maya wrap almost exclusively when my baby was small until he reached 16 or 18 pounds and loved it. But then, even with all the tweaking and trouble-shooting, it became really uncomfortable after 20-30 minutes. After he hit 20+ pounds, it was agony to use it. I thought ring slings just didnt' work for oldre babies, until I tried a few others and found that not to be the case.
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Re: Best slings and carriers?

Sorry, I did not realise this was research, let me be more thorough;

What did you find to be the best sling/carrier for you?

The carrier I use is the Baby Trekker http://www.babytrekker.com/index.htm .

What are the pros and cons of that kind of sling/carrier?

There are several features that I realy like about this carrier. First, it is totaly washable, foldable and storable. It takes up so little room in the closet and the car. It is also adjustable for most size people and has a convinient pocket on the front that is just the right size for a diaper and my wallet. I also like the versatility in positions. I can wear her facing in or out and on the front or back. She will also fit in it until she is around four so it will last a realy long time. Another thing I like is that it is made in Canada so I did not have to figure out shipping and currency rates when I bought it (well, actualy, my mom bought it for us as a gift ) The last feature that I realy found a pro is that it fits OVER my jacket, this is vitaly important in a Manitoba winter, :LOL
The cons; I think it would be uncomftorable for a very small baby and it has very little head support. It is also very expensive. The last can is that I have yet to be able to get her onto my back alone without great discomfort and contortions. I can see where practice might make it easier but for now it is just not worth the headache!

What other slings/carriers did you try and their pros and cons?
Only the snuggli and it was everything they say it is. I found it hard on the back, unweildly, un washable, only one position and cheesy colour scheme. The only good thing I can say about it is that I got it realy cheap.

Hope this is more what you are looking for!

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