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Raspberry Leaf Tea???

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Ok, who's got the scoop on Raspberry Leaf Tea? I've read in a couple places that it's good for toning up the uterus during pregnancy and facilitating an easier labor.

Anyone tried it? Does it have any benefits for non-pregnant women? My friend is pregnant and I'm thinking of ordering her some.
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red raspberry leaf good

Red raspberry leaf tea is good for the uterus. My midwife suggests 1cup/day the 1st trimester, 2c. the 2nd, 3 c. the 3rd. You can make a pitcher of it and drink it cold.

I drank it to prepare for the birth of my son and I suppose it did good. I also drank it to prepare for a natural miscarriage where I noticed its effects more. My baby died at 12-13 weeks and I carried her for 11 more weeks before she was born at home. 2 days after that I went into big labor to get out the placenta (it had been retained for 2 days) and it came out in 1.5 hours. One week later I got my menstrual cycle and all is good again. I think drinking the red raspberry leaf helped to keep my uterus toned and able to get out all that neeed to come out.

You sound like a good friend.
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Hi! I am a big fan of iced Raspberry leaf tea myself and have used it in three of four pregnancies, and postpartum as well...

I feel certain that it helped with my uterine tone, which I rather care about after 4 babies... All my labors were good effective labors, and not as many Braxton-Hicks as some of my non-Raspberry leaf friends. Postpartum, my healing and discharge seemed shorter than some others I know- although I wish I could say that it eliminated afterpains...

I also added alfalfa (for iron, calcium and minerals) and oat straw (for silicon) and the flavor was rather good...

The Lord bless you,
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yum. there were raspberry bushes where i lived in mpls for first pg. i missed having them for the 2nd. raspberries don't thrive in heat of the rainbelt. now that i'm preg again i'm going to go get a bush and at least grow it in a pot. thank you for reminding me!

ps i would boil a handful leaves with some lemon balm and mint then honey. i will try the alfalfa and oat straw. the fact that that sounds good must mean something.
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I add stinging nettle tea to the pot along with the RRL.I drink it iced/unsweetened daily.My first pregnancy/labor/pp went well delivering 9.6 dd at home UC.Hope it goes the same this time
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i also thought it worth adding that the compleat mother magazine's tea is THE BEST. i've tried like 4 others and this blew them all away. and after drinking it w/ds...gave birth in under 4 hours in a home UC. I think it is just great and helped a lot.
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I brew my own Red Raspberry Leaf tea and add Nettle to it as well. I buy mine at Whole Foods and brew it in a tea ball. Last week I was making my weekly purchase scooping out the RRL when a 50ish year old man came up - obviously new to the Whole Foods experience - he said "So, what does that stuff do?" I replied "it tones my uterus" He said "I don't think I need any of that" and I said "no, I don't think you do" \
Anyway, I thought I would share
edd 6/14/02
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i went to the compleat mother magazine web site, but it does not say which herbs are in the tea.
do y ou have that info?

for those of you who buy it online, what are the reliable web sites to get rrl tea from?
for thos eof you who row it by yourself, how do you do that?

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How much rasberry leaf and how much stinging nettle? I've been guessing on the rasberry leaf and thinking about adding the stinging nettle too, but I don't know the proportions.
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Valeria: the Compleat Mother RRL tea is just the RR leaves crushed. They're not in tea bags, or anything. No other herbs.

It's really tasty. I love it at room temp.

I'll be needing to buy more soon, since I'm almost out & am newly pregnant.
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If it helps you at all I use about half the amount of nettle as I do RRL. Unfortunately I don't like the taste at all but have found that adding a very small stick of cinnamon and a couple drops of stevia help a great deal. Just brew it to your own taste.

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I love rrl tea! I get mine from complete mother & I think it is far better than the store bought stuff. I've been drinking about a pitcher a day ~ it is so tasty. Hope I'm not overdoing it, lol. I do add a bit of brown sugar (bad, I know) and drink it iced or hot. I need to order another community bail (all for myself ). I'm down to my last packet & I'm due at the end of June.
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I LOVE The Compleat Mother's Tea!!!!! It is by far the best and I have been drinking different kinds of rrl tea since b4 I ever started puberty. I bought a bulk amount last fall and need to order some more.
BTW it is great for children, invalids, elderly and anyone else who wants to drink it. My dd loves her Tea.
www.compleatmother.com has all the nutritional info on it.
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i'm going to mail order some plants. the catalog i have sells 5 plants for 9 dollars and the shipping is 3. i'll let you know how this goes. i can't buy them locally cos supposedly they won't grow this is blackberry climate too hot. but i don't need the fruit.
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can anybody explain to me why the compleat mother tea is SOOOO expensive? 500 grams is a little over a pound (abput 1.1 lb), so why does it cost $35. dr. chrostopher's sells organic RRL for under $19 per lb, and cascade for just $14 a lb. why is there such a price difference?
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Don't forget that's a Canadian price... so it's only about 6/10 as much for Americans.

Also, it really is great tea, so the price is worth it.

One more thing: it comes packaged loose. No tea bags, no extra boxes, etc. Just leaves. It's a *lot* of tea... it lasts a looooong time.
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Originally posted by Saara
Don't forget that's a Canadian price... so it's only about 6/10 as much for Americans.
stupid me :LOL
makes sence now!
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thumbs up here for compleat mother rrl tea!!!! I agree that it is THE BEST. I just got my bale from them.

What I want to know is how do you ladies store it? The bag that I opened I put in a ziploc bag in the cupboard , but what about the other envelopes of it? Should I put those in ziploc as well, or just leave them alone in the cupboard until I need them?

thanks jen
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I keep mine in the freezer in the original envelopes, but ziploc might be a good idea. I usually order a bail at a time & I sometimes I share.
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I went to the Compleat Mother website and was not able to find the RRL info you were referring to. I even went into the list of all of their teas and RRL is not even listed. What are the benefits for children and women who aren't pregnant?

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