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Help with making newborn fitteds

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Hi to all,

SORRY in advance for the long post!!

I am making up some newborn fitted diapers and need some advice for a tried and true recipe.
I have my pattern and know for myself I LOVE a trim diaper. this will be a daytime diaper. I plan on making a lay in soaker in case i need it for long car rides or naps but I am not looking for it to hold 6-8 hours of pee
I like prefolds and fitteds the best and want to make something that will be both absorbant and trim and affordable. Looking mostly for cotton as opposed to bamboo or hemp.

I already have a cotton interlock outer and was thinking microfleece inner ( I know it's not cotton) but I love how it wicks. What should I use for my body and soaker. Any suggestions.. I would be most grateful.

Could I use diaper twill or birdseye???? What's the difference?
Would that not be absorbant enough??
Please share your secrets with me:apple: ?

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I can't help you too much. I basically have the same questions. I know I am going to use flannel because I have bolts of it. MIL owned her own quilting store years ago and held onto her baby flannel. I was thinking about using a micro fleece inner as well because so far all my babies have been super sensitive to being wet.

What pattern are you using?
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Any cotton fabric will work, really. The only thing I don't care for with using something like t-shirts or flannel is that you need a lot of layers and for us, they took a long time to dry. You have to find a balance between enough absorbancy and not too much drying time! Having a lay-in soaker will help. But I like hemp for that reason - great absorbancy with less bulk.

Birdseye will also work, but again, you need a lot of layers!

Good luck!
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Honestly, because newborns pee often and in small quantities, I don't think you need much in terms of a soaker to keep them absorbant. Most of mine have about 6 layers of flannel, and worked just fine -- nice and trim too. I think recycled fabrics are fabulous, old tee-shirts, flannel sheets, receiving blankets -- affordable and then you can focus on making more of those teeny diapers, since I always found the more diapers the better in the early months!
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