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Need "Clean Eating" meal ideas . . .

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DH and I have been wanting to change our eating habits for quite a while and have just been too lazy to do it. Well, I made the resolution that we would not get preg with #2 until I was in shape again and our diet was back on track. I am having a hard time getting into the "Clean Eating" mindset. Everything we eat has processed food in it!
Do you guys have any websites, magazines or cookbooks you would recommend that have meal and recipe ideas?

I feel like when I went dairy free for BF LO#1, at first I couldn't imagine what I could eat and then one day, my mindset just changed. I am trying to see my options I can have the same eye opener about processed foods.
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I highly recommend Suzanne Somers books. (yes, THAT Suzanne Somers, lol) They've been out for a long time now so probably your library has several. You can also get cheap used copies on amazon.

Her recipes focus on real ingredients with lots of fresh vegetables cooked simply and quick. Her recipe for egg crepes is truly inspired. It's low carb but with the emphasis on fresh vegetables instead of on meat.

We lost a lot of weight and turned our health around by eating this way. The weight just melted off. (DH lost 60 lbs in just a few months.)

After we lost the weight we added back whole grains, but the beauty of eating low carb like that was it completely changed my view of what constitutes a meal. Like you said, it just changed my mindset. I was raised on big portions of meat, a starch filler, and skimpy portions of overcooked or canned vegetables. Now we eat very small portions of meat (or skip the meat altogether) and load up on yummy fresh vegetables.

For breakfast my husband loves her egg crepes filled with sauted onions and mushrooms or spinach/cottage cheese. And a tiny drizzle of dilled yogurt over the top. Easy and yummy.

I liked her recipes so much I checked out all her books from my library and got the rest from amazon. Then I copied all my favorite recipes into a notebook. They're easy, delicious and motivate me to take better care of myself. (gosh, she oughta give me a kickback, lol.) Anyhow, maybe that's what you're looking for. Inspiration.
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Mollie Katzen's cookbooks, 'Moosewood' and 'Enchanted broccoli forest'. Vegetarian cookbooks, wholesome from scratch recipes. You can probably find them in a library. I have Moosewood and it's great!
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