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we are in a breakfast rut. care to share your favorite morning meals? :
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Bagels, toast, eggs in any form, muffins. I usually make waffles and pancakes on the weekends.
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Oatmeal Pancakes:

Soak 1 C. of oats with 1 1/8 C.buttermilk (for at least 5 minutes)
Add 1 Tbsp. brown sugar, 2 Tbsp melted butter(or coconut oil)and 2 eggs. Mix well.
Add 3/4 tsp of both baking powder and baking soda. Add 1/4 tsp. salt and 1/2 C. flour. I also throw in a Tbsp or so of ground flax or wheat germ.
Fry and enjoy! These are delicious!!!!
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bannana bread muffins
bannana/ strawberry/yogurt smoothies
egg sandwiches or burritos
french toast
rice pudding
spinach, mushroom, garlic and mozzerella omelets
cornbread muffins
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Baked egg dishes on the weekend
Waffles and pancakes (I make big batches and freeze)
Hot cereal
Plain yogurt with fresh fruit and cold cereal
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bean burritos

mini (breadless) quiches with chedder cheese and cut up ham baked in muffin tins.


bacon n' eggs



cheese and fruit

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Not that they're so fascinating, but:
Freezer waffles (pop them in the toaster)
Cinnamon toast dipped in yogurt
Cold cereal
Granola and yogurt
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pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, cream cheese pancakes, or French toast

fruit muffins

pumpkin bread or pumpkin muffins

fruit salad (cut up different fruits and mix together with a tiny bit of orange juice drizzled over)

"sun in a window" (cut a hole in a piece of bread, put in skillet with butter & crack egg in the middle to fry)
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