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Is this a hemmarhoid (sp?)?

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Of course, I never got one when pregnant! But now (DD is 10 months old) I have what feels like a big hard swollen pimple near my rectum. Owie! I poop way more than the average person (3-4 pleasantly mushy poops a day, no straining) and exercise and eat well. What do I do with this lovely butt growth?

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I've never had hemmerroids, but my dh suffers from them occaisionally and he's a nurse. So, I showed him your post, z-girl. He thinks it could be an abcess or cyst. Hemeroids itch and burn and are essentially big veins that protrude. If it doesn't go away by itself in a few days, I'd call the doctor.
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If it is a hemorrhoid, you could shrink it with more bulk in your diet and drinking more water. The Africans don't get Hemorrhoids (in Africa) because their diet has more bulk - that means that their poop is in larger and that has to do with their diet which contains a lot more whole grain cereals like corn. Arrowhead Mills yellow corn grits, seven Grain cereal or Four Grain with Flax, brown rice Ezekial sprouted 7 grain breads (not toasted), brown rice , Quinoa (which is a seed), etc. More bulk and more water . Eat less salt too. Try that idea. Psyllium seed pills work for a will but it only temporarily helps the symptoms and some people get worse if they try to just depend on psyllium. Increase the bulk in your diet. Or maybe it's an abcess.
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I have something very similar (before pregnancy), that my midwife diagnosed as a hemerroid. But is really more like a growth, and doesnt burn, but itches just a bit.

I do highly suggest to see a doctor- I mean, do you want to wonder Is this a hemerroid, is this just a growth, everytime you poop?

Witch hazel also helps hemerroids to shrin (itsthe main ingredient in Tucks.) I also find that epson salt bathes help.

Anyhow, I wouldnt worry too much.

take care
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Seventh Generation Diaper wipes might help. Keeping clean helps. But i'm sure diet is the key.
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