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Hi all,

I'm taking clomid post-miscarriage-unexplained-annovulation. I took 50mg for 5 days CD2-6. I started taking OPKs CD8 (totally negative CD 8 and 9) and saw a darker test line day 10. It wasn't as dark as the control line, but during previous cycles (back when I was ovulating) using this brand ( I've never gotten a line as dark as the control.

Anyway, we bd'ed CD 10,11,12, and we will again tonight, CD 13. The lines haven't gotten darker, maybe a little lighter, but not as light as CD 8 and 9, when it was definitely negative.

Here's my concern: When I was ovulating, I ALWAYS felt distinct O-pain. Nothing this time. Also (I know clomid can mess with cm), I got no real change in CM. It went from thick and creamy to thin and cloudy, but I never got EWCM. I took mucus thinner (generic muccinex) on CD 10 and 11, but still didn't notice a change in CM.

CD8 - Neg OPK, thick CM
CD9 - Neg OPK, thick CM
CD10 - Dark OPK, thinner CM, BD'd
CD11 - Still dark OPK, thin CM, Bd'd, cervix soft and open
CD12 - lighter OPK, thin CM, BD'd, cervix soft and open
CD13 - lighter OPK (still not negative totally), thin CM, will BD, cervix soft and open

Do you all think I ovulated CD 11, or what?

When should I have my serum progesterone done? A week from CD 11, since that was the day after my "positive" OPK?