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2 week old and 4 hour test

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So next week I have to take a nursing entrance test and my baby will be two weeks old. He is fully BF, has yet to have any bottles, refuses any paci that is not a boob. He will not be rocked or soothed in any way other than my boob right now, which is what I expect with a 9 day old but what do I do about this test. Its going to be 4 hours!! I know I will get a break and my mom is going to sit at school with him but what if he starts screaming and wont take the bottle?? I have been really stressing this today and I know the baby could tell. He was really cranky! I just need someone to tell me he will be ok. So far, if he is awake, all he wants is to nurse. He refuses to be rocked to sleep!! He just wants me!!! We plan to give the bottle a try this weekend. Im just so worried bc my oldest refused the bottle and the one time I left her when she was like 3 months she got so upset she started vomiting!! I cant do that to him!!!
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Honestly? It will probably be sort of stressful for him (and for your mom!), but four hours with a break is not so long that I think it will have any sort of traumatic or lasting effect on your nursing relationship, and definitely not on your son. So I would go ahead and do it.
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I wouldn't risk a bottle. No one can tell you it will be ok. Will he fall asleep on car rides?
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I think at 2wks he will probably take a bottle fine, my DS took a bottle starting at 4wks and was ok--he was never fond of pacifiers.

Even if he is upset, it is 4hrs that he will not remember--he will be ok in the long run...you can plan to hug him, nurse him, and coddle him when you get done.
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We introduced a bottle at 3 weeks w/ my midwife's approval. Is the test really soon? I'd try to give him a bottle several days before. I also cup fed and dropper fed my baby at 5 days and it worked OK (had latch probs), and isn't supposed to be as much of a problem as introducing a bottle. Also maybe try to get your mom to spend lots of time with him in the days leading up to the exam.
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your baby will be ok. worst case scenario he eats nothing for 4 hours and is unhappy and cries a lot. but 2 week old babies never stay awake for 4 hours at a time, in my experience anyways, so at least some, if not most, of the time he will be sleeping. it will suck to worry about him and be sure to wear thick nursing pads in the very likely case that you let down while test-taking. newborns can be fed in a number of ways besides bottle or breast-such as; finger feed with a supplemental nursing system (SNS which is a bag of breastmilk or formula attached to a small straw like tube and then attached to ones finger, an eye dropper alla baby bird feeding dropped into babys mouth, a flexible cup specifically designed for infant feeding which can be purchased at a hospital lactation shop/pharmacy or babies r us ect.
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