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cloth pull-up/goodnite style panties for 6yo, where to buy?

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My daughter who will be 6 very soon has started wetting her bed again. She is a very heavy sleeper, and is going through a huge growth spurt right now, and is mightily embarassed by her bedwetting. I'm looking to find some cloth pull-up type underwear for her to wear to bed at night, until she outgrows this phase. I just have no idea where to look. She's tall, and wears mostly size 6x pants with adjustable waists because she's skinny. She could still wear size 5 pants if they didn't come up around her calves. She wears size 5 underpants. She weighs about 45 lbs. Where could I shop for something like this? Thanks in advance!
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i ordered a few pairs for DS on Etsy, i gave the lady his measurements and she made them to his size. they are pocket style and i stuff them with a microfiber and a hemp insert. there are planty of ladies there who could make you something for her size
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I feel like a broken record but since you dodn't get many replies:
Happy Heiny's pocket trainers can be really stuffed and can hold a ton of pee - get the snaps for ease of stuffing - they won't leak! Warning - they are poofy and don't size up!
You can fit 2 prefolds in there if you need to.
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I am still trying to find some. I requested some to be made on Etsy and the maker never sent them, said they got lost in the mail, then refunded my money. I was so disappointed I just stuck with good nights. My son is 9 though, so I haven't found anything already made that fits 70+ lbs.
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The Happy Heiny's go up to 80 lbs in the XL size!
snap ez 4 life makes adult ones so I'm sure they could fit a 9 year old if their regular ones don't.
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Thank you MommaShark. I checked out the HH website thinking maybe they have a product I didn't know about...I saw the dipes you referred to, but I really am looking for something that she can use herself. She's almost 6 but might have a hard time with snaps, and I really don't want to be diapering my almost 6 year old child myself, kwim? I did get a pm from a kind mama with an etsy shop who offered to make me what I'm looking for, so I hope this works out.
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The snaps are just to help with poopy pants or stuffing - I presnap and prestuff and my 3 year old can use them like regular undies - easy on and off- no snapping required. You can get them without snaps as well.
Good luck with the etsy mom - I etsy!
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