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Grrr my boobs

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ok so my OB apmt today i have gained 2pounds i standing there on the scale and the nurse goes wow u must have lost a bit because your boobies are HUGE lady are u doing on with that? NO i look like dolly freaking pardon! im going to post a pic here so i can get an opn is this normal??
PRE pg


HELP this can not be normal!
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Hahahaha!! I am up a cup size. I think its funny (at least for me!!) I think its pretty normal
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Yes I would go with normal.
With my DD I went from a C to an F
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oh man--well take heart--I wish i had your problem!! i might get one extra cup size from here til weaning

my friend goes from a B to an F when she's preg/nursing.

You'd probably feel more comfy and un-dolly-parton-ish with bigger bras and shirts, hehe
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Holy knockers girl! Very normal but dang!
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normal mama!

I went from a D to an E with Ds right now thankfully I had bought so many bras with him and barely used them I have a DDD for right now. My friend went from an A to a DD and is still a DD and he youngest is 5

I second the getting a new bra it is so much fun eh?
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*sigh* Me too. Mine are so ginormous they look completely out of proportion to the rest of my body. I am built naturally small, and having 38Ds just looks ridiculous.
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Originally Posted by ExuberantDaffodil View Post
*sigh* Me too. Mine are so ginormous they look completely out of proportion to the rest of my body. I am built naturally small, and having 38Ds just looks ridiculous.
I know what you mean. I am a 32 around (34 swims on me)
You should have sen the looks I got asking if anone possibly carried a 32 F bra.
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During the pg with DS I went from a 38D to a 42F . By the time he was 3 months I went to Nordstroms to a bra fitting - 36J . That is not a bra size - that's a seat on British Airways. WTF?!?! I don't know where I am at now - still big knockers but they've deflated. I'm still nursing, who knows what will happen with #2. My best advice is where a really good bra - I wish I a better one earlier. When I done lactating I'm getting a reduction - I feeling like I'm going to be rolling them up into my bra anyday.

With DS, at one visit my OB walked in and said "I see the boob fairy came this month" My husband about fell out of his chair.
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Normal, but, yes, definitely *bigger*.

I've gone from never having to wear a bra to massive bazongas that can't be contained. I thought it would be fun, but I can't run, jump or move quickly without feeling sore.

Do they last forever or do they eventually go back to normal?
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I had a breast reduction in 2004 (I was an F cup). Now I'm a lowly little B and sadly my breasts don't enlarge until after birth (I get to be a C!). I'd never trade my itties for the monsters I had before though.

Your breasts are def. bigger! I think that the nurse was a tad rude on commenting on that fact. I hope you weren't offended!
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Wow- what a size jump!

I had a pretty big size jump in my first month of pregnancy w/ the first, but haven't had much size changing since then- expect of course the engorgement after the milk comes in and they are like watermelons
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=-( someone just take them from me kk! WOOT! im soo sick of them!
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Last pregnancy I went from a 34C to a DD when pregnant, then to an F when my milk came in. They stayed E-F until my cycle came back at 20 months. Good times

Luckily this pregnancy the change has not been nearly as dramatic.

Pregnancy can do wacky things to the body.
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i'm sure it's in the realm of normal, lol!

i went from not needing a bra to slightly needing one after three kids .... so i'm not quite in your shoes, lol!
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I went from D to G. Totally normal. They will probably go larger when your milk comes in and then go back down to end of pregnancy size or slightly smaller. You really need a larger bra and shirt. You will be much more comfortable. I'm sure your hubby is thrilled.
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haha hed be thrilled if i let him anywhere near them but i DONT they hurt!
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I didn't have a huge jump, just one cup size, but I was angry my whole pregnancy because I got stretch marks all over them and they were so perfect before . . . sigh.

shakenbake -- normal and a good excuse for shopping, i would think.

jess5377 -- well, they go back to your normal cup size, but they won't be the same. I went back to an A when ds2 was almost weaned, but I can't just wear a camisole anymore, I need a bra now.
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if my husband says, "Wow, those are really big" one more time, I may smack him with one.
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