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Anyone else LOVE the toddler phase?

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I hear so much complaining about the toddler stage and how people love babies and love older children, but can't stand the toddler stage.

I love love LOVE the toddler stage! I also happen to be a multi-age preschool teacher and i really LOVE the two and threes sooo much (we are two through six). I love the challenge of it all....figuring out what they want/need, avoiding temper tandtrums, teaching them new skills, watching them explore new materials, seeing the excitement in their eyes (even if it is right before they dump paint on another child's head or dump their snack everywhere lol).

I ::: them so much

I love my crazy little 20 month old to pieces...

I actually have feeling i'll like parenting less when he's older because to me, toddlers are the best
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I have this attitude for days at a time, while watching DS barrel through life, enjoying every minute of it. And then something will happen and I'll despair at getting through the next few years, and that will last for a few days, and then I'm back to being in awe of him at this stage of development.
So, I guess I'm with you about 45% of the time!
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I love it too. I love that he is finally communicating with me. I love seeing all the benefits of building our trust relationship up to this point. i love being able to get hugs and kisses. i love having a little buddy to do everything with. i love playing outside in the dirt and thinking of new things to do with him. picnics are our big thing right now. And I love that he is telling me yes and no now- sooooooooo cute.

i was not into the baby stage too much but i love toddler and on
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Yes, I love the toddler stage...the emerging problem-solving skills, the afternoon snuggles, the self-expression through art & dress-up...unbelievable cuteness here. But my boys never really went through the "terrible 2s & rotten 3s" as one parent so charmingly introduced her children to me once.

I used to teach high school. I love every stage of childhood, especially the stages that other parents dread, LOL.
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I'm loving this age way more than infancy. I was so sick through the first 9 months that I really couldn't enjoy him. I have fond memories of him at that age still though. But now....WOW.....he is just so expressive and creative! I love doing art things with him and gardening and splashing in puddles after a good rain. He is lots of fun and very rarely has tantrums.
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I am no expert in child development, but I am loving my toddlerhood so far! So cute, he makes me laugh every day.
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DH and I were talking about this very topic, just the other day. We concluded that toddlers are so incredibly cute because they are walking, talking babies. So, they still have their cute little baby noses and toes...but, they also have the opinions and creativity. She makes me laugh every day!

I have loved every stage of DD's precious life. Babyhood was a dream...just a totally easy going babe! Toddlerhood is a riot...DD is that same easygoing person. But, now she has thoughts and the language to express them, an imagination, and the energy and stamina to play and play and play. DD loves to go for long walks seek out all of the creatures; deer, foxes, bunnies, bees (right now, she calls every little bug, crumb, fuzz, etc. a bee ). She loves to carry around her doll or a stuffed animal in her sling, read books, draw, ride her trike, and help around the house...all of it is just too cute!
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yep, i love the toddler stage! (Wish my 5 year old would go back to being 2 )
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Me me me!!!

I love toddlers!!! It's the 8-12 ages that drive me batty. But babies, toddlers, and teens...them's my favorites!!
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Me too! There are challenges, I'll admit, but mostly just for me parenting a child through a new stage and not always knowing how to handle things. My DD is super fun! I remember around 15 months I started thinking...wow, this is really FUN!!! She was walking, starting to say words, we could go out and do things and play at the park...and now at 26 months it is still so fun! She is absolutely captivating, and watching her develop all these new skills and language and start to overcome some of her anxieties and hearing her find ways to express her ideas and figure out how everything works...it is wonderful!
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me!! i'm loving it! : the language aquisition is just tremendous, like, i'll point to my knee and say "knee" and she knows it. she must have at least 50 words now, so fun!!
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I find toddlers just so interesting. It makes me wonder at what stage people become so boring. LOL. It just seems like they learn something new every day.
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I love toddlerhood as well, of course it can be maddening a times, but the insaitiable love for life that they have far outshines the trying moments. DD just amazes me everyday with her fearless living, how open and imaginative she is, toddlers rock!
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I love my toddler to pieces, to the moon and back. He's the best. I even love it when he says "no" because I love that he has opinions. I love that he tells me stories about squirrels and birds, that he holds my hand when we walk down the street, that he makes different sounds for each of our cats. I go to bed every night excited to see him in the morning. I'm very sad when I'm at work and I don't get to hang with my little buddy.

We have a few bad days here and there and they're always related to his lack of sleep because of teething, then he spends the entire day making huge messes around the house. I just know that tomorrow is another day.

So, yeah, I love my toddler. He's the most awesome creature on the face of this earth in my eyes. And so much better than the baby stage.
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We never knew what "Terrible Two" meant.
Even on his worst days, it's always been "Terrific Two" around here.
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I can't wait until my son hits toddlerhood. That is when things really got fun with my daughter. I love toddlers and preschoolers. I'm not a big fan of the baby stage.
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Dh and I both love this stage. Actually, every age she has been we always say "this is the best age" lol. I find this stage is so much fun because every day she learns something new, it is just so great to watch her blossom into an independent little thing.
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I do!! My child is hilarious. I can't wait to hear the things he says every day, and he is just so beautiful!
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I LOVE it. Of course, everyone has to tell me that David isn't like other toddlers and my next kids will probably be god-awful terrors (people are so sweet). Granted, he is a complete zen hippie kid. It's so amazing watching him discover this world. I enjoy it so much.
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There are days where I wish he was still a baby, but for the most part I love him this age! He always knows when he is starting to push my buttons and he will do something adorable to make me laugh. I love seeing how his mind works, and all the new things he is learning, and watching home really start to talk and communicate. I love that I talk to him and he understands, and that I can start to really understand him.
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